Emergency Room Costs for Mentally Ill Soar…

Mental Illness can be cause by chronic medical conditions, medications....
Mental Illness can be cause by chronic medical conditions, medications….

Is this disruptive healthcare? Is this quality care? Is this good care? Are the benefits worth the risks? Those are my initial questions of this New York Times article. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/26/health/er-costs-for-mentally-ill-soar-and-hospitals-seek-better-way.html?smid=pl-share My appreciation to Valeria Bilby for sharing such a very interesting article about a pilot program for the mentally ill in North Carolina.

Psychiatrist suck at psychology. Often both psychiatrist and psychologist are in dire need of MENTAL HELP themselves. Why would paramedics be better at identifying and triaging people severe mental illness? What safeguards are in place to ensure these unskilled professional do not misdiagnosis causing more harm than good? In the article the main diagnosis is “psychosis.”

Psychosis is a sign of illness usually severe mental illness in someone with a history of mental illness. Moreover, medications used to treat mental illness can cause psychosis, so can other non-psyche medications. Other causes of psychosis include but are not limited to head trauma, infection, metabolic derangements, etc.

In North Carolina, the diagnosis is determined by Emergency Medical Services who then transport these patients to a facility, WakeMed who admits or finds a bed. What measures of success are being used for this pilot program? What are the safety and quality protocols? Does this circumvent HIPAA?

WakeMed is staffed only by folks trained in mental illness, danger, danger, danger. Look at the ratio and tell me the staff will not be over-worked and probably abusive. Please read the article and share your thoughts.

Psychosis does not mean mental illness...
Psychosis does not mean mental illness…

Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

10 thoughts on “Emergency Room Costs for Mentally Ill Soar…

  1. Now why oh why would there be such an increase in mental illness, mmmmm?

    And btw, seems to me you Americans knew this already a loooooong time ago but………yeah right!

      1. Caramba, you have to ask? What was the title of your post again? Right, yeah that’s right. Got it now?

  2. You said “WakeMed is staffed only by folks trained in mental illness, danger, danger, danger. Look at the ratio and tell me the staff will not be over-worked and probably abusive. Please read the article and share your thoughts.” Explain to me how this is quality writing?

    I don’t want to be rude, but I can’t help but become more and more frustrated as I read through your blog. I can only figure that either

    a) you are lying about your credentials;
    b) your undergraduate program didn’t teach basic composition skills (then how on earth did you get into medical school? If my doctor wrote like you, I’d RUN to the hills to find another doctor with better communication skills…) –or maybe
    c) your illness is affecting your cognitive abilities. In which case, how reliable is your personal testimony?

    Honestly, I’m not rrying to be insensitive or rude… but if you really are hoping for “a million hits” on this blog some day, you’re going to have to either improve your writing skills, or get an editor/proofreader. I feel like you maybe do have an important (and true) message you’re trying to get out there, so I hope you take my (unsolicited) advice to heart. I’d offer to help you myself, if you were interested, although I have little in the way of professional experience in proofreading/editing.

    1. Brittany, I don’t mean to be rude but you lack reading skills and critical thinking skills and I am too cold and tired to respond to your insults except to say:

      Tufts Medical Center is a dishonest hospital. STAY AWAY if you are not white! Tufts Medical Center senior risk advisor signed a letter in which Tufts Medical Center ED employees committed perjury–I plan to pursue that new finding fully. Now you come on my blog to call me loopy, crazy, mental—very much the picture painted by Tufts Medical Center. Is this coincidence? I think not given the timing. Nice to know you heard the news. 🙂

      BTW, I wrote soliciting help on another post instead your response is to put me down. Well, at least I recognize my weaknessess and try to improve, do you?

      My advise to you Brittany from Tufts Medical Center is to get an education. Get out of medical care or convince your friends at Tufts Medical Center to do the same. TUFTS MEDICAL CENTER DOES NOT BELONG IN THE FIELD OF MEDICINE! They are stinking up the field, filling it with the likes of you and others belonging not to health or caring but to mistreatment, abuse, mischaracterizations—summed up as a culture of corruption and cruelty.

