CDS: an Outsider Illness

CDS is killing Outsiders
CDS is killing Outsiders

CDS: an Outsider Illness

Each year, millions die from complications of Chronic Discrimination Syndrome (CDS), many of which are preventable and treatable. Well over 90% of people with CDS are ‘outsiders’ —nonwhites. They suffer devastating physical and mental anguish because of:

1) Lack of recognition or concern for this illness by Medical Providers (MP);

2) Biased Healthcare Delivery Systems (HDS) that discriminate and minimize their medical problems, creating new, often ‘mental’ diagnoses; and

3) Social Class Discrimination against the poor, who are usually non-white.

Millions die at the hands of this treatable and totally preventable illness.

More alarming is the concern that CDS may be spreading.

The medical community does not want to recognize this devastating and fatal illness, prevalent within minority communities (and other outsider groups). Healthcare providers rarely acknowledge this syndrome, yet it is associated with chronic stress, and studies show causality: chronic discrimination results in the body feeling stressed without reprieve. In other words, CDS is caused by the stress of discrimination.

Providers acknowledge chronic stress as a cause of many mental and physical diseases and disorders. It appears that unfettered chronic stress is a common mediator for health, education, economic, and opportunity disparities—and yet the experts are still in denial. CDS is a symptom ofsocietal disorder perpetuated by our health care delivery system.

In the past, acceptable treatments included lynching, segregation, public humiliation, and incarceration. The courts stepped in to change all that. Today, acceptable treatments include public humiliation, incarceration by the ‘justice’ system or the mental health system, and social programs to combat disparities. Not much different, except the creation of social programs that cause concentrated dependency and areas of isolated poverty.

Few, if any, studies describe and evaluate this syndrome. While billions of dollars continue to pour into libraries of evidence-based research to confirm these people –non-whites–are indeed dead. However, there are scientists who believe these people afflicted with CDS and now gone never really existed, leading many within the elite circles to challenge the prevailing evidence and vital statistics of CDS.


CDS and Poverty May Be Linked

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I have CDS, an illness which mostly afflicts targeted racial and ethnic groups exposed to the toxic effects of discrimination and stereotypes. My concerns are forcing me to speak out about CDS!!!

The battle scars of life and CDS
The battle scars of life and CDS

While the risks of CDS are spreading among non-whites, whites appear resistant to the illness. Some elite whites assert emotional intelligence (EI) is the solution, and they have developed programs to teach non-whites evidence-based emotional intelligence (EI). Some of these folks are perplexed insider Elites who ask, “Why do non-whites incessantly demand SOCIAL JUSTICE when they have SOCIAL PROGRAMS?”

Recent surveys have shown over 50% of Whites feel unfairly disadvantaged by NON-Whites (Outsiders), believing “they are all the same.” These whites question the SOCIAL JUSTICE OF SOCIAL PROGRAMS (more later). Can you say confidence in their ignorance?


Minorities (Outsider Groups (OG)) afflicted with this illness present in a variety of ways. This makes diagnosis challenging in the early stages of this illness. As this illness progresses, other more recognized symptoms and complications emerge: non-communicable chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke and other stress related illnesses.

Symptoms begin at birth.

Risks of CDS start at birth.
Risks of CDS start at birth.

Symptoms begin at birth. At birth, non-whites learn to accept their “place” in a white dominated world. Those blacks do not pay a heavy price.

While the dynamics of the conflict between Whites vs, Non-Whites appear contextual and personal, the conflict itself is pervasive and has become a structural part of our society. Insiders can become Outsiders depending on the context and geography of the local environment’s culture. Unsurprisingly, one group has emerged with unequivocal Privileges and Rights enforced by WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). The privileged elite whites set standards that govern all globally. The power of privilege and the rewards of social capital are just a few of the benefits.

In the later stages, patients with CDS decline rapidly. Some insiders still attribute symptoms, including death to hysteria; some are concerned about contagion. Oddly, this rapid decline and concern coincide with the advent of social programs.

Moreover, the addition of social programs to the outsider defense strategy has led to a backlash of public outrage, critical of these programs.

Recent studies have found many of these evidence-based social programs produce merely temporary benefits, fading in 2-5 years. Other studies show that most cost savings came from a decrease in the incarceration of Black men (Perry Study). Many studies do not account for data based on information given by those who want to please these esteemed elite whites.

Despite criticisms over the failures of these programs, the government continues to support the pickpocketing of taxpayers by these programs, which do more harm than good in disadvantaged communities, as evidenced by increasing gaps and disparities among social classes and races.

In the US, SOCIAL PROGRAMS have created concentrated areas of poverty– areas where poor ethnic minorities live. These areas are now contained (caged) areas of poverty and concentrated dependency.

One wonders if that was not the original intent.

I think many of these programs — based on Western values, norms and beliefs – are imposed on communities with Chronic Discrimination Syndrome, where mistrust is understandably pervasive and deep-rooted. Why would people take the advice of people they mistrust?

Whites or insiders have made billions on social programs, gathering data purportedly used to understand the non-white needs better.

Our world is headed towards a cultural clash, as non-whites who previously towed the line are unsuspectingly lured by interest groups with aggressive missions. Some disenchanted non-whites or outsider groups have become advocates of extremist groups. The complications and ramifications of CDS continue to unfold.

CDS spreading to whites is now confirmed, as more non-elite whites experience the biases of the elite social class. Apparently, privilege is not shared equally by insiders. One can no longer act like an insider to be an insider.

Targeted ethnic groups cannot hide behind a mask.

