2 thoughts on “The Joy Of A Thought

  1. Trusting the Abrahamic God will only bring you fake love, and a lot of real misery, because it is a vengeful god, a jealous god, a resentful god, and even the fake love will come with a huge price tag: OBEDIENCE! If you don’t obey him, you will mega suffer eternally. Hell, he even supported the killing of his own son. Jesus begged him not to go through with this, but it had to be done, no mercy. Not even the total obedience of the son to his father to the horrible end could change this. The reason? It had to be done to save us all from the consequences of the original sin a.k.a. the Fall, some crap delivered by Adam and Eve, which was only possible because the Abrahamic God had planted that damned tree himself. More like a bait, hoping they would take it. And that one you want me to trust? !בטח כן

    Joy in life comes from trusting that special person in your life. Well……sometimes. But it’s still a better bet. And contrary to all the deity stuff, it’s worth searching for her/him, opening different doors during your quest, slamming others on your way out, and sometimes to retrace your steps.

    Um…….don’t be tempted to come up with the usual clichés now. I’ve heard them all, I read all about them, and none could convince me. What you say? I won’t be saved now, and burn in hell? Fat chance dude. Haven’t you heard? Satan made already arrangements to block my entrance to his place too.

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