5 thoughts on “To Believe or Not to Believe . . . (Or, How Far Can You Run?)

  1. President Obama is difficult to understand. Those of us who look at the world honestly and see what is, not what we have been told is hidden but more important than the facts we know, it is obvious that he faces the most corrupt government since prior to our Civil War. He seems to be succeeding in keeping our military imperialism at bay and has made great strides but for those who seek to understand “the man” I offer this: http://www.politicususa.com/2013/12/10/president-obama-peek-soul-eulogy-nelson-mandela.html

  2. “Yes. A three-year run across America is pretty far-fetched.” No it is not! But America’s spending of approximately US$ 800 billion/year on military “defense” is.

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