Gender Issues: For White Women Only!

Gender:  White women only
Gender: White women only

Have white women forgotten about black women who stood by and helped them with equal rights for women? Today white woman have equal and more opportunities than white men.  They live longer.  Some colleges have placed quotas on admission of women to 50%, if not women would consist of  about 70 % of  the student body.  Patience!  It only a matter of a few years.

Unfortunately, that will not apply to all women.   In the fight for equal right for women, we  forget to include ALL women.

Instead, gender is now synonymous with white women and white privilege. I do not feel included and I am not alone in that sentiment.

Anytime I hear the word gender, I immediately think of white women issues. Why is that? Because it usually it is all about white women and their discomforts. As a black woman, I am included only as a token on picture day.

My gender depends on the convenience of the dominant society.

Is society listening to the rest of the world? 



Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

4 thoughts on “Gender Issues: For White Women Only!

  1. hey
    i am so glad that you visited my blog and followed.. thank you! i have a lot of reading and catching up with your writings and will do so soon! i live in remote ecuador, and today the internet was offline all day.

    i sometimes tell people that i try to do my little bit of damage control, whether it’s from the ‘ugly american’ that zooms through a third world country and treats my friends as if they were robots, or by being nice to everyone, no matter their race or gender, and to remind everyone that we’re all here to learn and we’re all here to teach and we’re here to help each other along.

    i am sorry for the white women who have evolved into an uncaring ‘race’ of women, and many times i am very ashamed. if anyone has ever been mean or cruel to you, i am very sorry. you deserve better.

    this post probably illustrated my feelings about the people who touch my life in latin america.


  2. I am a European-American woman, and I might be one of the only ones that will agree with much of what you are saying. White women do live a privileged life, and they have benefited most from affirmative action. I have to disagree with this one single part White woman are still not equal, and do not have more opportunities than White men. There are still many inequalities that we all have to fight for Ie; equal pay, equal rights, equal job opportunities. White men hate giving up control on all levels. I am one White woman who is doing everything that she can to help all woman ie: African-American, Latino, Muslim, and Native American etc. All people of all races deserve to have equal rights, equal pay, equal job opportunities, equal housing opportunities, equal educational opportunities, and the list goes on. I am educating my self about racism, and my eyes are wide open. Thank you for your post and stay strong.

    1. Thanks,

      They are many white women left behind. In time, white women will accomplish those goals, but those are tough individual decisions for women to make. Men and women are genetically and biologically different. Shouldn’t we accept and relish some of these differences?

      That does not prevent other women from continuing the pursuit in a man’s world, I did when I entered Medicine and so did many before me. Today, look at medicine, it will change more rapidly in other industries.

      Unfortunately, this positive upward mobility is not happening for all women.
      It is great to know that you and others are doing your part to make a difference.

      I appreciate your comment. -Angela

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