Three WHITE college students file racial discrimination: They are tired of Blacks Whining

Action is taken when WHITES complain about discrimination. Listen to this woman’s story.


City College Air: On Campus Discrimination

Shannon Gibney (Credit: Youtube)
Shannon Gibney (Credit: Youtube)

One of the students allegedly asked professor Shannon Gibney, “Why do we have to talk about this?”

A black female professor at Minneapolis Community and Technical College was formally reprimanded by school officials after three of her white male students were upset by a lesson she taught on structural racism.

Shannon Gibney says that the students reacted in a hostile manner to the lesson in her Introduction to Mass Communication class, with one of them asking her, “Why do we have to talk about this in every class? Why do we have to talk about this?”

“His whole demeanor was very defensive. He was taking it personally. I tried to explain, of course, in a reasonable manner — as reasonable as I could given the fact that I was being interrupted and put on the spot in the middle of class — that this is unfortunately the context of 21st century America,” she explained in an interview with City College News.

Gibney says that, after this initial comment, another white male student said, “Yeah, I don’t get this either. It’s like people are trying to say that white men are always the villains, the bad guys. Why do we have to say this?” These students continued to argue and disrupt the lesson until Gibney told them that if they were troubled by her handling of the subject, they could file an official complaint with the school’s legal affairs department.

The students then filed a complaint, and Gibney was formally reprimanded by the school’s vice president of academic affairs for creating a ”hostile learning environment” for trying to educate her students about the existence and operations of structural racism.

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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

39 thoughts on “Three WHITE college students file racial discrimination: They are tired of Blacks Whining

  1. I would have liked to been a fly on the wall to hear the whole exchange.
    In these touchy subjects it seems we need cameras in the class rooms, the way that the police are starting to use lapel cameras.

    1. Hi Glenn, I can tell you how mine played out. This was one of those HSPH classes where I merely suggested we use images at the last minute. Man did I get hammered. The only WHITE male made the final decision, being such a cooperative person, I realized it was simple to do it HIS way. He felt mighty and so did the girls who followed him. I played along because I was doing the presenting and it was getting late.

      Okay, not exactly the same but one lens on how these things play out. White boys always right… 🙂

  2. “It’s like people are trying to say that white men are always the villains, the bad guys.” That’s whining, playing the victim, and trying to change the subject! But since that fine specimen of the white male gender brought it up, here are a few facts about his precious white brethren: It was the white man who slaughtered the red man and robbed him from his land and dignity. Then the white man invaded the land of the black man, ruined his life and goods, and dragged him to the stolen land of the red man, to work and suffer for the white man as a slave. And now the white man is complaining? Well fuck him and the school that supports him.

    1. White men have brought much HARM AND DESTRUCTION to many CULTURES. Yes Roald, FUCK THEM AND THE SCHOOL that supports them. If blacks started complaining, we are sick and tired of hearing the BS of George Washington and the glories of the American Revolution, venomous comments from whites alongside calls for incarceration of blacks on grounds of treason would surely follow. Why doesn’t anyone do anything about these INJUSTICES?

      I am practicing my new walk because I have a foot drop. Yesterday, I was told by a resident in training, I was experiencing HYSTERIA. My response, are you saying I can jog (as my symptoms were in my head)? Of course not, he smiled: meaning no. But he did not rethink his diagnosis. The attending who followed did not examine ME, told me my exam was normal based on the resident’s exam. I asked the attending, how come I can’t flex my foot? At that point he examined my FOOT ONLY, THIS WAS THE NEUROLOGY ATTENDING at one of the best. I waited 2-3 months for this appointment, this is one appointment I wished I missed. (However, I did stumble upon the one in charge on my way to the appointment. I desire the opportunity to talk with him, not to complain because I think the system is excellent…) I cannot wait to see the documentation.

      Do you know why the resident thought of hysteria and ignored his exam (I am curious to see the documentation)? Given my father committed suicide and my husband committed suicide, he presumed I must have severe mental illness: severe depression and PTSD. Does anyone begin to see the problem here? He has no clue what is going on because my symptoms are not described in HIS textbook but rather than admit as such he decided to LIE to his attending.

      This neurology resident in training told his attending my exam was normal (his attending believed him and did not do a thorough exam) This resident in training was not very smart. He told me he could not order a lumbar MRI because he would not know what to do with the results–those were HIS words. I think he should repeat medical school. This is a neurologist….at one of the best…. ABSOLUTELY SCARY! Maybe he was trying to help Tufts Medical Center finish me off.
      He kept talking about motive…hmmmm…and how the mind works, perhaps, he was projecting.

