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  1. My husband’s job dropped health care for their employees as of the end of this year. We have to choose a new Dr. because he is not on the approved providers list. His boss kept his policy and a month later was told it would be cancelled at the end of December. Why? Because it no longer fit the model that was outlined in the new Obama Care. (that one came back to bite him, eh?) Now he is scrambling the the rest of us to find insurance he can afford.

    We are signed up. We had to take less coverage to be able to afford the monthly premiums and that is with the subsidy or credit. If I recall what my husband told me, we get three free Dr.s visits per year, and have a $12,000 (12 THOUSAND!) dollar deductible. I suppose if my illness is catastrophic I may be able to afford to go the hospital…

    So after my three free visits next year I will be praying I don’t get sick again until the following year.

    I am also not happy to have to pay for coverage for things I don’t need. Such as, getting pregnant. I’m 60 years old and have no female plumbing. NONE. Yeah, I need that coverage.

    And after all this time I still take umbrage with Pilosi’s quip: “You’ll have to get it passed to find out what’s in it.” BullRoar!

    Sorry to rant, but as a diabetic I am really worried about my future. After looking it all over (the plans available to us) I just don’t believe for a second that there are not thousands of others in the same pickle as us.


    1. Merry Christmas Lynda

      I am fit to be tied. I support the ACA and I am totally disappointed with the exchanges and the LACK of AFFORDABILITY of the ACA.

      It is ridiculous. I hope never to need insurance through the exchanges. Rant on Lynda maybe someone will hear and take heed. We need people like you sharing real stories.

      Not being able to afford health insurance is very stressful. I am going to write more about this.

      Hope you enjoy the Holiday with your family.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


      1. LFMAO! No, not because that stupid video, but the way the country with the biggest economy in the world is handling its citizens’ health insurance. Aruba is one of the smallest countries in the world, and although not everything with our AZV (general health insurance) is dandy, each and everyone of its citizens is insured against health issues, no matter if you have a job or not, are a baby or 100 years old, or what have you.

        Three visits a year? Hahahahaha! LMFAO again!

        America is a world leader? An example for the rest of us? What a joke!

        1. Roald, if I didn’t live here I would LMFAO also. I shake my head in total disbelieve…however, this is America and anything is possible… the President might start making changes to his smart entourage of people. When he does, they may turn Obama Cares into the Affordable Care Act for Americans.

  2. “…..this is America and anything is possible…” Apparently not, hehe.

    “….his smart entourage of people.”? Are those not safely goofing off in what you people call……the situation room?

    Remember that thread about the American dream? LMFAO once more.

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