The Whitney Houston Sacrifice Exposed

Okay, this is long and conspiratorial; however also, riveting, eerie, hauntingly truthful with undertones of the occult and yes, religion.

Why do I believe? Tufts Medical Center almost killed me and would have gotten away with it. These murders occur and are reported as accidental or intentional (suicide).

The maker of the above video asked valid  questions with compelling arguments; however, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT! As a group, I believe black people are targeted for extinction.  In the video, Dave Chappelle says, you gotta take a stand! I am taking mine in a small way,…

We all need to or else it could be you next and you do not need to be black

Failure to Listen is not to take a stand against the coercion of the clan and the manipulation of the media.

Trust no one, trust nothing that you see or read; and always confirm the facts before making your own decisions.

Enjoy as Whitney sings her heart out…

Shoop Shoop Shoop

Whitney Houston – Count On Me & Exhale Shoop Shoop [Live 2000]

What are you think?

Whitney Houston sings Exhale & Count On Me with CeCe Winans – GRAMMYs 1997 Live