      Brittany, I am sorry and I do not trust your help and therefore would never knowingly ask for it. As your real identity is concealed I will have to be careful in accepting help in the future. Thank you for your comments, Brittany from Tufts Medical Center

  3. I am cold…waiting for oil and too lazy to start the wood stove. Brittany from Tufts woke me up. I am still exhausted from reliving the events of April 5, 2012. Just need some time ….. I will respond to everyone’s comments and letters. Again Thank you for your support.

    I have heat….takes a while to warm up

  4. “You said “WakeMed is staffed only by folks trained in mental illness, danger, danger, danger. Look at the ratio and tell me the staff will not be over-worked and probably abusive. Please read the article and share your thoughts.” Explain to me how this is quality writing?”

    Who are you? In my mind, you are Brittany from Tufts Medical Center…

    Yes you are here to insult me. Reveal your true identity and we can have a conversation, maybe you can help me.


    Dr Angela Crane

  5. I spent a great chunk of my adult life being traumatized, victimized and harmed by psych treatment in NC…and nearly 2 decades more fighting the stain it left on my record once I finally escaped. To ANYone considering going to psych anything in the south, I say : “RUN.” Because once in that system, it’s a hella labyrinth to get OUT. I can’t tell you how much their abuse led me to never leave my own and how that took hostage so many years to now. This country is asleep about mental illness. The late Oliver Sacks wrote of this well, as he reflected on how things began to see light in NY in the early 60’s (if I recall correct). Until they nosedived. We’ve never had a come-up since in this country. When I first came to MA, I recall arguing with my friend there, he a lifelong resident and I just days in. We were at the campus of an old building in Worcester now used for a medical brain rehab facility. We rounded the corner of the oldest building on sit and had to turn around in the back lot behind it. He was talking of how his late mother had spent her last days there, and with fondness. He noted never having been in the back area. I looked up and said “oh that must be where they did the shock treatments. He was aghast. “They did no such thing! They would never do that here!” he exclaimed. I calmly told him it was an undercurrent of a norm all over this country more than he may realize, and in fact, on the rise in our present year of then 2020…ESPECIALLY with children, like his, who had autism. He again angrily insisted I was dead wrong, then said “They’d NEVER do that in this day and age in Massachusetts.” I assured him, if it goes on in NC , just behind the entry doors next to the back dumpsters, its in his state as well. Later…I got home, and forgot all about it. It wasn’t two days until I was researching local schools for special needs children and gifted children who may need in-person instruction during the pandemic, to find an amazing one not far away to his home. His son had such needs. But. Then, I went to Google it to find the address only to discover that so brutal had shock treatment been used there to control the behaviors of kids, from placing them into their backpacks during the day and pillows at night (these students stayed overnight) that they had been cited a reduced amount of funding temporarily for the abuses (though I don’t think they used that term, tbh) ….I went on to read how they found children in these high end schools paid via state money having had so much shock that there were wires and leeds burned into the temples of some of the 12 year old children. Kids just walking down the hall like that.😡

    Yeah……THAT. mic-drop.

    1. Your friend doesn’t know Massachusetts. In some facilities, shock therapy was a form of discipline/torture for children, especially children of color and those with autism and behavioral issues. Sadly, the powers that be know this ( AG’s office, HHS, board of medicine) but turn a blind eye until they have no choice. Then they find ways to sweep it under the rug and continue the abuse. It’s a horrible state for the healthcare of people with disabilities, people of color, or mental illness. The health system preys on them. Remember, health insurance pays for intentional fatal care. It’s expensive care and rewarding to hospitals. The oversight agencies exist in name only because they don’t help patients.

      I didn’t mean to ramble but your comments triggered a few memories.

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