Which Chart is My Real Chart?

Which Chart is My Real Chart?

Do I have my entire medical record, finally? Where are the incident reports? These reports would substantiate Tufts Medical Center’s defamatory remarks about me. #MedicalRecords

There is no documentation in the chart of a wild ghetto-black Jamaican woman with a shattered and dislocated jaw screaming, as stated by Littler in Tufts’ letter to MCAD. Why not? #Discrimination #PatientEngagement

When such incidents occur they are clearly charted for liability purposes!  I am a Board Certified Internist who practiced Emergency Medicine for over 15 years, with 20+ total years of experience in medicine. I know the process.

On the other hand, copious documentation unequivocally demonstrated that Tufts Medical Center employees lied or intentionally deceived. Why does that not matter in this case? What about intentionally altering my medical records? At a minimum, this subterfuge or deception suggests that Tufts Medical Center is hiding something about this incident. What is it?  I say, they are hiding their discriminatory and unprofessional behaviors in the ED on the night I needed healthcare. #PatientSafety

Arguments based on unsubstantiated stories should be grounds for an appeal, with the opportunity to finally question or depose Tufts Medical Center employees, in particular, those listed below.

Why were these ‘fabrications’ overlooked by the MCAD investigator? Clearly, she did an incomplete job.  She never read the chart or checked Tufts Medical Center claims.  Why didn’t she?

Why did the MCAD investigator not include statements by my witnesses in her report?  Why did MCAD make a decision when they did not have enough information?

Why don’t they return calls?  Now, I can’t even get a voice mail!

MCAD procedures—were they followed? Why was I discouraged from getting an attorney?  I inquired several times.  Why did it take MCAD over 9 months to pass on a hand-delivered letter from Tufts Medical Center to MCAD on September 2012, delivered to me in June 2013?  My impression is that the process took less than 6 months.

MCAD’s decisions were based not only on incomplete information but incorrect interpretation of public data, indicating  a lack of understanding of medicine, public health, medical jargon, and buzzwords—words that are often discriminatory.

Will MCAD grant an appeal; the opportunity to prove discrimination directly to the Commission? One cannot make a decision based on summaries of third parties, particularly on complex issues of discrimination. Why should one have to die to get justice or for government to recognize a problem?

There are several important issues around the process and procedure, as well as  questions concerning defamation, subterfuge, and altered and false information by Tufts Medical Center.

Below are the stated providers in the ED at Tufts Medical Center.  They are part of the culture of corruption and cruelty that has taken control of medicine.  Watch out!


Below are the stated providers in the  ED at Tufts Medical Center.  They are part of the Culture of Corruption and Cruelty that has taken control of medicine.  WATCH OUT!!!  They almost KILLED ME on April 5, 2012.

  • Stacia Khorey, RN                   sk12

  • Sunil Shroff, MD                       ss27

  • Zeng, Mabel                             mz 1

  • Marian Lemieux RN                   ml

  • Lynda Fitzgerald                       lf4

  • Tania Chacon                           tc8

Law Firm for Tufts Medical Center:   Littler Mendelson, P.C.

BTW, I didn’t realize it but I was representing myself.  Not sure what the investigator at MCAD was doing.  


 Of Note:  if your name does not belong on this list please contact me.  Tufts Medical Center’s charting is not very reliable


Real chart

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8 thoughts on “Which Chart is My Real Chart?”

    1. I learned a lot about the process. Learned that I should not have listened to MCAD instead I should have retained my own counsel even if only to oversee the process and ensure an adquate investigation. Maybe I would have realized Tufts short changed me and did not send my entire medical record as requested.
      This is a hearing to appeal their decision based on the incomplete medical records willfully sent by Tufts. This kind of behavior has wider implications. Are we getting all the information we are entitled to in our medical records?

      I also found out that unless you understand the medical jargon you may not appreciate the discrimination fully, most are not familiar with it. I don’t think MCAD understood the quotation marks and buzzwords littered through my chart were meant to label and discriminate.

      I am going in front of a ?Commission. Actually, I don;t know. I cannot get in touch with a live person. When I did I usually left a message without my calls returned.


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