Israel pushes for African migrant deportation – Features – Al Jazeera English

Israel pushes for African migrant deportation – Features – Al Jazeera English.

“[Israel doesn’t] need to send other people back. Because if they come here, they just come to die. There is nothing here,” Musa said.

These are not the actions of “the chosen people.” Shame on Israel for exploiting the already exploited, a popular trend. Based on the media, Israel does whatever it pleases including human rights violation with absolute impunity. Where is Israel’s compassion and mercy for those persecuted? Have years of war impacted Israel’s humanity?







Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

11 thoughts on “Israel pushes for African migrant deportation – Features – Al Jazeera English

  1. Unfortunately Israel and America are two sides of the same coin; both rely on policies based on white supremacy in order to survive and thrive. Israel treats African migrants much as the U.S. does Latin American migrants – like less than human.

  2. That is shameful. This year, a bunch of Eritrean and Sudanese immigrants (including those who practice Judaism) were deported to Uganda and Kenya. The reasoning was so bogus and even then, those immigrants were living in dire straits. Deporting them to those countries is incredibly stupid since there’s a clear language barrier for those entering those countries since Swahili is nothing like Tigrinya, Hebrew, or Arabic to name a few. That’s not even getting into the treatment of the Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jewish) community who’ve been subject to police brutality (one case involves an Ethiopian-Israeli soldier who was brutalized by some White thugs), sterilization, and constant discrimination. Why isn’t the media talking about this? Oh, I know why…

    1. Curtis, who deported them? What is the media like in African countries like Kenya, Uganda, and Sudan? Were Beta Israel, Ethiopians, who the Israelis claimed were their lost tribe? If I recall during a period of famine and war, the Israelis made a big show of rescuing them in Ethiopia to essentially be slaves in Israel then deported back to Africa when they were no longer of use.

      Why no western media coverage?

      1. Good questions about African media. The first time I heard about the situation with the mass deportation of Eritrean and Sudanese Jews was through The Advise Show which used a clip for one of their news stories. I’ll definitely research to see if the media in those aforementioned countries talk about it. Beta Israel could make a case especially since Ethiopia had a Hebrew community centuries before Europe did. Yes, and I believe that was Operation Moses which kickstarted that wave of Beta Israel immigration. However, so many of those refugees were kept in tent cities in Sudan (Ethiopia was in major political instability during that time) and several people died by illness, starvation, and other causes. Even long after that, the people who were immigrants and Israeli-born citizens of Ethiopian descent still face discrimination. I heard a story where an Ethiopian-Israeli man was beaten by a White mob to the point of being unrecognizable like he got the Emmett Till treatment. These factual stories of the discrimination, sterilization, and police brutality against this community frustrate me to no end.

        No Western media coverage especially from a US mainstream media standpoint? It’s simple: foreign aid, PR shielding, dumbing down the masses, and the denial that racism exists in a country where the people should really know better given what most of the citizens ancestors have been through.

        1. How does Israel manage to be such an inhumane country in plain sight and no media coverage? Whenever I see western coverage of Israel, it’s usually portraying Israel as a victim of Muslim hatred when in fact it’s Israel that’s racist and guilty of war crimes. War crimes that American taxpayers support yearly in billions of dollars of aid to Israel.

          1. That’s something I’ve wondered as it feels like they get carte blanche for these crimes.

            I’ve had some hope seeing and hearing from Israeli artists who don’t agree with everything going on. One movie I saw late last year is called Atomic Falafel by Dror Shaul, who’s a biracial (Yemeni/European) Israeli filmmaker. I saw it streaming on Netflix of all things, and it’s a dark comedy/satire involving Israeli/Muslim (in this case, Iran) tensions while having a pro-peace message that’s done in a sardonic way. The story involves a nuclear war threat, some nuclear activists stepping in, a wacky school research project, and a giant falafel food truck are all part of this plot.

            1. That is promising. I learned that things are the way they are because those in power benefit. When they stop benefiting things change.

            2. Definitely. I’ve heard of Israelis in and outside of that country that don’t agree with everything going on. As wacky as Atomic Falafel got sometimes, there was a really good point in the film’s narrative and I found it to be brave especially given the geopolitical situation of that country.

            3. I know, right? When I first saw the title, I just knew I had to watch it to see what it was about. That’s a bummer it’s not streaming on Prime.

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