Shapeshifting Octopus, amazing camouflage

Shapeshifting Octopus, amazing camouflage

Amazing video of an octopus even got my children’s attention.

Simply Awesome Video!

Only 1 minute long…Watch and be Amazed!

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Lou Pelletier Says State May be Conducting Experiments on Justina!

Good video with comments from Lou Pelletier   (I admit agreement  with Mr. Pelletier)

Private institutions use government agencies  to do their  dirty work.
That would be Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital using Department of Children & Families to forcible seize Justina and other children for medical experiments.

Father of Justina Pelletier charges that Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital was conducting medical experiments on Justina, explaining why Justina’s communication with her family was limited, controlled and supervised  while protected by armed officers.

Contrary to what is seen in Medical Child Abuse, Justina is not improving with Boston Children’s Hospital parentectomy treatment.plan. She is worse and her continued survival is of concern.




Justina Pelletier’s Parents File Emergency Petition With Supreme Court to Regain Custody


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Justina Pelletier’s parents have field an emergency appeal with the state Supreme Court in Massachusetts to regain custody of their daughter.

Today, Linda and Lou Pelletier filed a Habeas Corpus pleading with the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. The detailed Petition and Memorandum of Law requests that Justina be released from the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) and be returned to the custody of her parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier.


Justina Pelletier Supporters Say: Close Harvard’s Abusive Psych Ward at Boston Children’s Hospital

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to, and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them…The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

— Frederick Douglass

Still Crazy After All These Years:  Ted Chabasinski, now a patients’ rights lawyer, was taken from his parents when he was six years old, experimented on with a course of electric shock treatment, and then sent to a state hospital for the rest of his childhood.  He writes about the power of psychiatry and how it is abused, especially against children.

Still Crazy After All These Years: Ted Chabasinski, now a patients’ rights lawyer, was taken from his parents when he was six years old, experimented on with a course of electric shock treatment, and then sent to a state hospital for the rest of his childhood. He writes about the power of psychiatry and how it is abused, especially against children.

Meanwhile, DCF itself, generally recognized as incompetent, is being investigated by the state [the state being Massachusetts]

We need no media reports to tell us that Justina has been heavily drugged over the past year, as the Bader 5 psychiatrists are all acolytes of the notorious Harvard child psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Biederman, who has received millions of dollars from drug companies to promote the mass “medication” of children. And Justina’s new placement in a psychiatric facility means the drugging will continue.

As most of MIA readers know, psychiatric drugs have powerful bad effects on the metabolic functioning of those who are forced to take them, particularly girls and young women.  Justina’s medical problem is basically a metabolic one, and instead of being treated for her medical condition, she is being given drugs that exacerbate it.  My informants involved in fighting for Justina’s freedom say that she is now unable to walk and that her physical condition is deteriorating.  Many are worried that she will not survive, and so am I.  I believe that part of the reason the hospital, through its agent the DCF, went along with moving the girl out of the hospital is the bad publicity that would have ensued if she had died there. If she dies, what will all the apologists for Harvard’s psychiatry department say?

It was one of Dr. Biederman’s disciples several years ago who was responsible for the death of Rebecca Riley, whom she diagnosed (without even seeing her) as “bipolar” from the age of two, another diagnosis promoted by Doctor Biederman, who could fairly be described as the leader of child psychiatry in America (just like the psychiatrist, Doctor Lauretta Bender,  who experimented on me with shock treatment when I was  a little boy).  Rebecca died at the age of four, of multiple organ failure caused by the massive amounts of psychiatric drugs she was given in her short life.

Justina Pelletier – What is Harvard’s Role and Position?

Is Harvard setting the right example?  Will tomorrow's leader have similar values?

Justina Pelletier -What is Harvard’s Role? Apparently, Harvard is in agreement with Boston Children’s Hospital. Please note Harvard’s silence and lack of Leadership on this IMPORTANT ISSUE (#FreeJustina) affecting human rights, civil rights, parental rights and patient rights. Disappointingly, Harvard displays the worst leadership–TYRANNY with cowardice at its core as well as arrogance. Harvard answers…




