“I don’t like my friend’s attitude, it reminds me of very strong coffee”. That could be so but it was only ground this morning. From dust we are made so by dust we shall go. We are surrounded by the souls from the past. Mankind’s butterflies of dinosaurs, trees and plants and all those human…

Two Different Style Town Hall Meetings


Two Different Style Town Hall Meetings with  different hosts, different audiences  and different size groups.      Sean Astin   and drdeandre1,  both  inspirational, ignited neurons and got my mind going.     Both unwind in different ways. Sean ‘s focus group is on civil discourse and  drdandre1’s is on cultural civil discourse, both  fantastic and very different  reflected…

Reflections: What We Do Matters

mandela and princess diane

As much as we pretend that our actions do not impact others they do. What we do affect those around, cause ripples, affecting the world. An infinity of simultaneous and subsequential perturbations obscures cause and effect to the point of randomness. It is the meaning made that is the matter. – CMICC

Anais Nin: Quotes To Find Passion


Human beings can reach such desperate solitude that they may cross a boundary beyond which words cannot serve, and at such moments there is nothing left for them but to bark. -Anais Nin This image of herself as a not ordinary women, an image which was trembling now in his eyes, might suddenly disappear. Nothing…

Police Violence: Use of Tasers For Walking | Draft

“A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the family, including the 7 month old son, of 24 year old Gregory Towns, who died after being tased 13 times in 29 minutes. Two officers repeatedly shocked this man’s body for a total of 47 seconds… while unarmed and handcuffed.” “Police found Towns sitting down and…

White on White Crime : Keep Focused

I understand this man...It is a sad reflection of America.

 PROFESSOR GRIFF IS A GIMMICK HE IS FAKE pt.1 A recent conversation came to mind as I watched and listened to the video.  All day could be spent pointing out different communication styles, cultural differences, the lack guns or violent threats, but that is off-topic.   More white people kill white people, and more black…

White Ferguson PD MURDERED, Handcuffed and ?Booked A Dead Black Man


Ferguson PD Handcuffed and ?Booked A Dead Man after executing him.   Kajieme Powell was an unarmed black man who stole two sodas.   He was NOT  Michael Brown.  Another black man dead– the media melded both stories as Michael Brown; thereby,  creating and adding confusion that will only benefit  Officer Darren Wilson.   Interesting Ferguson…

A Message From The Ferguson Protesters To Anonymous


Update 8-22-2014: “A Message From The Ferguson Protesters To Anonymous   I just wanted to say thank you to all you Anons that helped in Ferguson. We really couldn’t have done this without you honestly. Thank you for protecting the protesters, and for thinking up the legislation that we’re pushing for. You gave us a…

AWESOME Tribute: His Hands Were in the Air


Beautiful  song dedicated to Mike Brown.  TY David Rovics His Hands Were in the Air   RIP Michael Brown. Unarmed teen executed in broad daylight by racist cop. Lyrics: His Hands Were In The Air The town is mostly black, almost all the cops are white You can see it right away, something isn’t right There’s…

Dear Emma,

Featured Image -- 15831

Originally posted on Traces of the Soul :
I had a long shift, and once I got home, I decided to check my blogs for messages. Karuna made a nice comment about photos I took by the river 2 nights ago and that touched me. So I thought, it’s time to have a visit and I…

Anais Nin Quotes of Living

black woman

Anais Nin Quotes of Living Life is so fluid that one can only hope to capture the living moment, to capture it alive and fresh … without destroying that moment. -Anais Nin *** This image of herself as a not ordinary women, an image which was trembling now in his eyes, might suddenly disappear. Nothing…

Controversy over shocking people with autism, behavioral disorders


    Controversy over shocking people with autism, behavioral disorders   Jennifer Msumba is on the autism spectrum. For seven years, she was treated at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts, where she received painful electric shocks aimed at modifying her behavior. She describes being strapped, spread-eagle to a restraint board and shocked multiple…

Ferguson PD: The ABCs of Crowd Control


The ABCs of Crowd Control History and Research show police attitudes directly responsible for violence among protestors. Established protocols to guide crowd management is part of police training, why was that not employed? Or was it?   Ferguson residents want justice and Americans DEMAND justice.     The right to protest is one of the…

