One Million Hits A Day: Should Our Goals Ignore Reality?

Source:  Angela Grant
Source: Angela Grant

One Million Hits A Day:  Is That A Realistic Goal?

What should I do?

Motivation can be backfire without self-efficacy! Reading about incredible, awesome, successful people and their incredible accomplishments can be both uplifting and a party pooper. A week ago, I read Seth’s Story (a blogger). He got over 20 million hits in less than 24 hours on one article. Awesome! I was stunned and amazed a non-celebrity could write a post that generated so many hits that he was forced to switch platforms to handle the traffic.

Problem is I can’t imagine ever coming close to that number in a dozen lifetimes –and we only have one –of daily blogging. I shouldn’t judge myself based on other people’s accomplishments, but that is human nature. I was motivated until reality hit, such goals are not possible for someone like me. I lack self-efficacy What is self-efficacy?

Unintentionally, motivators risk becoming de-motivators when goals are beyond one’s capabilities. After reading Seth’s article and looking at my stats instead of being ready for a challenge, I was ready to cancel my WordPres’s account. Clearly, Seth found a secret formula to successful blogging. Success is contagious in building confidence. Repeated successes, even small ones, go a long way toward empowerment and self-efficacy.

Self-efficacy is confidence in one’s ability to perform certain actions successfully or carry out desired goals. Confident, empowered people are by definition self-efficacious. Self-efficacy leads to great successes. But what if one is not confident or feels empowered? A beautifully written and endearing story reminded me; I am no writer. So what do I do?

I lack the foundational writing skills necessary to gain broad appeal as a blogger. I will never reach my goal of one million a day. Seth’s success was not accidental or luck but rather skill.

My question: should I change my goals of 1 millions views a day or should I continue to believe and dream an unrealistic dream?


Btw, everyone should read Seth’s story:  Marriage Isn’t For You

Source: Angela Grant
Motivation Can Backfire
Source: Angela Grant

Author: Angela Grant

I am a first generation Jamaican immigrant whose experiences and accomplishments were made possible by the courage, sacrifices and the heroic acts of many whose bodies have rotted away in unmarked graves. Those are my heroes. Their sacrifices and death paved the way for my children and I. Failure to Listen is a token of my eternal gratitude. Failure to Listen is a tribute those generations of unmarked graves occupied by people of all races whose ultimate sacrifice of life opened the door for me and others, THANK YOU. Failure to Listen uses cultural lenses to appreciate and understand the relationships between current events and our values, beliefs and attitudes. Culture is everything without it we are nothing. Failure to Listen will take you on a journey to recognize the beauty of our differences as the seeds to creativity, innovation and resolving disparities. By sharing my personal and professional experiences, I hope to do justice to the perspectives of those who are rarely heard or listened to. This site is not to incite anger but rather to provoke thought. It is my hope that Failure to Listen will work to foster intergroup dialogues and motivate readers to step outside the box and get to know ALL PEOPLE. In the spirit of Martin Luther King, let's join hands and remember his famous speech about a dream... A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

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