#FreeJustina twitterstorm: 4/13/2014 7PM EST

  1. We are gathering in support of Justina Pelletier due to the colossal injustice that awarded PERMANENT custody of her to the state of Massachusetts
  2. #FreeJustina twitterstorm: 4/13/2014 7PM EST
  3.  The focus needs to remain on the following four
  4. @MassGovernor
  5. @Mass_DCF
  6. @MassAGO
  7. @GovMalloyOffice
  8. ALSO, WE ARE ADDING a detailed list of Representatives that have not signed onto the House Resolution. Heres a doc to let you know which Representatives have and those who have NOT signed onto the Resolution to #FreeJustinaNOW


Justina Pelletier Case Shows Public That Psychiatric Power is Out of Control



I myself, as a six-year-old in a foster home, part of this “welfare” system, when my time came, was taken away from the only parents I had ever known and turned over to a famous child psychiatrist to be shocked and raped and tortured, and then left for dead, dumped into a state hospital for the rest of my childhood.  The courts did not have to be involved, as my foster parents, who tried to protect me, had no parental rights to be taken away.


“He can’t be adopted.  He’s been molested!”  And the judge nodded sagely and said, “Yes, Mr K., he can’t be adopted.  He’s been molested.”  I have told this story to many people, and they only believe it because they know me. Otherwise, they find it incredible.


Advocates Fight for Justina Pelletier, Teen Held by State in Psych Ward

They laid out a treatment plan for Justina, which her parents refused to sign, and on Feb. 14, 2013, when they attempted to check their daughter out of Boston Children’s to take her back to Tufts to resume medical treatment, the family said they were told by Boston Children’s that they could not discharge Justina.

“We never got anything in writing,” said Lou Pelletier, a financial planner and father of four girls. “While all the security guards were showing up, we actually called 911 and said our daughter had been kidnapped by Boston Children’s Hospital.”

They say her condition has deteriorated because the hospital has stopped all medical treatment for mitochondrial disease.

“She is going off a cliff,” Pelletier said of his daughter, who is now confined to a wheelchair. “She looks awful and is pale and her hair is falling out. Her gums are receding and she has no body strength.”

He said that until the gag order was in place, Justina was “sneaking notes” to the family saying that she is in permanent pain.

Quotes For The Long Haul

The greatest oak

The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places. #quote There are two ways of attaining an important end, force and perseverance; the silent power of the latter grows irresistible with time. -Anne Sophie Swetchine When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. -Franklin D. Roosevelt…

Justina Pelletier – Munchausen By Proxy

Munchausen’s syndrome

Thoughts on the Justina Pelletier case

Allegedly, Boston Children’s Hospital called DCF because the medical providers felt that Justina Pelletier was being abused by her parents. These providers claim that Justina had a somatoform disorder because of her parents’ abuse.

Boston Children’s Hospital providers called DCF to report the Pelletiers for medical child abuse, or rather Munchausen by proxy. Medical child abuse/Munchausen by proxy is confirmed when the child improves upon separation from the parent.

Justina Pelletier has not improved despite over 13 months of separation from her parents, family, and friends as a ward of the state of Massachusetts. Her health has deteriorated, and she looks very ill.

  • Why hasn’t she improved?

  • Why hasn’t Justina Pelletier improved if the initial diagnosis that resulted in DCF’s involvement was correct?

Justina’s lack of improvement suggests misdiagnosis and that medical child abuse or Munchausen by proxy is incorrect. The deterioration of her physical condition while a ward of the state of Massachusetts and under the medical care of Boston Children’s Hospital provides proof of misdiagnosis and harm.

  • Why is Justina Pelletier still a ward of the state of MA?

  • Why did Judge Joseph Johnston award the state of MA permanent custody given the above findings?

Clearly, Judge Johnston believes Justina’s life is at risk in her parents’ custody.

  • Why have her parents not been arrested for child abuse?

This case makes no medical sense except through the lens of greed and medical malpractice, as well as child research.

  • Why has no one come forth to respond to growing questions?

  • Are there plans to reunite Justina with her family?

  • How will DCF implement discharge plans without communication with Justina’s parents?

What is clear to me is a lack of leadership in the state of MA.


Please #FreeJustina #FreeJustinaNOW


Abuse and Neglect Claims: Your Rights and DCF

Law library

What is The Department of Children and Families?

