13 thoughts on “CDS: an Outsider Illness

  1. I’m an outsider too, and I love it. No symptoms of CDS in my system. Is that because people label me as white?

    1. Roald, I think your video confirms yours suspicions. For you, being an outsider is considered innovative– thinking outside the box( TOBT). You are free to go back and forth if you please; people presume your behavior is ingenuity at play, because you are white male. If I acted as you whilst in the hospital, I would be sent to a mental institution with a diagnosis of hysteria or ‘emotional’ as explanations for my ‘normal’ symptoms. Still cannot lift my right great toe, it buckles under pulling the right foot and ankle—I have to be careful.

      Another interesting thought came to mind as I watched your video. The whistler felt ridiculed yet responded very well, within the acceptable boundaries of polite MALE behavior. That is easy to do when the bias or ridicule is limited and you are connected to the group. There is pressure on others to be equally as “civilized.” That is where culture is very important, religious being part of culture.

      CDS occurs after YEARS of unwelcomed habitual victimization of mostly black people at the hands of whites, other ethnic group and other blacks. …

      Jews were victims during Hitler…

      CDS can occur whenever cultures are denied respect and recognition. In toxic environments, CDS is fatal is many unimaginable ways… Consider for a moment that my existence and color is the definition of darkness and evil. Isn’t that structural racism?

      1. I think it has also something to do with the fact that I don’t give a rat’s ass about how and what people think about me, if they accept me or not, etc. I learned to make myself untouchable in the world of bureaucrats, clones, and minions, while hiding my Achilles’ heel and Siegfried’s spot for these creeps as much as possible. In short: When necessary or in the mood I’m playing them and they not me. Using their MO, uncertainty, and ego-weakness against them works wonders. As is instilling a bit of fear.

        Um……even then there were Jews who refused to become victims. No CDS for them either.

        Ah, I love your darkness and evilness. Keep it up and delve deeper, sista!

  2. You wrote: “Oh MBA, teach me how to be untouchable…….” No need for that. You already know. It’s that you have to put this into practice. Most people I know lack the guts, will, and passion to go for it. They rather prefer to blame others, play the victim, and feel quite comfortable in that role. Compare it to the rage of people sitting on the grandstand yelling and cursing the players, telling them how to play, without ever entering the arena themselves.

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