It is my hope that Failure to Listen will  inform and open minds about  culture,  social justice, equity and access in disadvantaged groups and people of color.   My Jamaican first-generation immigrant background combined with growing up in Harlem, Brooklyn and the Bronx, will explain my passion and empathy for our most vulnerable and disenfranchised brothers and sisters.

We are individuals connected by communities.

The Internet is quickly changing the world! It’s not perfect and there are dangers. But anyone can tell her ever-changing story to the world because of the internet. My story changes as I change. But my background remains the same.

I have always wanted to be a doctor. I became one. Now I need a new career

I am an undergrad of Cornell who majored in Chemistry then received an MD from Yale Medical School. I really planned on becoming a dermatologist. My dream was to create skin care products. At that time, dermatology was not a challenging field (my perception). I felt certain boredom would set in if I doomed myself to a life of treating acne. Now dermatology is one of the most exciting fields in medicine.

I  am Board Certified in Internal Medicine.   I completed my residency in Internal Medicine at Boston City Hospital then practiced Emergency Medicine for the next 20 years with some Internal Medicine.

I retired from practice in 2009 in good standing and will probably re-certify for the Boards in 2015.   In 2011, I enrolled in the MPH program at Harvard School of Public Health. This is a one year program  that I will spread out over at most three years, if I had a choice 4-5 years.   Currently, I am on a leave of absence and I am not ready to return in the fall.

I learned a lot at Harvard!

This blog site is my opportunity to share my experiences, knowledge, and the belief in the necessity of building multi-cultural relationships to facilitate collaborative solutions. This is a first step in tackling disparities in justice, equity and access as well as many other adaptive problems.