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) used to be the Department of Social Services (DSS). It is the state agency responsible for protecting children and helping troubled families. DCF does the following:

  • Investigates all reports that a child may be at risk of abuse or neglect.
  • Provides services to help families in trouble. You can ask for these services on your own. DCF can also ask you to accept services as a condition of letting your children remain in your home.
  • Goes to Court to get permission to remove children from their home if DCF believes that the children are at risk of abuse or neglect. The Court can order you to accept services from DCF as a condition before getting your children back.
  • Is also a licensed child placement agency and can place children in foster care, voluntarily or though a court order.
  • Arranges for the adoption of children.

How does DCF find out about my family?

In Massachusetts, anyone can report anyone else to DCF for suspected child abuse or neglect. There need not be any actual abuse or neglect, just information leading DCF to suspect that a child is at risk. “Abuse” occurs when a child has been harmed by someone who is caring for the child. “Neglect” occurs when a child is not properly cared for, for example, not fed or clothed adequately. These reports, known as “51A” reports, are frequently made by angry neighbors or ex-spouses. Many people such as teachers, daycare workers, doctors, nurses, and social workers are required by law to report. Reports from other people may be anonymous. If a report has not been filed, you may go to DCF yourself, voluntarily seeking help for family problems. Once DCF receives a report, it begins an investigation. The report may be investigated within 24 hours if it is an emergency, within 10 days if it is not.


Dear Harvard: You Win


 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response at Harvard

Dear Harvard: You Win


I’m writing this piece as I’m sitting in my own dining hall, only a few tables away from the guy who pressured me into sexual activity in his bedroom, one night last spring. My hands are trembling as they hover across the keyboard. I’m exhausted from fighting for myself. I’m exhausted from sending emails to my resident dean, to my House Master, to my Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment tutors, to counselors from the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, to my attorney. I’m exhausted from asking for extensions because of “personal issues.” I’m exhausted from avoiding the laundry room, the House library and the mailroom because I’m scared of who I will run into.

More than anything, I’m exhausted from living in the same House as the student who sexually assaulted me nine months ago.

Full Article

secxual assualt victim23


Governors’ Office Functions


The structure and operation of governors’ offices vary across the states, commonwealths, and territories. Differences often reflect external factors such as the powers and authorities given to governors by constitution or statute as well as state tradition and custom. But possibly more important, they reflect and support each governor’s personal style.


Thank You Dr Glenda Clare for sharing:
Source:  DrGlenda Clare shared Sanyeri Afonja Olaniyi‘s photo.
********* MUST READ **********When the wife of President Obama, Michelle was in the college,
there were few black girls in her school. So she had a roommate who was white, and the girl’s mother felt so bad when her daughter told her she had a black roommate (Michelle), and the woman was angry with the school authority and the black girl Michelle was later removed from that room.

But today, the innocent black girl has now become THE FIRST LADY of US. In the book recently published about Michelle, the mother of that white girl who was not allowed to be Michelle’s roommate was interviewed and she confessed how she had prevented her daughter from being a close friend of the wife of the President today.

TO THE PERSON READING THIS: I prophesy to you that men or people who neglect you today will celebrate you tomorrow in Jesus name.

IF U have faith, comment ‘AMEN’ to claim this prayer

 — with Amiel Tinaza Desaculaand 2 others.


Source:  DrGlenda Clare shared Sanyeri Afonja Olaniyi‘s photo.


Pearson Erases Paul Robeson from History: Students Write 100 Letters to Challenge Omission


“We have been learning about Paul Robeson. There is nothing about him in our textbooks! He should be in there because he was an African-American who stood up for equal rights and I want to have me and other kids learn about him more in our music classes. If my music teacher didn’t have any books or videos about Paul Robeson, we wouldn’t have learned anything! Please put him in the textbooks you publish.” — Keshav M-H., 3rd grade


“I believe we should have Paul Robeson in our music textbooks. We have learned a lot about Paul Robeson, like he got his passport taken. He sang the song “Old Man River,” and he changed the lyrics so they could say how he dislikes the segregation in our country. We are pleading for you to put him in our textbooks, do it for us, other teachers, other students, and people around the world. If I didn’t have [our music teacher] I would not know a thing about Paul Robeson.” — Masai J., 3rd grade


Judge Joseph F. Johnston: The Cowardly Lion of Massachusetts

When a person is proud of his actions, he rightfully stands up and takes a bow. When a person is caught with his hand in a cookie jar, he can choose from two paths; run and hide, or admit his mistake, and hopefully not make the same mistake twice. When people choose to run and hide, or worse, repeat their mistake, that speaks volumes about the content of their character.

