Erotic Desires Of A Woman

Funny, I was always busy, yet found time to go out on dates, particularly on the weekends. Now one day is just like the last. Dating? I don’t even know what that is anymore. I love men; I am a very passionate woman, and I love great sex. In 2014, my erotic desires are to find a man with which to have both a meaningful relationship and great sex.

The problem is I am not attracted to the men around here. Most are closet racists and, quite honestly, boring. Profoundly and passionately boring despite guidance, if you know what I mean. The art of love making should be second nature, but it is not. I am sad to report, there are men who are clueless; some can’t even kiss.

What is up with that? At this age, how can a once-married man with children not know how to please a woman? Younger men are much better in bed than older men. Older men claim that passion—or rather, sex—is over-rated; convenient when your toaster doesn’t pop up. In any event, that should not stop them from giving, erotically. Older men have forgotten this. For me, money does not make up for this deficit.

I was married and engaged to men 6-8 years younger. Up until a few years ago, my limited number of ‘long-term relationships’ were with younger men. Then, I started dating men my age. I liked the conversations and the sophistication. Lacking were fun and sex—two of my favorite things. One would think, as a person matures in age the art of sex becomes more refined with experience. I am well-versed in this art; I consider myself an expert. Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities to practice my skills. My last two relationships fizzled because of bad sex… I instructed…I don’t think those men realized the degree of my boredom.

I was bored enough to weigh the pros and cons of continuing those relationships. I chose loneliness—sex was more important. And now, not having had any in what seems like an eternity, I am lonely, not by choice, but sex for sex is not my thing. I desire the entire emotional package that comes with the art of great lovemaking.

Along those same lines, I am considering doing like everyone else—dating married men. I am told the sex is better; moreover, they are going to get divorced anyway.

So there you have the erotic desires of a woman. I now spend weekends alone, feeling like an invalid with this foot drop that hinders my ability to wear shoes and walk (but not belly dance). Younger, more attractive men show interest; but how young should I go? Twenty years is too young, and thirty is indecent. Unfortunately, men my age are wretched in their bitterness, old-looking, and boring—profoundly and passionately boring.

As my erotic desires are downgraded and fizzle, so do my passions. I feel empty, numb, with nothing to look forward to because I am stuck living in an area with small toasters that don’t pop up or last. 🙂


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