14 thoughts on “Never Ever Give Up!

  1. I see there was another epiphany, making Jason’s article, my “harsh” comment on same, and all that jazz, disappear. And all that because that Google Crane (hehe) could get annoyed with Mr. Frog?

    Referring to the eliminated article: How come people call black people living in the USA, African Americans, and white folks not European Americans, huh?

    1. Hubpages have their own set of rules…too bad, makes it difficult to share content, particularly, on issues that are rarely discussed in mainstream. Also contributes to people writing about the same thing… hehehehe

      However, I am doing some research on: The Profile of a Racist. Harder than I thought to capture those essential qualities on paper.

      1. A racist has no profile or qualities. A racist is simply a coward in need of a scapegoat, blaming, cursing, and persecuting that one to get rid of his/her own feelings of inferiority and weakness. A parasite. That’s all there is to it.

        And don’t tell me that’s a profile. A racist doesn’t deserve one.

  2. Love that image, too. Never give up — once you’re sure you’re right.

    Re racists… I think Roald Michel has a point. To be a true racist, you have to be personality-disordered, or close.

    You have to be willing to deny the evidence of your senses — delusional. You have to feel so bad about yourself that you need someone to look down on.

    You’ve got to have other underlying issues.

  3. I remember seeing that picture a while back. I still have to keep telling myself to persevere whether it’s with my own fiction projects, music, or my work.

    1. When I started this blog, I was not in a good place. I was suffering from undiagnosed traumatic brain injury and PTSD from a traumatic ED experience. I saw no reason to live. Thought I was a burden and my children would be better off without me around.

      It was then a friend on this blog sent that meme. It gave me hope while making me laugh.

      1. Oh no. I’m really sorry to hear about that. While I’ve never had brain injuries, I have had thoughts where I was a burden to my own family and friends. No one should ever have to feel that way.

        That’s great how you were able to feel hopeful.

        1. Considering the terror and malpractice, if I wasn’t a doctor I would be dead. One day I would like to write a book about the experience and the cover-up.

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