While the list goes on and on concerning Dr. David Biederman of Massachusetts General Hospital, we believe the real question here, in this matter, is the ethics, character and motivation of Dr. David R. DeMaso and the others from his department in the Justina Pelletier matter.

Speaking of corruption, see what Psychology Today and The New York Times have to say about how Dr. Biederman has become rich scamming the system and drugging our children.

Is it just us, or does Dr. Biederman conjure up memories of the song, “The Pusherman“?


The nightmare of living with OCD

David Adam

David Adam

Great story and overview of OCD.

Those are my strange thoughts. That is my obsessive-compulsive disorder. I obsess about ways that I could catch Aids. I compulsively check to make sure I haven’t caught HIV and I steer my behaviour to make sure I don’t catch it in future. I see HIV everywhere. It lurks on toothbrushes and towels, taps and telephones. I wipe cups and bottles…

That is how the mind usually handles thoughts. It shares conscious concentration between tasks, while the subconscious changes the content of each window, or draws our attention among them. Obsession is a large window that cannot be made to shrink, move or close. Even when other tasks come to the front of the mind, the obsession window is there in the background. It acts as a constant drag on the battery and degrades the performance of other tasks. You can’t turn the machine off and on. Whenever you are awake, the window is there. And when you do manage to turn your attention elsewhere, you are aware of doing so. Soon enough, the obsession will reclaim the focus.

Red ink splashes


First, Do No Harm: How We Failed Justina Pelletier and Her Family

#FreeJustinaWhat should have been a fairly straightforward visit turned into a nightmare. Some of the doctors at Children’s Hospital disagreed with Justina’s existing mitochondrial diagnosis. Justina was in pain and upset. Psychologists were consulted. Justina’s parents demanded to see the GI doctor as expected and to consult with her Tufts physician. Justina’s pain and symptoms continued to go untreated while a battle of egos festered.

This could have been solved with a simple phone call to the Tufts physician managing Justina and her sister for their mitochondrial disorders. A conversation to hash out differing opinions among all involved is obviously what is best for the patient. It’s what we, the community, expect.

What none of the media is talking about is how shattered this experience has left this family. The damage is irreparable. Justina’s parents are consumed with grief, fear, suspicion, and desperation. And, Justina, the child who is “protected” by the law, has lived without the comfort and protection of a mom and dad and sisters for more than a year. Their lives have been destroyed

The Watchdogs of Carver on Dr David DeMaso Somatoform Disorder Expert

Some other members of the  Gang  that Tortured #JustinaPelletier at Boston Children's Hospital

the Watchdogs of Carver A non-partisan citizens group that strives to represent the residents’ interests #FreeJustina II “face-saving”, really? After reading some of the comments at the blog I posted in my previous report, I searched for this “Fact or fiction: Somatoform disorders explored” document that used to be available on the Boston Children’s Hospital website. It…

The crossroads of Should and Must

Originally posted on Om Malik:
My friend Elle Luna in an essay this morning wrote: “There are two paths in life: Should and Must. We arrive at this crossroads over and over again. And each time, we get to choose.” I have lived by that philosophy and whenever I have diverged, I have paid a…

Jennifer Moyer: Five Tricks to Help You ‘Set Standards’

Originally posted on AAMIBlog:
As a healthcare technology professional, you can play a major role in creating the AAMI standards that pertain to a growing list of medical devices and equipment. Here’s how: 1. Select your area of expertise. Are you wild about wireless? Crazy about cardiac rhythm devices? AAMI has a plethora of standards…

Enemies Of The State


Fox News Reporting Enemies Of The State -IRS Targeting Continues 4/5/14 Fox News Reporting: Enemies of the State Part II 4/5/14 Fox News Reporting: Enemies of the State Part III

Huckabee – Should State Overrule Parent On Child’s Health Care

Justice For Justina – Should State Overrule Parent On Child’s Health Care? – Huckabee Part 1 Of 2

Justice For Justina – Should State Overrule Parent On Child’s Health Care – Huckabee Part 2 Of 2

State of CT visited the Pelletier’s home and determined, no abuse.

Fourteen months later, Justina is going back to Dr Korson, her mitochondrial specialist.
Justina secretly seen by Dr Korson who cannot speak about to parents about their daughter’s care.

What is Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard HIDING? Let us hear from Justina!

