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Too bad white people don’t do the same for black people!

What the Hell is the “Black Experience(BE)?”

Have you ever been a part of a conversation physically, but not socially? Everyone makes eye contact with each other except you. They are all planning some other event, and you are not invited! Without knowing it, you are invisible and irrelevant to them.

These nuanced encounters happen every day to black children and adults everywhere. Still, I think it is all in my head, but repeated experiences nag incessantly, telling me it is not in my head! Yes, I know this happens to other cultural groups, but does that negate its profound and pervasive effects on the minds and attitudes of black people? Additionally, there are very significant historical differences.

These nuanced non-verbals indicate white people’s discomfort with black people and black issues to the point they can’t even look into your eyes while in serious conversation. Nevertheless, they want diversity or a little color. Make no mistake; you or your ideas are not of interest or importance to them unless you can find champion in their culture.

Such was my experience at a recent meeting. In the past, this would ruin the night, but not this time. The people who refused to look me in the eyes were also the leaders and, deceitfully, the most passionate advocates for disenfranchised people/communities.

Then there was the “Aha” moment! I realized, “This is the problem!” These are the same people who sustain a system grounded in social conformity, with its injustices, inequities, and lack of access for minority groups. They wear facades of advocacy—intentionally or not—while perpetuating a system whose intricately woven threads of discrimination, fear, and hate form the fabric of our society.

What kind of help can these kinds of advocates offer poor, uneducated black people, or other minorities?

Maybe it’s time we talk about race. Yeah, sure we are all equal.

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I am tired of seeing the world through the lens of a culture that is not my own.