      Neither he nor the attending took the time to get the discharge summary from my recent hospitalization (last week) to find out I need:
      an MRI of my lumbar spine; a contrast MRI of my cervical spine, a lumbar puncture, an EMG/nerve conduction studies and neuropsychological testing (I am not as sharp as I use to be).

      I will never allow myself to be evaluated by a resident in training again and NEITHER SHOULD ANY OF YOU, particularly, if you are ill.

      1. The above was not meant to embarrass this resident rather I hope he reads this and learns to not let his prejudices (biases) interfere with his judgment. I am not calling him a racist just someone who needs lots more training.

        So far my doctors in NH have pulled me through because they know me. Moreover, no one would ever associate hysteria with me. I told my sleep specialist who is very good. He said multiple sclerosis was once thought to be hysteria… In other words, it is a doctor’s way of say, “I don’t know What the Fuck is wrong with you…then again you are female…

        How many white males have ever told their symptoms were related to hysteria?

        I will be following up with a trusted local neurologist whose suggestions last year were on target. He (besides me) is the only one who noticed the association between my symptoms and my labile blood pressure.

        There is something to be said in continuity of care and having physicians who CARE; that is the difference between good care and downright harmful care.

    2. You all act like you were ripped from your heavenly homeland by the bad Europeans and taken from all of your cutting edge technology and beautiful homes. We couldn’t melt you and pour you back in africa. Your chief sold your ancestors and Africa has still not progressed past a mud hut and outdoor plumbing. Please stop acting like you have suffered some great atrocities. Your grandparents has a raw deal you dont. America bends over backwards to meat black demands now.

      1. Does that fabrication make you to feel good? Does it drum up the hate and fear you need to move through your life?

        If not for ‘my ancestors’ you wouldn’t be here.

  3. Next time, Angela, consider bringing a digital recorder along with you — so you won’t have to take notes (wink).

    People tend to be more responsible when they know you document everything and any lies will be caught.

    It helps to bring along a friend.

    I’m sure you know a white male friend you could take with you.

    Don’t think of it like caving in. You are merely using the symbols that they understand. Speaking their language, so to speak.

    1. Valeria, I had my phone with me…the thought never crossed my mind. I trusted until this moment. LOL…Valeria, you are too smart. What great ideas! The latter is fantastic. 🙂

      Thank you, Valeria, for those absolutely brilliant suggestions!

  4. I came across this blog and thought you might be interested, Angela:

    “If you are in academia and happen to not be an upper middle class, able, white male you probably have noticed the recent (but also as old as time) string of incidents that involve oppressed people in academia being attacked, abused, repressed, or silenced. Incidents such as these are all too common and seem to be on the rise as privileged students, faculty, campus police, and administration become bolder and bolder with their attacks on us…”

    Curious to hear your thoughts on the project…

    1. Hi Jeff,

      THANK YOU. This is what the doctor ordered. It is not in my mind…and I am no whiner.

      I would like to think about this article some more….this is great food for thought.

      Recently, there was another article showing the NIH discriminates against blacks, non-whites, in doling out grants, our tax dollars.

  5. Yeah…we white men don’t really care anymore.It’s like the boy who cried wolf.The fake outrage and bullshit excuses that blacks come up with to justify failing would be funny…wait it is funny.You want to know why I can say this?Maybe it’s because I’m free WHITE and over 21;op

  6. And to those suggesting you use cameras in your classroom…I agree but I don’t think it will be helpful too you…more so to the white students you seem to be fond of race baiting.The truth is White guilt is day and your traditional playbook isn’t going to cut it.The jig is fucking up and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    1. Yeah ignorant white folks like you give white people a bad name but wait most violent crimes, child abuse and torture are committed by whites.

      In addition, you are more likely to be murdered by a white man than a black person and that is for any racial group.

      Yes white men are violent hypocrites with double standards and that is white privilege .

      1. I had to read this again, to be sure I hadn’t missed something.

        Ms. Grant, I would suggest you check out the website listing crimes by demographic.

        Blacks are far more likely to be murdered by another black person. Whites are somewhat more likely to be murdered by a white person, but it depends heavily on the demographics in the area. In an area that has a significant number of blacks, whites are murdered by blacks more often. And white on black murder is relatively uncommon.

        But notice the rape statistics, and keep that in mind before going off on a tangential rant about white men sexually abusing black women. Black men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators in violent rapes. There were between 30,000 and 40,000 white women raped by black men throughout the year. And many thousands of black women, as well.

        Guess how many white men raped black women.


        Not 8,000. Not 800,000.

        And considering the well known racially based proclivity for falsely claiming rape by a white man (or men), even these numbers may be suspiciously high. Think Crystal Mangum, Tawana Brawley, to start with.