What harm has been done to Justina Pelletier by Boston Children’s Hospital and the State of Massachusetts?

Questions For Dr Jurriann M. Peters


Dr Jurriann M. Peters: Why Was A Clinical Neurophysiologist Involved In Justina’s Care? Iván Sánchez Fernández is funded by a grant for the study of Epileptic Encephalopathies from “” Kevin E. Chapman performs, interprets, and bills for clinical neurophysiology procedures, including EEGs, at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Jurriaan M. Peters is supported by National Institutes of Health P20…

WTF is Wrong With Medicine? | Tedx

Is medicine killing you? Lissa Rankin, MD at TEDxFargo

Third leading Preventable cause of DEATH is Medical Error
“Stress is feeling disconnected from source.”
“Medicine is being unapologetically you.”

Whats Wrong With Medicine?

Patient engagement paramount to health outcomes. Patients cure themselves by living healthy; doctors assist by identify underlying causes of symptoms.
Symptom control is not a cure and does not create health.



1e74e9eThank you  for sharing the above videos.

Letter – #FreeJustina TwitterStorm 4/6/14


#FreeJustina TwitterStorm 4/6/14 UPDATE 4/6/14 Due to Judge’s ruling to give permanent custody to the state of Massachusetts DCF we are going to show our support. The focus needs to remain on the following four but we are adding a detailed list of Representatives that have not signed onto the House Resolution. Heres a doc…

The Race: Black American in California, Part 9

Originally posted on A Holistic Journey:
1) How do you define yourself racially or ethnically and why is it important to you? Please tell us about the racial makeup of your family if you were adopted or come from a colorful family. I have been here four years in Sacramento, California, I’m originally from Los…

Clueless Doctor Causes Stroke

Originally posted on cluelessdoctors:
Please read and SHARE everywhere you can to make it go viral! This is very important news for all of you and your loved ones! My mother had a major stroke today out of doctor cluelessness and this happens every day everywhere only few realize that it does. Do you have…

Part 2 – Justina Pelletier’s Story, As Told By Her Dad, Lou Pelletier

Part 2 – Justina Pelletier’s Story, As Told By Her Dad, Lou Pelletier

Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard need investigation for Child Abuse on Bader 5.

The egos of these doctors need to be SMASHED!

Justina Pelletier
15 year old girl was ice skating until she developed the flu and was taken to Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard. Now she is:
1. wheel chair bound- paralyzed below waist
2. No muscle control above waist
3. Hairline and gumline receding
4. Scared and ALONE

Some of the people responsible still work at Boston Children’s Hospital/ Harvard – Gary Gosselin, Colleen Ryan, Ellen Rothstein, Dr Alice Newton

Lou Pelletier said Justina had no advocate……

Part 1 – Justina Pelletier’s Story, As Told By Her Dad, Lou Pelletier

This is heart breaking. My heart goes out to the Pelletier’s because I understand too well what they are experiencing.

Thank you Lou Pelletier for Speaking OUT! You did the RIGHT THING!

Why are –Dr Alice Newton, Gary Gosselin, Colleen Ryan. EllenRothstein in-house counsel–these hospital employees still working for Boston Children’s Hospital /Harvard?

Have they not harmed and abused enough children on Bader 5 at Boston Children’s Hospital?

To be published is more important to these providers, attorney and Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard than the oath to DO NO HARM!

All should lose license to practice in the future! And criminal charges filed against ALL RESPONSIBLE!

These people represent the very worst of humanity!

Failure to Listen will result in more abuse of children and their families by predators such as Boston Children Hospital /Harvard!

Barry Pollack’s Letter – Investigate Boston Children’s Hospital Bader 5


tp://www.madinamerica.cohtm/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Pollack-PDF.pdf PSD BOSTON NEW YORK POLLACK SOLOMON DUFFY LLP 133 Federal Street . Suite 902 . Boston, MA 02110 617.439.9800 December 21, 2013 by email ( and first class mail Cheryl Bartlett, RN Commissioner Massachusetts Department of Public Health 250 Washington Street Boston, MA 02108 Re: Children’s Hospital Boston – Bader 5 Unit…


When We Are Less Than Human

“Memories of death do not just disappear. If it is not what one went through, it’s about the loss of the loved ones. It is about dehumanisation, discrimination, torture and emptiness. Survivors remember times they hated who they were because their rights were denied, including their most precious right: Life. To survive genocide is to live with a perpetual wound, suffering and trauma.”

