Suge Knight: Should Blacks Be Called Afro American or Niggaz?

@TjSotomayor Ethers @TMZ & Suge Knight For Asking Should Blacks Be Called Afro American or Niggaz!

I agree Tommy! He is an idiot. Ask your question, I would like to know his response.


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

4 thoughts on “Suge Knight: Should Blacks Be Called Afro American or Niggaz?

  1. Way too long. Dragging on doesn’t appeal to me. Too angry? Get out of your safehouse Tommy and kick his ass whilst screaming: “Lech timtsots tahat!” or “Lech le azah!” I mean if you have the guts for that, eh? And yes, Jews understand such language. Even some Americans do.

    Um……lemme ask you a question as well: “Are you an American?” If so, then that’s that. No further additions needed.

    You agree with this loudmouth, Angela? Lmao.Tell me, with which part?

    1. Woooo….he is a loudmouth. I like the question he asked…would love to hear the response.

      MBA, there is fear within the black community of jewish people, your people. Notice no negative jewish jokes …that is real fear.. However, the trusted white man, invariably jewish, yanked those chains in front of all as bravado of power, leaving black people hanging and dead as he stepped over their bodies, his blood soaked pockets glittering with gold. Lech le azah!

      Say it isn’t so….and those Hollywood cults?

      1. Well, if you say it, it must be true, Angel. I don’t know, as I never had the immense pleasure to meet the folks you’re talking about. But I DO know that assholes are everywhere, and that atrocities, murder, slavery, and what have you, are exercised by all kinds of people, no matter their skin color, religion, trade, philosophy of life, or what have you, including Jews, Blacks, Charlies, and Wiggers. And I also know black Jews.

        Hollywood cults? Oh nooooo, not them merkins eh?

        Oh? You understand those foul words too? You must be a Yank! Merkin?

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