Chronic Discrimination Syndrome caused by our failure to listen is a fatal disease! Ultimately, it leads to poor educational, health, and economic outcomes for non-whites or outsider groups. CDS triggers growing resentment among targeted ethnic groups and is responsible for many disparities resulting in higher health care costs.

Fears of potential CDS contagion stirs feelings of discomfort. While non-whites disappear or die, whites debate the same question, framed differently: “Where are they hiding?”

A private party favorite: How can the elite create the illusion of concern while victimizing outsiders? It is their privilege to do so, you know…



More people need to speak out about this Illness!
More people need to speak out about this Illness!


Two Emails to Share:


Discrimination is not just pigment–it is gender, it is language, it is religion, it is body type, it is mental illness, it is disability.

Chris Messina
Chris Messina
CEO at Body1, Inc.

No group is hit as hard by it {Chronic Discrimination Syndrome} as the developmentally disabled. They have a very small, usually disregarded and disrespected, voice and negligible political power. They are every bit as human as you and I. Contrary to what many intellectual elites believe, IQ ≠ Worth. That’s why dignity advocacy is a core focus of the Foundation I serve as a volunteer director for. Stimulating piece!

  • Chris Messina; CEO at Body1, Inc.

David W Kelley, DO
David W Kelley, D.O.
Critical Care Physician at St Joseph’s Hospital Health Center

The dichotomy in care delivery between whites & non-whites is perplexing, maddening and saddens me. Unfortunately, there seems to be some sort of deep engraining &, for the life of me, I am vexed on how to enlighten others to gain traction for progress, says Dr. David Kelley.

I know with 100% certainty, on a personal level, that progress can be made. As a “white person” [I really do not like that label, but, of course, I am not fond of attaching labels to anyone over things like skin color] who was raised in the Deep South, I grew up steeped in a culture that is, at its best, benign to non-whites and, all too frequently, oppressive & punitive. My parents were and are quite intolerant & prejudiced against non-white/non-heterosexual/irreligious people and tend to follow the “Fox News” party line. When I was a young kid, I spewed the same sort of vitriol my parents did…it was all I knew…until I began to mature, to appreciate a much larger world than my own small one & to think independently/critically. Over time, beginning in Jr HS, I began to realize that skin color has zero to do with the integrity of the person and began to seriously question the lessons I had learned about people from my parents & family. That small start – self-initiated learning prompted by objective observation and interacting with many fellow students of a broad spectrum of ethnicities – blossomed [in my opinion] into an open-minded, tolerant love for diversity. Diversity is a strength that should be nurtured & cherished. there is such immense value & power in approaching issues from multiple perspectives that it vexes me why it is not just patently obvious to everyone why intolerance, racism & bigotry is a cancer eroding the vibrance of our society.

Whenever I try to enlighten others, I am blown off as being a “damned bleeding heart liberal” or accused of having far too long “with the Yankees”. However, I refuse to stop trying.

  • David W Kelley, D.O. Critical Care Physician at St Joseph’s Hospital Health Center

Thank you to those who refuse to stop trying.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

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    1. Thank you Yusef. I enjoyed your post The Pathology of White Privilege; we seem to be thinking similar thoughts. The videos were great, I even reblogged one of them, the longest one by Tim Wise. 🙂

  1. Angela you need to find a way to set up a practice (as a GP) you could help a lot of people


    1. Hi Bert, ” help a lot of people”

      That what I was hoping to do; practicing really limited the possibilities.

      I am capable of a much larger reach than I ever was practicing medicine… and that pleases me. I can help many more while doing more good…I just need to find a way support myself and enjoy life in the process. Hehehe

      I think feeling lousy clouds one’s judgment, it does mine. 🙁

  2. Hello Angela, Find interest in the topic while am slight bemused by the content. The prominence is credible that today their are people that don’t consider themselves Viable…Commodities..

    Un-fortunately it’s a CASH world we live IN..

    No one is above or no one is below any other..However their are those under-privileged to appreciate their existence to contribute to an ever aware Society.

    Discrimination is out their ..thoe not from where am Looking..and don’t shed much light to those un-aware
    of it’s Impact on others..and their piers..
    The Concerned may just need to have a look at all the better things of their life and see the good rather than negatives..

    1. Hi Djghost, I am glad my article was bemusing, though slightly. :)))

      Remember we are products of our environments, I am sure I am not the same person who grew up in Harlem in my early adolescent life. One thing for sure: Whilst there I never imagined being here…

    1. Thank You for your comments and sharing your two informative and well-written interesting articles about slavery. Geez would I like to read that book! Also thanks for the encouragement…plan to read more of your blog

  3. That was a well-written article with the right about of truth with an acerbic form of satire. I can’t see how anyone can argue against this.

    1. Often I cringe when I reread the stuff I write, so I don’t re-read often. Acerbic satire, I like that. The post was an acerbic satire. CDS is a real disease not recognized by the medical community who spread the disease when they provide biased care.

      Curtis, you are making me re-read my old posts. A lot of ideas in that one. I was having a public conversation with my mind. It may be difficult for most people to read and understand but you did. I’m impressed.

      1. Don’t feel bad. I’ve felt that way with some of my old posts on the Ospreyshire page, my fiction page, and my film review blog. I’m glad you agree with it being a well-needed case of acerbic satire.

        Thank you! Those were important ideas in this and other articles. I appreciate your courage and honesty in your articles. It’s refreshing to know that there are people like you who are doing their best to stay conscious and to call out injustice.

          1. You’re welcome. I’m glad you’re able to find inspiration and wanting to improve. I want to do the same with all of my blogs and projects.

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