The above are the words of Tom Ndahiro, who 20 years after still shivers at the memories of 1994, the year when the genocide happened, becoming a major turning point in Rwanda’s history. The genocide, a hate crime of absurd proportions, was unprecedented in both the scale and the cruelty with which it was carried out: over one million people butchered in a space of only 100 days.

Hate Crimes, as old as Humanity itself

Hate crimes are criminal acts –such as vandalism, arson, assault, or murder– committed against someone because of his or her race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, age, or gender. In a hate crime, the person is selected because of a characteristic that he or she cannot change.

The origin of hate crimes dates back to ancient civilizations. One of the earliest examples is from the Roman Empire, which was well known for persecuting various religious groups.

Some examples of hate crime have been so tremendous that they have affected the entire world. One of the most notable is the Nazi’s persecution of the Jewish people, better known as the Holocaust. In more recent years, the act of genocide, or attempting to obliterate an entire ethnic, racial or religious group, has occurred in both Bosnia and Rwanda.

How does genocide happen?

Full Story



Why Whites Support Capital Punishment


Interesting article!  The ASSumption is that the Justice System indicts or convicts fairly.  It does not.  Justice is dishonest similar to the slave-owners.  In America, nearly all slaves were black, why was there a disparity in slavery?  Why were there not more white slaves?

Answer those questions and you’ll answer the implied questions, why are more blacks in jail and on death row?

Shocking video Zebra Drowning a Lion to SAVE her Life. Inspirational Video “Lion vs Zebra”

An exciting video of David and Goliath as the Zebra and the Lioness. Watch what happens…Truly amazing! Never, Ever Give Up!

This video was discovered on Dr. Glenda Clare’s FaceBook Page. A page thoughtfully loaded with information that educates as well as stimulates critical thinking and provides wisdom. Thank you Dr. Clare for sharing this page that has become one of my favorites.

Martin Luther King Jr. – Quotes of Love and Freedom

Martin Luther King Jr Quote

He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. -Martin Luther King Jr. ********** Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your…

 Questions for Dr Alice Newton

Dr Alice Newton should be FIRED, not promoted or hired at MGH


 Questions for Dr Alice Newton   Dr. Alice Newton– why was Justina Pelletier hospitalized in the psychiatric ward (at Boston Children’s Hospital) for Somatoform Disorder? Isn’t that malpractice? The treatment is to wean Somatic Symptom Disorder (SSD) patients away from hospitals– these patients can be viewed as subconsciously addicted to hospitals. Where is your data…


Boston Children’s Hospital to be Investigated by Department of Public Health

Within 24 hours of being admitted to Boston Children’s in February, physicians came up with a different diagnosis for Justina: somatoform disorder, a psychologically induced condition that has physical symptoms.

“They told me that Mitochondrial Disease did not exist,” her father, Lou, explained in an interview with the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail. “Instead, they said she had Somatoform Disorder, which is effectively a stress-related mental problem.


 Questions for Dr Alice Newton:

Dr Alice Newton should be FIRED, not promoted or hired at MGH #FreeJustina

Dr Alice Newton should be FIRED, not promoted or hired at MGH


Dr. Alice Newton– why was Justina Pelletier hospitalized in the psychiatric ward (at Boston Children’s Hospital) for Somatoform Disorder? Isn’t that malpractice? The treatment is to wean Somatic Symptom Disorder (SSD) patients away from hospitals– these patients can be viewed as subconsciously addicted to hospitals.

Where is your data to support such unorthodox treatment of this SSD?

In addition, SSD is NOT medical child abuse. Why was DCF called?

Justina Pelletier has gotten worse; contrary, to what is seen in medical child abuse. Why did this course of treatment continue for 7-9 month?
Is this not child abuse by medical providers?

Dr Alice Newton should be FIRED, not promoted or hired at MGH. Her license to practice should be revoked.

Dr. Alice Whittier Newton MD

A Family Torn Apart: Free Justina

A Family Torn Apart: Free Justina

Fire Dr Alice Newton for her cavalier misdiagnosis and inpatient hospitalization for Somatic Symptom Disorder (SSD). In-patient hospitalization is contraindicated for SSD. Why did Dr Alice Newton select this knowingly harmful treatment?


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