Class VI student raped, sodomised by four juveniles in Delhi

India most dangerous country for girls...Save Girls!
Class VI student raped, sodomised by four juveniles in Delhi

IANS New Delhi, December 26, 2013 | UPDATED 23:30 IST

A girl studying in Class 6 was raped and sodomised by four juveniles staying in her neighbourhood, police said on Thursday.

The juveniles have been apprehended and sent to a reformatory home.

The incident occurred in west Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar on Tuesday.

“One of the juveniles contacted the victim when she was returning from school. He took her to an isolated place where his other three associates joined them. They raped and sodomised the girl and threatened her with dire consequences,” a police officer said.

The girl was found in an unconscious condition and was rushed to a hospital where a medical report confirmed sexual assault.

“All the accused are in the age group of 13 to 17. They were apprehended on the basis of information provided by the girl. They were sent to a juvenile home Wednesday,” the police officer said.

Abused and sodomized woman...
Abused and sodomized woman…
An abused Indian girl
An abused Indian girl
Girls are discarded  like India
Girls are discarded like toys…in India

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Posted by: Komal Sanke
December 27, 2013
india was only developed in cinemas ,but not in reality people understand one thing ,india should be developed in many things,but it can’t be happened,because of the neglegence,corruption,status.when i was a small kid from that day ,till today i’m learning that india is adeveloping country,we can get achange ,if we all united and try to educate people,but no one starts it ,if we educate people that’s not enough ,parents should teach moral values ,every time they only want know how to make money?why like that india wake up ,we ourselves should get a change ,

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Posted by: Pratik Ali
December 27, 2013
It is juvenile to demand that the law treat minors as adults. Why not start with raising due objections with the entertainment industry which naturalizes the girl’s role as a sex toy and the boy’s as a rapist?

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Posted by: Vishal
December 27, 2013
Now there will be a new government tomorrow, AAP i request you to please enforce law and order in this rape ripped off national city. lot of expectations are now laded on to you

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Posted by: Kanjamala Pappachen
December 27, 2013
Juvanile Law should be amended and any one involved in rape should be awawrded life imprisonment. If the Constitution can be amended any number of times this alsoshould be easily possible.

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Posted by: sushil pershad
December 27, 2013
There Is Something With The Social Upbringing In Our Society That The Male Has A Depraved Behavior The Fault Lies With The Family And Governments Implementation Of Laws !!

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Posted by: Sushmita Srivastava
December 27, 2013
yes i agree, but with family a child learns many things from society as well.

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Posted by: powerandprivilege
December 27, 2013
Time to try them as adults.

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Posted by: Hari Haran
December 27, 2013

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Posted by: muff potter
December 27, 2013
Sickening! Since they understand the adult stuff,try them like adults.These are the criminal of the future.Just the waste and slime of society.

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