Medical Journal: Video of my Foot Exam | Entry Two

after my visit with the resident neurologist
after my visit with the resident neurologist

When did these symptoms start? And how?

Tuesday evening on November 26, 2013, whilst sitting at my desk I noticed tingling in my right great toe and barely any movement. Walked around, noticed buckling of my right great toe and limited flexion of my foot. While concerned I thought it may have been a peroneal nerve palsy, or some type of entrapment…at least that is what I convinced myself.However, I did let Andrew, my youngest, know just in case.

The following day the symptoms were the same and maybe slightly better. Later that afternoon they got worse, my son was worried, and after calling several friends I headed to the ER with three advocates–two friends and Andrew. I was admitted the night before Thanksgiving. My sons and I were planning to attend my friends’ Thanksgiving dinner party, which we did the last 3 years. I was admitted for two nights, discharged on Friday, November 29, 2013. The Head and neck MRIs were negative and my labs were “normal” except a positive preliminary Lyme titer. I was also evaluated by the neurologist who recommended the tests listed. I did not want to wait in the hospital for the Western Blot, the confirmatory test for Lyme disease

The hospital listened; they sent me home though my symptoms had not resolved– they were not worse and appeared slightly better–with the understanding that I had an upcoming neurology appointment the following week. (see first entry) Sending me home allowed me to realize the extent of my symptoms. I tripped several times trying to take a shower.

My right arm weakness is also worse but not enough to interfere with my reduced activity level.

Below is a video of my feet. I have ugly toes. 🙂

My foot exam 12-7-2013

Does my exam look normal to you?

There is no movement of the right great toe and very limited dorsiflexion of the right foot. While involving the same side, this presentation is much different from my symptoms of right sided weakness in May of 2012. I am having pain on the right side of my back which is getting worse, none initially. The right leg is heavy and tires easily. My Blood pressure is elevated at 165/110.

Not pleased...very concerned...
Not pleased…

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  • Angela Grant

    Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

26 thoughts on “Medical Journal: Video of my Foot Exam | Entry Two

    1. Whoa! And you went back to the hospital for that BP and some meds to take it down? Please say you did! If not, please go talk to the Dr.

      1. They ignored my BP completely. Lynda it was higher the day I was seen at one of the best hospitals by the neurology resident in training and his supervising attending.

    1. Hi Valeria,

      This is not hysteria and that is why I felt compelled to share. That resident is dangerous! I HOPE SOMETHING IS DONE TO HELP HIM BEFORE HE KILLS!

  1. You call 165/110 elevated? I’d say it has gone through the roof! Especially that 110 is crazy. Bring it down. Now!

    In comparison, mine is 115/67

    1. MBA, I never had blood pressure that high until my fall last year. Since the fall of 2012 it was under control until this foot thing started recently. That song made me cry I hope it is something reversible. I don’t want to die.

      1. You’re a doctor, so you must be able to bring that bp down even without the help of others.

        Going with the rumors, we all seem to have to die one day. You don’t know this, but the last time I spoke with Lilith (which was yesterday 04.12 am), apart from sweet nothings, she whispered in my ear that your day hasn’t arrived yet and that she personally would take care that you will fully recover from your present ordeal and soon will be dancing again like that white man. So now you know! But don’t ask me why she’s doing this, hehehe.

        1. I took an extra Toprol and it is down to 133/99. You helped remember something. I was switched from Toprol XL to generic metoprolol ER recently that may explain why my BP does not appear to be responding as well to the medication. I’ll call the pharmacist in the morning. Thank you so much MBA; and I hope Lilith is correct.

            1. No I don’t have known heart problems. The first time my BP was ever elevated was last year after the fall–My blood pressure in the ER was about 180/118, the diastolic was alarming.

              I will recheck before I go to sleep.

  2. Thanks you all! Everyone helped tremendously with great ideas that empowered me. I am taking a MAN with me to my next doctor’s appointment in Boston — Thank You Valeria! Hehehe…seriously! LOL

  3. Angela,

    What is normal BP for you? When did it become abnormal? What events happened in your life surrounding that time?

    Grace, Carleton

    1. Hi Carleton,

      My BP was normal until my fall last year (~BP 181/118)– that was the first time my BP was elevated. Once in the past it went as high as 130/85, normally my BP ran on the low side 110/60. After my second hospitalization in which my BP was severely elevated with a diastolic of 124, my medications were stopped but my BP ignored.

      No one started me on BP medication (many doctors do not consider a BP 160/110 abnormal in a black person and IT IS ABNORMAL that is why it’s the silent killer). I saw my PCP and requested medication for my BP ( before I stroked out) and was started on Toprol XL.

      This morning, I called the pharmacy who said I was always on the generic, Metoprolol succ (I will be searching for old prescription bottles to make sure) but the frequency was switched recently from 100mg twice a day to 200mg once a day. At the time of the switch my BP at the doctor’s office was about 120/70.

      When the weakness started in my right foot, it was my youngest son who check my BP which was elevated at the 170/110. During my recent hospitalization, a couple of weeks ago, I received Toprol XL and my BP responded well.

      I will call my PCP in the morning, My BP this am 160/110, P=66. Not sure why it suddenly became elevated.

  4. Today is my appointment with my PCP. BP last night before retiring was 120/70. This morning before medication it was 125/88.

    The power of good living. I incorporated some holistic common sense lifestyle changes: Vitamins, light exercise, low salt, and meditation. I now do deep breathing exercises prior to taking my BP. 🙂

      1. My potassium was a little low and the hospital suggested I take Mg. However, I re-started my vitamins which has sufficient Magnesium and other essential minerals. I believe nutrition is important, something, I have overlooked. Now I force myself to eat breakfast and that makes me feel stronger, I forget I can’t walk normal. 🙂 🙁

    1. Hi Carleton,

      Foot drop…etiology unknown…. Lumbar MRI results pending.

      Tomorrow I will see the neurologist again and have EMG/nerve conduction studies.

      I can learn to adapt, hoping it gets no worse.

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