The Sewer Men Of Mumbai

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India’s caste system is responsible for many of its problems.   The caste systems are ill defined; the end result is a society ruled by structural racism– plain and simple!

Further, there is no need   to work under such conditions, risking one’s health and those of family and friends.

The ‘manhole workers’ or ‘shit people’ are ostracized,  marginalized by their neighbors and communities.     These workers hide their occupation, the odor being hard to conceal.  They are working to support their families like everyone else and deserve better conditions.  Why is this tolerated?   It is the  institutionalized component of structural racism.

Food for thought based on the above video:

  1. Twenty-five  manhole workers die every month;
  2. Eighty percent of these manhole workers die before age 60;
  3. They are the lowest of the lowest in India’s caste system.

Manhole workers are Outsiders within their own communities; they are  shit people and are looked down upon.    An example of structural racism  packaged differently and concealed in  ill-defined caste systems.

This is as shitty as it gets...
This is as shitty as it gets…