        Look in any newspaper, there’s one surly black face after another, and those are just the ones who were caught. Rape, home invasion, random attacks on innocent motorists, all kinds of hate crimes, and almost none are ever prosecuted as such.

        Black crime. Black on white crime.

        This is what we’re tired of, Ms. Grant. How dare you try to push the “evil white oppressor” agenda at every turn, wasting the time of students simply trying to get through an entirely unrelated class. You sure are the hypocrite, basking in your black privilege. I’m surprised the administration actually admonished you; all too often this kind of inappropriate racial demagoguery is condoned by ultra liberal, pandering fools who do not recognize real racism.

        So you wanted cameras to monitor the students, in case they disagreed with your hate filled diatribes. Really? You want to be able to haul some student up in front of some “diversity board” to censure them for their reasoned dissent? How dare they have a different, white point of view.

        Here’s my point of view, and I could care less what you think of it:

        Race is an outdated, irrelevant construct that divides and weakens us all. There is only one race that matters, and it happens to come in many skin tones: the human race.

        Piss off with your tribalism , hop off your podium and come join the human race.

      2. Goddamn u are an illiterate mutherfucker. Look @ the fbi stats. its you knuckle dragging queers who fuck… Your own babies sisters brothers grandmothers and are killing each Other by the thousands. Keep killing each other it saves my ammo.

      3. Really, so no black men commit violent crime? Only white men are racist…. must be so easy to just blame an entire race of people foe the short comings of a few… thats black privilege… blame everyone and everything to avoid taking responsibility.

      4. And if that’s all the research you did before posting that…. well then that doesn’t speak much for your knowledge of the subject… all races commit crimes… white and black… but I can see how telling both sides of the truth doesn’t fit your agenda

        1. As I said if you don’t like it black man troll get lost. Don’t have time to waste on trolls. I hope this is the end of our encounter. Troll another blog

      5. That is not true. From experience chances are if a White person has to walk by a group of African Americans chances are something is going to be said to them and will escalate to violence quickly. If it were the other way around the greatest chance is that nothing at all will be said except how are you doing.

        1. Look at history to know that your hypothetical is false. But that’s the narrative of white supremacists, the kkk and other organizations that spread fear among whites.

          It was people who thought like you that came in mobs to terrorize people of color. You now have friends in the White House, actually every branch of the government, why are you here?

        1. You are too lenient with this Anon Mouse.

          On the other hand, it’s a known fact that a cracka like that is just driven by envy. Why is that? Because they will get skin cancer when trying to get the color of your skin.

            1. Huh? Damn, I had to explain that too many times already. But ok, here’s the short version: It’s ego-weakness, making them feel inferior, and to compensate for that these people need a scapegoat.

        2. And all you do is perpetuate the ideas that all whites are the devil and all blacks are righteous and just misunderstood… everyone has the right to their own opinion… right, wrong or indifferent… so stop trying to make a name for yourself by demonizing white people… it’s sad and just plain lazy

          1. Hey this is MY blog and I can write whatever opinion I want. I don’t need your approval. I didn’t invite you to troll me so if you don’t like what I write don’t read it.

  7. A first generation Jamaican immigrant. Interesting.

    You have no skin in the game, so to speak. No familial history of oppression by white people, no great-grandparents who remember the bad old days of Jim Crow. Yet you dare to presume to lecture to white people whose families have been here for generations, whose may be descendants of those who founded this country. Some of which may be children of immigrants themselves.

    How dare you bring yourself to our country, and pretend you are some kind of victim? Let alone tell white people your skin color requires them to display acquiescence and subservience to your racist diatribe? We founded this country, and if it doesn’t suit your black supremacist ideology, too bad.

    Of all the countries in the world to immigrate to, you chose one built on white, Judeo-Christian ideals, that has evolved into the a place where equal rights are paramount. You could have stayed right where you were at.

    Why didn’t you apply to immigrate to Sudan? Or Sierra Leone? Or Ghana?

    Because you wanted the opportunities and benefits bestowed by our systems and institutions, and the privilege of being a black person in the majority white United States.

    1. “We founded this country” Huh? “We”? You mean, you was one of those “founders”? Hmmm….how old are you, son?

      And another thing, oh founder Kevin: “We” stole this country from people who lived in the Americas long before “we” knew about its existence.

  8. Initially, I deleted this trashy nonsensical rant. Such a vile response to a post that’s over six years old, must be personal. This Chad person also thinks Black people look alike. Based on the rant, he thinks I’m the professor. Professor Shannon Gibney was doing her job when a bunch of privileged white boys objected. Their privilege superseded history or the truth.

    Is it COVID or Trump? Have racist white people gone mad?

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