Justina Pelletier: More Questions to FreeJustina


#JustinaPelletier: More Questions to #FreeJustina

by Angela RM Crane, M. D. aka Angela Grant

Judge delays Justina Pelletier ruling until Tuesday,March 25, 2014  — gives parents “conditional custody.” In other words, #JudgeJosephJohnston continues to allow Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) and Department of Children Families (DCF) to call the shots on Justina Pelletier medical care.

Have BCH and DCF not done enough damage?

No decision in the #JustinaPelletier case. Hopefully, Judge Joseph Johnston does homework, reads about mitochondrial disease and start asking real questions to #FreeJustina on Tuesday, March 25, 2014. This is no longer business as usual in the State of Massachusetts. The nation is watching and your Federal $$$ are at stake.

Questions that need answers:

1.    Why did Boston Children’s Hospital use this path of care or treatment plan?

2.    Why did doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital not believe the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease? Did they review Justina’s old records?

3.    Did they rule out mitochondrial disease before replacing it with a psychiatric diagnosis?

4.    What happened to Dr. Flores the Tufts specialist Justina was to see at Boston Children’s Hospital?

5.    Why did BCH not include Justina’s parents in the treatment plan?

6.    Why was it necessary to physically remove Justina’s parents from Boston Children’s Hospital?

             –  What about patient rights?

             –  What about human rights?

             –  What about parental rights?

             –  What of patient engagement or patient experience?

7.    How was Boston Children’s Hospital treatment plan in Justina’s best interest?

8.    What is medical child abuse?

9.    What is Parentectomy?

10.  Is Justina a victim of Munchausen by Proxy from her parents?

11.  Or does Justina have Somatoform disorder?

12.  How does Boston Children’s Hospital and DCF explain Justina’s deteriorating health?

13.  What about her inability to ambulate?

14.  Have doctors tried re-starting her old medications to see if she improves?

15.  When did BCH’s young unsupervised doctors become experts?

16.  When did BCH become God?

Complaints about Hospitals, doctors and nurses can be filed at
Health Care Safety and Quality


My Facebook page Tufts Medical Center Discriminates and Lies is loaded with information on this case and others #OpJustina and provides  updates from twitter and other sources.

List of online resources to provide information on Justina Pelletier Case



2.  DSM 5: MENTAL ILLNESS OR MONEY – Discusses Somatoform Disorders


3.  PARENTECTOMY ON SALE IN BOSTON | PART 2 – Reviews Indications for Parentectomy


4.  Munchausen syndrome


5.  Somatoform Disorders


6.  Medical Child Abuse – A New Perspective on Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy


7.  Mandated Reporter complaint of Kathleen T. Higgins, RN to Olga Roche


10.  Wards of the State


Corrupt Leadership is bad for humanity

No leadership in MA

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