You lied, discriminated and     bullied me at Tufts Medical Center.....Your are the worse nurse ever!
You lied, discriminated and bullied me at Tufts Medical Center…..Your are the worst nurse ever!
Sunil Shroff
Sunil Shroff, a dangerous, DISCRIMINATORY and incompetent doctor….WATCH OUT if you are female or black

The Stench of Evil

by Angela Grant

The stench of evil within you cannot be controlled
It has a life of its own as it grows old
An indescribable odor that never cleansed
A putrid gangrene of a thousand decayed hens

Evil that part of your life
Cannot be hidden at this age of strife
Evil surrounds you like fog on a dreary somber night
You cannot smell it but everyone else can with dreaded fright

The stench of evil cannot be overpowered
As it engulf goodness, disguising and devouring it gladly
Evil so strong, powerful, and full of guile
Goodness will fall prey to evil seduction in a short while

Evil with foul deeds and wretched smell
An invincible smell, rancid, putrid and that of hell
Baths, perfumes, lotions, and soaps are of no avail
Such evil cannot be cleansed in spite of your wails

The stench of evil sickens the soul and poisons the heart
Of those around you, it sets them apart
Do you care when disaster is so near
It gives you such pleasure, a divine affair

Evil created over a lifetime
Lives on forever even though you may die
Its odor continues to haunt the places you been
The lives you destroyed and in so doing, evil wins
Continuing its journey…



Tufts Medical Center discriminates, LIES and falsify your medical records
Tufts Medical Center discriminates, LIES and falsifed my medical records