8 thoughts on “America’s Role In The Middle East – Justified?

  1. I don’t know who this Paul is, and I don’t want to know either. I tried reading his stuff but gradually I began yawning. At the end I was yawning severely. A coma was near.

    So what was this incoherent article all about? The fight between good and evil. A complete eye opener indeed. Never heard about it. Really enlightening.

    Oh yes, and it was about America’s role in the ME, and the greatness of same. Caramba, what a pile of crap! Mr. Paul should go and spend some time checking up on his history knowledge. He might learn something. For instance about the role the West (including the USA) had in the formation of the different nations in his precious ME, and how it helped to create the nowadays shit.

    Of course it also would be ultra commendable if the USA would clean house in its own home first, before doing janitor work at the neighbor’s.

    Um……..uh……ugh…a few snippets from Paul’s landmark essay:

    1) Reason to go to the Moon: “to explore the wonders of nature, and to bring out the best of us…….” Oh really? Ask the Russians. Roflmfao!

    2) Prostitutes “…..represent all the corrupt powers, the evil powers and authorities of every age and every generation……” Wow! Paul must really hate my sexy ladies of the night.

    3) “…..the will of both God and Allah…” Damn. Another original one. Never heard about those two either. I’ll take it to heart though.

    4) “We can put up walls, – or build a cathedral!” Cathedrals without walls? And……what’s so great about a cathedral anyway?

    Hey Paul? Maybe you mean well, but still…….. Gai feifen ahfen yam!

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