17 thoughts on “Watt, I need a gun!

  1. AAAAAHHHH! It was her girlfriend who had let herself in. Then, standing at the foot of her lover’s bed, she was shot dead.

    Told you before Angela, learn Krav Maga. It’s safer.

      1. There are several places in your area that teach Krav Maga. Well, sort of it, as I’m more into the original military variant and not a fan of the fancy stuff some people have put into it. Anyhow, call (339) 224-8005 and ask for Gershon. Maybe he’s good for you.

        Want to know a few thing in advance? Check out his blog at http://www.kravmagablog.com/

          1. Fuck healers. Just get the skill. Find out if he could be of service to you. Then let me know. Jeeez!

            1. Yes they are. He’s not alone though. Many advertise themselves like that.

              If you’re really going to contact him, ask him if he considers Krav Maga a sport. If he says “yes”, forget him.

            2. Good for you, sugah! And if KM is not a sport to him, your second question should be: “Can you teach me making the one threatening me with a gun to shoot him(her)self?” Pssst…….he should be able to that, as even I could teach you that trick within 5 minutes, and leave your attacker behind with a broken wrist as well.

  2. Never owned a shotgun, til this past year. Mossman. Low end model. I like the dog suggestion, as an early warning device they are awesome, and make especially good company too. I also want those newfangled locks for my doors with glass windows.

    How sad that we must barricade and arm ourselves to get a good nights sleep these days, and I feel it only getting worse each day. When I was young we never locked our doors unless we were going on a trip. Now we automatically lock the door as we leave and also when we enter. Makes for some frustration at times when we lock each other out, though. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this, Angela.

    1. Lynda, I have to say I am SHOCKED that you have a shotgun. I found those hard to fire because of the kickback as opposed to rifles. My aim with handguns is not very good.

      Also amusing to be chatting about guns. I didn’t realize I had such knowledge or not.. LOL.

      Sad, I don’t even leave my car unlocked anymore in my driveway.

      I already have a dog, a pitbull, an extensive alarm system. Never thought a gun would become a necessity but it is….and that is just the way it is. Need a refresher course.

      Yusef’s post was a good reminder that women need to be prepared also. 🙂

      1. “My aim with handguns is not very good.”

        Me neither, and when I am scared my jitters would ruin my aim if I was! Shotgun, with good scatter shot? My aim is GOOD! 😉

        1. LOL…What will you use outside the home? In NH, it is illegal to conceal a weapon but it is legal to walk around with a shotgun. But people will stare and get scared like I did when patients use to come to the office with unconcealed guns.

          1. Here in the country, and especially after we move, my biggest fear outside would be the four legged predator. In that case, the shotgun still applies. 😀

            1. 🙂 We do also…but they are more afraid of humans. We have deers, turkeys and chipmunks. Bears have been sited recently in the neighborhood. To think of it we have all kinds of critters roaming the woods. Another reason why cats and dogs are good.

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