Announcement: Volunteer Help

Tis the season...Have time to help?
Tis the season…Have time to help?
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Hi Fellow Influencers,

This post is to solicit your help while reading Failure to Listen. I desire help editing for grammatical errors, less so for style, content and images. I appreciate all and any help or feedback.

Failure to Listen is based on our interests and your suggestions. I promise to write more original content if I get the desired help editing. You will be recognized and much appreciated for your work and effort.

Please contact me if interested  by completing the contact form or leave a comment.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Happy Holiday!



Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

20 thoughts on “Announcement: Volunteer Help

      1. Fuck grammar. It’s for mediocre nitpicking assholes standing guard in asylums.

        And besides, most of your entries are not written by you.

        1. They use to be all written by me. But I would cringe on re-reading.

          Now I would like to really share MY thoughts based on reality and experience…I want to write!

          Yeah I agree fuck grammar but if I want to reach a larger audience I have to respect grammar.

    1. Imtiaz,

      Thank you, I appreciate.

      What are you willing to contribute? And when? In other words, I welcome your offer.

      Please contact me via email.

      Happy Holiday!

  1. Ah, another “I have to” excuse?

    And then………what audience are you talking about? The grammar nitpickers?

    I get the feeling that contrary to what you’re advocating, you secretly want to fit in and to be accepted even by folks you despise.

    1. You can think what you want….how about it is important to me. This is who I am, Roald…very picky. If it has my name it has to be quality!

      Moreover, several people have volunteered and Valeria has already started. I really appreciate her help.

        1. I’m one of the grammar nitpickers, I suppose.

          The thing is, sometimes editorial glitches detract from the flow of the article. Of course, it is good to know most people don’t seem to mind — that means if the editorial team is on vacation or if we miss something, the world doesn’t end!

          I recognize fully that I can be a bit of a grammar Nazi, so to speak. I can’t help it — errors just jump out at me, even when I’m not looking for them.

          That’s why most of my adult life has found me working in some kind of editorial or technical writing capacity.

          Write, edit, write, edit.

          It’s actually pretty cool.

          Still, I do agree with you to some extent.

          I, too, have a kind of editorial adjuster in my head. The more casual the piece, the less it stings to find errors. I have even advanced to the point where I will no longer lose sleep if I put two periods at the end of a sentence in a blog post instead of one.

          That’s improvement!

          1. I love to write and that takes me long enough. Editing fries my brain. I think faster than I write like most.

            You are outstanding! You are smart, always giving me great ideas and articles, now you are life saver by helping me edit. Thank you, Valeria

            1. Why, Angela, what a sweet thing to say!

              It’s a pleasure to know and work with someone as brilliant as you.

              You have certainly inspired me — and you continue to do so!


              – V

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