Are Children the Casualties in this War between Educators and Big Money?
Are Children the Casualties in this War between Educators and Big Money?

This knock-down drag-out dirty fight is not benefitting the public or the disadvantaged communities that all groups claim concern. The latter is the justification for many old suggestions packaged deceptively in candy canes and sugar cones that would make one vomit incessantly.

Tea Party backers have moved to Education (my opinion). There is a proliferation of patriotic-named advocacy groups for parents and children that hide the unpatriotic intents of these groups funded by Big Money – similar to the Tea Party movement. Their names and practices are deceptive but successful in gaining the support of unsuspecting families and politicians, and most importantly, in making MONEY for Big Money Backers of these programs!

What do the Parent Trigger Bill or Parent Revolution Bill, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and The Heartland have in common? They share the same vision of making money and are funded by Big Money.

The Parent Trigger Bill was crafted by ALEC. Who is ALEC? ALEC is a select group of wealthy influential people who control our lives by shaping the politics in Washington DC. They are now busy shaping education by sleeping with our elected politicians and helping grease our politician’s wheels. ALEC is one of the organizations that justified the killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

This Trigger Bill, as well as changes to the Common Core Standards, appear to be the foundation of Educational Reform. I am disappointed because it means our country is headed down the toilet. On the other hand, many educator groups have not formed strong alliances with parents, creating definite mistrust between the groups. As a parent, I blame teachers because they are the ones I see as obstacles to my children getting the education they need. But teachers are really scapegoats, in many instances.

For the first time in many years, I am beginning to see creativity and innovation in public schools. Is this for show because of the current problems? I don’t know.

Education needs standards like any other business in this country. These standards should be national and tailored at the district level (this parent’s opinion). Let each district, with the inclusion of all parents who want to be involved, decide on their methods of evaluation. Of course, these methods have to be vetted. Coming from within the community will make these evaluations and programs more culturally acceptable than those forced on the community because of their “evidence-based nature”—evidence based on media myths about the community and other disadvantaged communities.

The only consistent evidence about many of these programs is the money made by big money!