India-US Relations Chills

Indo-US relations: A big chill descends – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.

Diplomatic Immunity a nice cover for Elite Criminals

GOOD!  Ms. Khobragade is now a diplomat.   Curious as to how quickly she became a diplomat  with absolute impunity.

Hypocrisy and plain old audacity in rare forms!  Ms Khobragade already received an apology from this country for her CRIME.  I gather, India would like our President to apologize for arresting someone who broke the law.  Do all wealthy foreigners have diplomatic immunity?    Is diplomatic immunity being abused by some countries like India?   Based on prior reports,  Ms Khobragade became a diplomat after her arrest.

As bad as this country is, I am glad it is not India where the words justice and human rights have very little meaning. I suggest those in India who are outraged should look in the mirror and look outside their windows, then become really outraged at the ubiquitous blatant injustices and human rights violations of their people at their hands 24/7.

“A new Indian government can start by first addressing the hostility of the American business community triggered by India’s policies. Renewing the confidence of the Wall Street and the Main Street about India’s economic prospects is key to regaining lost ground.

The US too must attend to India’s concerns, including the targeting of Indian IT companies by the US Congress in various immigration reform bills under consideration. It must also conclude a “totalization agreement” with India and stop pocketing $1bn annually in social security taxes from temporary Indian workers – a blatant American power play if there was any. The agreement would end double taxation on income of Indian professionals who pay US social security taxes but return to India without enjoying any benefits in return.”

The above is from the article in Al Jazeera (the link is above).  The authors comments are priceless in its blatant DEMANDS of the US.

The US should attend to India’s concern,  must make India rich with US tax payers’ dollars  and absolute impunity from the LAW –even taxes— because in the upper caste, everyone is a diplomat and exempt from the law.

In my opinion,  India feels it can bully us like they do those in the lower caste.   Heck they may be putting President Obama in lower caste hence the demands.  Unfortunately, this attitude of entitlement extends to other nations.  These countries feel the US is obligated to spend money and lose lives to help their elites.

I am bothered by India because of the lack of respect for the LAW.  And the attitude that the LAW does not apply in cases of corruption and cruelty.  Apparently, diplomatic status is easily bought in India, explaining the ease in which those in the upper caste become diplomats.    Diplomatic immunity  was not meant to be a get out of jail card  for elite foreign criminals.



  • Angela Grant

    Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

5 thoughts on “India-US Relations Chills

  1. What exactly happened in this case is known to only few people, as usual we all happy to speculate stuff from outside without knowing the incident details.

    1. Hi Thanga,

      You are correct the details are not known. It seems to me reactions are extreme given the sparse details. I imagine the coverage in India is different….

      1. There are two problems here,

        Law and order issue – Providing wrong details on visa form [Her servant salary details]
        How you treat a diplomat – The way she was arrested? strip search?

        I think second part created lot of problem here, it hurt the sentiments of people in india, because people here believed that she was representing India in US.

        In our tradition, how you treat the diplomats and dignitaries represents how much you respect our country. Public in india are furious because of that reason, not because she is a women. Because of this tradition, US diplomats and consular enjoyed luxury treatment in India beyond the international norms, because we think US is an ally, its our way of showing respect to US. Also we expect the same from allies, but many times this was violated by US in the past,
        – Meera Shankar, Indian Ambassador to US, she was subjected to pat down in airport (2010)
        – APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, he was frisked at the airport (2011)

        So it has been cooking for a long time, we are seeing the outburst in this case.

        I think If it’s not sorted out properly i think US – India ties will be broken for sure.

        Impact Level: Critical

        I have gone through reports from media and newspapers from both India and USA.

        Irresponsible media likes to cover anything that could bring lot of attention of public so that they could benefit from it, Media from both countries forgot about the impact.

        India side – this incident created lot of hatred feeling about US people in India for being disrespectful
        US side – this incident created lot of hatred feeling about India people in US for not following the law

        Note: I live in Jersey City, NJ

  2. Hi Thanga, I appreciate your response, which clarified a few things. You bring a completely new perspective with emphasis on traditions and mutual respect; I can respect that. Recognize there is a voice in bondage; we have yet to hear from who is back in India. What will happen to the servant?

    Separately, I agree Ms. Khobragade has reasons to be appalled. Stripped and cavity searching Ms. Khobragade were unnecessary and makes one wonder, why? The investigators claim that is routine–I would think for an axe murderer not for the accused crimes.

    The ironies are the human rights violation on both sides. As the maid has no voice and the media has no interest in her voice, we perpetuate these injustices. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King Jr.


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