A Culture Of Corruption and Cruelty updated on 1-16-2014

A Culture Of Corruption and Cruelty

This is where that doctor and staff at Tufts Medical Center belong
This is where that doctor and staff at Tufts Medical Center belong

Morality cannot be legislated, but behavior can be regulated. Judicial decrees may not change the heart, but they can restrain the heartless. -Martin Luther King Jr

Any culture of corruption and cruelty does not belong in medicine!  It goes against health.  I found such a culture at Tufts Medical Center:.

A culture rooted in the caste system, condoned by the powers at Tufts Medical Center and MCAD.; a power capable of altering medical records without penalty or remorse.  A medical culture with no Hippocratic Oath–no healthcare for the lower caste; no justice, no patient rights and definitely no human rights –not a place for Americans.  A culture where bullies rule and the law is meaningless, corruption runs deep at every level–all reasons why transparency is necessary.

Discrimination leads to poor medical care that causes harm.  Such was the care I received at Tufts Medical Center last  April of 2012.; care that defied logic because there were so many witnesses.  Witnesses who remained silent while others mistreated and abused me in the Emergency Department, then went on to defame and alter my medical records.  Defamation and RACIAL PROFILING in my medical records and documentation became powerful forces for poor and shoddy care and re-admission because no one cared to know what caused my fall.

In the emergency department for 17 hours, my phone calls to hospital administrators for HELP were ALL ignored.  I was baffled that anyone could be treated in such an uncaring, unprofessional, and cruel manner.  I sought answers from Tufts and justice from MCAD; none was forthcoming.

Why?  An institutionalized Culture of Corruption and Cruelty prevails in hospital medicine.  This institutional discrimination resulted in an inadequate medical evaluation, for which I now pay the price. Tufts Medical Center knows that it can lie, lie, and just keep lying.  They have deep pockets, and I do not.  We are in Massachusetts, Boston, where racism is alive, well protected, and worshipped.

As per the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) and Tufts Medical Center, discrimination cannot occur at Tufts because of its geographic location.  It is located in an area that is non-white, and over 40% of its patients are non-white.  This non-evidence was used by Tufts, and accepted by MCAD and a so-called “neutral” investigator who did not do her job.  In addition, this blind acceptance of non-evidence, inconsistencies, and LIES by MCAD calls into question the credibility of the entire system and should be cause for further investigation for corruption.

There is corruption at MCAD, powerful enough to bury my case for a year, and conduct a sham investigation to reach a biased decision of lack of probable cause.  NWhy does no one checking Tufts Medical Center’s LIES,lies?  wThy?ere is no None LISTENING to the NIGGER…nigger.p Pay no heed to the IMPOSSIBILITY of Tufts’ assertions or the unprofessional conduct of their employees and administrators.

Tufts Medical Center implied in their arguments that the doctor, being Indian, disproved discrimination.  Let us investigate further,; I say that because the doctor was from India, discrimination was more likely (given their caste system), and it was.

The culture and the news out of India show the country to be the most dangerous place for females because of the daily rapes of women.  I believe that the doctor truly felt he was in India.  He forgot the laws of this country.  He had the perfect crew of followers.  Willingly and without hesitation, they did all that they could to bring me down and worsen my already severely elevated blood pressure;.  Tufts Medical Center did not care nor were they concerned about my health.

The Tufts Medical Center ED staff forgot their obligation to CARE for me and do no HARM.

We do not have a caste system.  In my over 20+ years of practice, most of which was in the emergency room, I never saw such cruel and unprofessional behavior, mean-spirited dishonesty, and intentional defamatory documentation, along with  violations of my privacy and confidentiality.  I am only happy I was not alone with that doctor for any length of time…; perhaps it is good that he did not examine me.

I was treated shamefully, defamed by an incompetent and discriminatory emergency department doctor:.  based on records received about one  month ago in 12/2013, the doctor’s name is Sunil Shroff, MD.  If you are not white and had this person as a medical provider, please get your medical records and review them carefully.  His documentation of your problem may be false.  Tufts Medical Center and the rest of Massachusetts does not care. Avoid Tufts Medical Center,; they discriminate and do not like black people,; they consider us NIGGERS.

Are there certain cultures more prone to abuse, discrimination and malpractice than other cultures?  My experience suggests that may be the case.  Big data may help to find the patterns that create cultures of corruption and cruelty, harming people and society.  In the interim, it is up to us to report such vile, cruel attitudes and behaviors.  The more we weed these deviant discriminatory people out of medicine, the better our health outcomes, and patient satisfaction, and the less costly our medical care will be.

Below are the stated providers–in at the Emergency Department at Tufts Medical Center.  They are part of the Culture of Corruption and Cruelty that has taken control of medicine.  WATCHatch OUT!!out!


Stacia Khorey, RN sk12
Sunil Shroff, MD ss27
Zeng, Mabel mz 1
Marian Lemieux RN ml
Lynda Fitzgerald lf4
Tania Chacon tc8
Law Firm for Tufts Medical Center: Littler Mendelson, P.C.

I didn’t realize it, but I was representing myself. The process was not fair, and no one explained the rules! Such is life now how about justice?

Of Note: if your name does not belong on this list, please let me know. Tufts Medical Center’s charting is not very reliable.

Tufts Medical knowingly withheld evidence–my chart– that supported my complaints. Tufts is responsible for the action of its employees. I had a hearing on January 21, 2014 to appeal MCAD decision that was based on an INCOMPLETE CHART AND MUCH MISINFORMATION BY TUFTS MEDICAL CENTER and its EMPLOYEES.  The case goes back  to MCAD to do THEIR JOBS!   What a sham to have an agency, meant to protect those subjected to discrimination,  discriminate by not doing its job–it promotes discrimination..

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They are fighting for the rights of  females domestically abused, raped and murdered by males in India
They are fighting for the rights of females domestically abused, raped and murdered by males in India
Help me rid medicine of this Culture of Cruelty and Corruption perpetrated by individuals
Help me rid medicine of this Culture of Cruelty and Corruption perpetrated by individuals

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Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

7 thoughts on “A Culture Of Corruption and Cruelty updated on 1-16-2014

  1. Your post left me speechless and numb…what makes it worse is it happens everywhere…your courage is awesome, and I am so moved that you fought back against this horrid system. No one should mistreated that way! Continue being that voice of change! You have such an array of articles, I am going to do my best to read them as you are very good at conveying your purposeful messages! God bless!

  2. It does and appears to be getting worse. No one should ever be mistreated like I was. No one should be stripped of their human rights when they are ill and least able to defend themselves.

    I am fighting back so far I am losing…. People who are corrupt usually have powerful connections and money, things I lack. I am having problems finding a lawyer who will take a case that requires thinking—lawyers want slam dunks. Also not many lawyers do civil rights in Boston…I wonder why given Boston has such a blatantly rich history of discrimination.

    Wendell people like you make me hopeful.


  3. It took me a while to figure it out and I do believe at long last I did. Interesting how the accepted rape and abuse of women in India, would manifest as corruption and cruelty in other settings, particularly, in medicine. Sad because I never thought my journey would lead me to this conclusion but a reminder of how evil spreads.

    That Culture of Caste rooted in Corruption and Cruelty explains what happened in the ED at Tufts Medical Center and their subsequent attempts to cover-up.

    A huge difference between the chart I was sent and used to provide my history and the complete unaltered medical record I received about 2 weeks ago when I again requested my medical records.

    All this means nothing when MCAD is corrupt. I have a upcoming appeal at MCAD. The decision is not as important because I am not stopping until I get full justice and that justice includes loss of licenses and investigation of MCAD.

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