25 thoughts on “Quote: Wisdom of Socrates

    1. He also said: “As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.” It figures, because once a woman becomes equal to men, she will behave as stupid as men like Socrates and the rest of the cloned mainstreamers.

      Um…….uh…… who is the one who will make woman equal to man? Would that be a man perhaps? A woman? Zeus? Hera? Hmmmm, probably some lame misogynist.

  1. Huh? What you mean “Where have you been?”? I’ve been to a lot of places during my stay on this planet. But that’s nor what you meant, eh?

      1. Ah yes, I forgot, your MO is worrying.

        We haven’t talked? Silence was trump? Well end it and start talking. For instance in relation to that “thought” poem you like so much. Complete silence over there, hehe. I wonder why? Ugh!

  2. Tastes differ. I found it mealy.

    “What do you have against God?” Are you talking about the Abrahamic gods, a deity in general, or the god of the Christians?

    1. I don’t understand what you are getting at….are you making the distinction between Christianity from Judiasm? I have no clue what is Judiasm perhaps you can explain, oh wise one who speaks in many tongues (languages)

      1. Explain Judaism to you? Better ask a rabbi, as I’m just an ignorant and lazy bystander. But I know Yahweh. Hmmmm, next time you’ll ask me to explain Islam, hehe. الله أكبر

        1. You are I Jewish and know everything. Did you write those arabic characters? What did you say? I envy you and others who speak so many languages.

          Hmmmm….since you can’t explain Judaism can you explain the sharia’s influence on sectarian violence?

  3. Of course I can, but I won’t. As far as I’m concerned they can follow their law to the letter and joyfully kill themselves in a hurry.

    It means “Allah is the greatest” or something alike.

      1. Nice, but I will only help others who I believe have a chance to get something out of it. I will not engage in lost causes. Done that. Will do such thing never again.

  4. I have no idea if you’re a lost cause or not. And it was only my second reason for not engaging. The main thing is, if I think there’s something in it for me, for my satisfaction, if I could be passionate enough to give it a go. If that’s not there, success will be remote. And to be clear, money could never be a motive.

    Now, to make that assessment based on online info is ridiculous. Furthermore, working with people online, without direct contact, is not for me, as I need to feel the complete person. It’s a totally different story than giving some hints and superficial advices, or engaging in letting people blow of some steam.

    I wrote about this back in the silly BOC-days. At that time, nobody responded. Too heavy stuff for all those open minded heavyweights I guess, hehe.

    1. MBA, I will never ask again.. but I am disappointed in you. I don’t understand because I simply asked for an explanation on a generic top

      I guess there must be something in it for you, eh….Did you ever hear of plain old kindness? I know it is not in vogue these days. It is all about SELF. I hope never to be like that.

      To each his own. I am going to sleep.

      Good night,

      1. Ok lady, if that’s how you see it, if that’s how you want it, here it is: You asked ……”can you explain the sharia’s influence on sectarian violence?” And I replied ………”Of course I can, but I won’t. As far as I’m concerned they can follow their law to the letter and joyfully kill themselves in a hurry.” And I meant it! I don’t give a rat’s ass about those people, their fights, and their incredibly foul laws! If someone is interested in that crap, then there’s plenty of it to find online. Check for instance your beloved Al Jazeera!

        After the few jokes that followed, I wrote: “I will not engage in lost causes.” Lost causes being the ones of the topic! But you made it a personal thing. To accommodate you I went with that, and gave you my view on “helping” in general. After that you behaved like a spoiled brat. Well sleep tight oh Princess of Disappointment, and may the pea sleep with you.

        1. Thank you for the explanation. Spoiled brat, how can you call me that?

          Btw, Al Jazeera makes it easy to reblog to wordpress. I like their reporting better than the reporting in this country.

          I have yet to stumble upon a news paper from Israel, figure it’s for chosen ones….and I am not chosen. 🙂

          I started reading the news directly from the country rather than our media which I believe is crap and as biased as they come.

          Personally, Al Jazeera reports more objectively than the media in the US. Moreover they report on all cultures, not just Western cultures.
          They have given me many lenses to view the world. They helped me solve the issue of why I was mistreated at Tufts Medical Center. The doctor was from India where slavery or forced labor or caste system is praised.

          So I respect your people–some of my friends are Jewish ( your people) although they are not devout– and respect all people, keeping in mind, like trust, respect can be lost. And I have lost respect for many.

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