What They Saw: 5 Eyewitnesses to the Michael Brown Shooting | The Root


What They Saw: 5 Eyewitnesses to the Michael Brown Shooting     As of press time, at least five eyewitnesses in the Michael Brown shooting case have come forward. All five witnesses had distinct vantage points: One person was with Brown during the incident, one woman was inside her vehicle, another woman observed the…

Naming ‘race’

Originally posted on nicciattfield:
A little while back, I read an article which spoke about how ‘ethnic prejudice’ or ‘racism’ within the media is wrong.  The journalist who protested explained that it is perhaps helpful to snub those people who cannot contain their own prejudices as a means of creating a more just (or perhaps…

Thrown a Bone and Shown the Door

Originally posted on The Fly:
Janey was nice. Janey was patient. But in the end, she–or rather, her nonprofit organization–just didn’t want me. I think I handled it pretty well. Moreover, it taught me something about the nature of institutional organizations. It was, as they say, a learning experience. Here’s what happened: Last year, I…

Organizations For Social Justice


    Organizations For Social Justice I pledged not to join another organization where I am not valued,  and so I became a recluse.   Today I joined Amnesty International…a baby step ….    Why?  Amnesty International  is on the ground in #Ferguson.   The language of their website captured my imagination.     Wishing…

Malcolm X : Stand For Something or Fall For Anything

Malcolm X

Malcolm X : Stand For Something or Fall For Anything Which are you? Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it. – Malcolm X ***  Our objective is complete freedom, justice and equality by any means necessary. – Malcolm X *** You…

Jimi Hendrix: The Star Spangled Banner Awesome!

Jimi Hendricks

Jimi Hendrix – The Star Spangled Banner [ American Anthem ] ( Live at Woodstock 1969} Awesome,  Jimi Hendrix’s  rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.  Turmoil and a steadfast patriotism end in  mixed clouds filled with unwavering loyalty. Google: James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix was an American musician, singer, and songwriter. Although his mainstream career spanned…



| || |______ _______ _____/__________ ____ __ __ __________ ____ \ __ / _ \____ | __)/ __ _ __ \/ ___| | \/ ___/ _ \ / \ | || ( <> ) |> > \ ___/| | \/ /_/ > | /_ ( <_> ) | \ /_ ~~ _____/| /_ / ___…

Update: Ferguson No Longer Under Siege ??? | Updated

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

  Update: Ferguson no longer under siege Ferguson is no longer under siege, and gone are the open prisons—all due to one act. Missouri highway patrol captain Ronald S. Johnson, Ferguson native, is now in charge of security. Ferguson residents welcomed the change as a token of goodwill. This one act by the governor of…

Quotes: No Man Can Degrade The Soul Within Me


Confusion everywhere justice nowhere!  This is  America  now.  The  future dismal unless Americans consciously and purposefully change our dangerously biased attitudes toward different races and ethnicities. Justice should not be reserved for the few but should be for All.  Stop the persecution of black and brown people by police officers in America.     One wonders…

Are Accusations Enough For Arrests and Imprisonment?

This is the image that disturbs people, why?

The dead body of Michael Brown did not

Are accusations enough for an arrest and imprisonment? Are accusations enough for an arrest and imprisonment?  This question plagued me since earlier this year. Another question that plagued me is: Can  judges sign  knowingly false arrest warrants? In NH, I am told the answer is yes to both questions. The police can accuse  and imprison…

Michael Brown: Call For Eyewitnesses and Videos


The following is an email from the NAACP that is noteworthy and a call for HELP. The NAACP would like anyone who witnessed the shooting death of Michael Brown to come forth. The public’s help is necessary for justice. If you have any information please contact the NAACP. We are all in fear of retribution…

Light Up The Lines In NYC and Ferguson


Light Up The Lines In NYC and Ferguson   “Police Brutality can’t just be a racial issue. It’s something we all need to unite against regardless of skin color or status.” A quote from a new friend. Justice is nowhere to be found in America. Black communities have become “Open Air Prisons.” For example, Look…

A Message To Humanity!


A Message To Humanity! Source of Video: The Anonymiss Express Interesting how our minds meld.  This video echoes many of my thoughts.        

Liberation News: From Outrage to Rebellion

Featured Image -- 15301

Originally posted on United States Hypocrisy:
**The following article has been re-posted from the Liberation News website. All credit goes to Nathalie Hrizi of for writing it.   “The cops kill because they know they can—the government goes through a ritual “investigation” but they rarely prosecute, and never convict.”       Ferguson, Missouri: from outrage to rebellion By Nathalie Hrizi…


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