16 thoughts on “Netanyahu partner urges peace deal with Palestinians – Region – World – Ahram Online

  1. Damn, and I thought the article was referring to Sara Ben-Artzi. Grrrr, what was I thinking, hehehe.

    Um…….Ahram Online is the English online version of Al-Ahram, a newspaper controlled by the Egyptian government.

      1. The only problems with traction in the United States involve white people….I am sick and tired of their whining, abuse and exploitation of others. The world is changing as CDS spreads…..

  2. Angela revealed: “I am orgasmic”.

    Roald says: “Papperlepap, now just picture this in a marxist-leninist revolutionary colored environment, hehe”

      1. Ah yes peace. What is peace to some is war to others. Given the actual topic here though, I would think that for every day people, sharing would be the best option, but given the fact that up till now, and possibly for a long time to come, it’s up to lame politicians and creepy outsiders to decide what the future will bring to that area, I don’t believe this will happen any time soon.

        1. I usually don’t disagree with you…this time I think the timing is perfect. There are opportunities here for both sides to be Mandelan ( Nelson Mandela invited his prison guards to his inauguration).

          However, I do agree there is a huge difference in perception on an individual versus a population basis.

        2. There are creeps who want the bloodshed and hate to continue….what are their motives?

          Roald, I never quite appreciated Israel’s position, surrounded on all fronts by “enemies.” One has to be ruthless to survive in such environments.

          Yet the problems appear to be government- sponsored attacks of innocent civilians on both sides, keeping the hate alive so to speak.

  3. The world asks from Israel what it is not asking from any other country. Israel is expected not to retaliate when dozens of missiles are fired at it daily. No other country would be expected to act like that. Israel is threatened to get wiped off the Earth, etc, etc. Giving land back will not foster peace! Returning the Golan is suicide! To convince Bibi to give up the West Bank will, considering what happened after Israel let go of Gaza, be virtual impossible.

    Note: I will not discuss this issue any further. I’m with Israel even when its politicians make the wrong choices. Israel is here to stay, no matter what! We go down? The rest will go with us. It’s just the way it is. No matter the West, no matter Hamas, Hezbollah, the Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, or Iran. We are the Masada people! Try us! Roger and out!

    1. I agree Israel is here to stay. So much has happened…one thing for sure are the casualties on the Palestinian side are much heavier….The reversal of history….seems to me the current situation is becoming untenable and all efforts should be made to resolve and move on…the growing resentment on both sides is thriving in the dogmas of those who do not live in the war / attack zones.

      Many Jewish friends feel the same as you…I sense the fear of history repeating itself…Are the settlements fair?

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