Creating a Local Curriculum: The Beginning of Education Reform

Reblog from modernDaychris whose exceptional blog on Education is filled with gems of knowledge and ideas.

This reblog is part of the Series — Education Reform: A Glimpse at Many Sides (Series).

Here is a view that highlights one of the many flaws in our school curriculum. It ignores context, teaches irrelevant non-engaging material to students, who are unlikely to become engaged because the subject lacks relevance to them (my spin)–a point repeated in earlier posts. Why is so much time devoted to teaching half-truths about our country (and I love this country)? Why don’t we include the rest of the world in our classrooms? The world is much larger and diverse than school would have you believe. Most importantly, school, inadvertently, devalue the culture of the community by not including it in the curriculum.


Also Make Schools Relevant to the Community!
We Can Do That!

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