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I would like to thank, Eye-Dancers , for this surprising yet wonderful nomination for the One Lovely BIog Award. Rarely, do I get nominated for anything except a “Big Mouth.” 🙂 A million thanks TO YOU, Michael from Eye-Dancers, for reading my blog and nominating me. I am delighted and honored as your blog is one of my favorites.

As I mentioned elsewhere, there is something amazingly powerful going on here — it feels like the pulse of the collective minds of our universe. I can’t explain it but we all seem to be working toward a common purpose, Change. And we are all doing it in very unique and creative ways.

Now onto the One Lovely Blog Award!

For more details about the One Lovely Blog Award and the Hug Award please see Eye-Dancers’s blog at

The rules of the One Lovely Blog Award require me to reveal seven random facts about myself and nominate those I feel deserving of the award also. I am not sure what the limit is on that last one. Without that knowledge, I will nominate seven blogs because I am revealing seven things about myself.

Here I go – BTW, this was not easy!

Fact 1. I love cashews! My mother also loved cashews but never shared…..Shhh, she hid them from us. But can you really hide food or the keys to the gun case from kids? I had cashew snatching down to a science, I could take 6 cashews without her ever knowing because if she ever found out…………………….cashews

Fact 2. Herve Leger is one of my favorite designers. He just knows a woman’s body –where to flatter and where to conceal.

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Fact 3: As recently, as one month ago, I was carded. Okay…you are probably laughing in disbelieve but ….. nana nanana… it’s true! Interesting, how one’s perspectives change as one gets older. When I was younger, I felt picked on; now I am delighted, smiling from one ear to the other. A smile that somehow becomes broader at the look of shock and amazement when I present my driver’s license. I have no noticeable gray hairs. And yes, I am bragging. Why not? It will not last forever. (Have you seen my latest picture? — more on the reasons behind — let’s just say I look at it as stepping outside the box and ignoring those pesky conventional unwritten rules)

Fact 4. I have multiple personalities. Wait a minute, don’t start calling me Sybil yet! Read this first :

Managers, Firefighters, and Exiles

Are there common roles for parts across people? After working with a large number of clients, some patterns began to appear. Most clients had parts that tried to keep them functional and safe. These parts tried to maintain control of their inner and outer environments by, for example, keeping them from getting too close or dependent on others, criticizing their appearance or performance to make them look or act better, and focusing on taking care of others’ rather than their own needs. These parts seemed to be in protective, managerial roles and therefore are called managers.

When a person has been hurt, humiliated, frightened, or shamed in the past, he or she will have parts that carry the emotions, memories, and sensations from those experiences. Managers often want to keep these feelings out of consciousness and, consequently, try to keep vulnerable, needy parts locked in inner closets. These incarcerated parts are known as exiles.

The third and final group of parts jumps into action whenever one of the exiles is upset to the point that it may flood the person with its extreme feelings or make the person vulnerable to being hurt again. When that is the case, this third group tries to douse the inner flames of feeling as quickly as possible, which earns them the name firefighters. They tend to be highly impulsive and strive to find stimulation that will override or dissociate from the exile’s feelings. Bingeing on drugs, alcohol, food, sex, or work are common firefighter activities.

This is called Internal Family Systems. It allows you to come to peace with yourself by understanding the roles/ jobs of our different personalities and their effects on behavior. They protect, but sometimes too aggressively and take control of “self” (the individual). It is fascinating but the dense reading. So I guess multiple personalities are normal as long as they have the same identities.

Fact 5: My life is one adventure after another. Most of them very stressful.  My secret weapon is laughter. Somehow I find the humor in most situations and laugh at myself often. Laughter keeps me sane. There are studies showing the act of smiling triggers physiologic responses in your body that boost confidence. So it’s good to fake a smile until you make it real!


Fact 6: My all-time favorite movie is the “Godfather.” I love the theme song, Speak Softly Love.

Watched each of the first two parts at least 50 times — Part 1 being the best!   With a cast of  Marlon Brando, Robert de Niro and Al Pacino how can they not be the best movies ever produced!

Fact 7: I am also an avid Sci-Fi fan. Star Wars and Star Trek being my all-time favorites. Does anyone remember Lost in Space? I loved that show. There was a time when I only read Sci-Fi. Sadly, one of my favorite authors was recently diagnosed with cancer, Iain Banks –may the force be with him.

Drum roll please……..

My seven nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award are:


Jeff Nguyen

Claire O’Brian

Melissa Dalton-Bradford

Diane Ravitch’s blog

Break Room Stories


There are so many wonderful blogs on this site. It was difficult to narrow it down to seven, but I selected the above blogs because they each have exceptional content.

{I just realized I did not contact anyone directly. I will be reblogging my favorite post from each of The Seven.

We are an unconventional community with very passionate voices. I seek your help to inform my Top Seven of their One Lovely Blog Award Nomination (by me) — Wish them Congratulations as you visit their sites and experience a spectrum of brilliance. (I wish there was bulk mail)}

Thank you again Eye-Dancers for this nomination.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

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