The Truth Behind Angora Fur | Video

The Truth Behind Angora Fur

I never appreciated animal cruelty until I saw the above video submitted by none other than, Roald Michel. I will never buy another Angora sweater.

We use to kill for clothing to keep us warm, the questions I have are:

1. Do we need to continue?
2. Should rabbits be tortured and slaughtered in this way?
3. Is this humane?

A ‘NO’  to any of the above is a reason to stop buying Angora until more humane rules and procedures  are enforced.

Farmed rabbit tortured for Angora
Rabbit Farm Cruelty
Rabbit Farm Cruelty

This unnecessary  cruelty to Rabbits is another example of man’s Failure to Listen  and live in harmony with nature.Failure-to-Listen-in-red

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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

4 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Angora Fur | Video

  1. I was afraid to watch that video. Bunnies are adorable. How could anyone torture them?

    I made myself watch — but could only stand the first few seconds. Anyone who could do that to another living, breathing being needs to have it done to himself. See how he likes having the hair ripped out of his scalp — so someone could have a high quality wig?

    Anyway, H&M decided to stop buying products with rabbit fur until they can be sure it was recovered humanely.

    “Swedish clothing giant H&M announced that it was scrapping angora products after a Chinese video surfaced showing workers plucking hair from rabbits while they were still alive.

    Swedish fashion giant H&M said Wednesday it would stop making clothing containing angora hair after an animal rights group released video showing fur being plucked from live rabbits on Chinese farms.

    “We are halting production” of angora products, said H&M spokeswoman Camilla Emilsson Falk.

    “We need to check to be sure if the producers are conforming to our standards,” she said, although angora products already in H&M stores would not be withdrawn.”

    1. Valeria, amazing to me the things we CAN fix that “main media ignore or simply mention out of due diligence” This should not be a diplomatic manner but a public issue where everyone does her or his part. It is a simple problem with a simple solution, overlaying but barely covering a larger issue of the relationship between humanity and the rest of nature.

  2. I could only watch a few seconds. How awful. Horrid. Brutal.
    It begs the question: Why can’t they be shorn like sheep?
    More than I wanted to know, but this really needs to get out there…

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