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    1. Carleton, it does not…what is the solution? Israel cannot be the exception to all rules in the middle east. We are all “chosen people.” The Palestinians are entitled to their land and so ONE NATION is a great solution…can there be trust to create such a solution? I doubt it because of interference by those whose lives are not on the line daily and whose opinions/dogmas perpetuate the violence in the area.

  1. My interest in this area is mystifying to me. However, I see the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis as essential to peace and stability in the region. Bitter hatred runs deep on both sides. Outside factions maliciously undermine peace efforts; their dogmas filled with support for continued bloodshed, hate and the perpetration of discriminatory laws and attitudes toward vulnerable groups, in this case the Palestinians. (This is similar to mistreatment and victimization of non-whites in the United States).

    The land is HOLY to both groups and the WORLD. To hold on to this land and continue to displace Palestinians is reminiscent of what was done to Native Americans in the United States and blacks in Africa. I hope this is not the solution for the future of this conflict between Israel and the Palestinians who are without country..

    Both sides should consider their people in the context of these questions:
    -What have each gained so far?
    -Have those gains led to greater peace and happiness? What about for those victimized and caught in the crossfire of egotistical dogmas?
    – Is this the future you envision for your children?
    – What are the psychological damages on both sides, particularly, in children?

    Build trust by starting small. A lengthy process that will inspire your traumatized citizens by showing empathy, compassion, and understanding of each other’s plight. Land binds both groups, use the land to start genuine and honest dialogues that builds trust paving the way for collaborative infrastructures.
    I worry Israel is emulating the US through its continued oppression of the Palestinian through policies of structural racism and violence.

    1. Israel will always need WMDs in order to survive in the region. Israel is surrounded by hostility; weapons and money have kept them alive. And for how much longer? Isn’t there a better way that create goodwill? I hope to see Israelis and Palestinians emerge as examples of the strong bonds of HUMANITY and not its destruction.

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