My MCAD Hearing Today

At the MCAD hearing, I represented myself against one of the best (top three) firms and attorneys and won against all the odds.

My appeal hearing of MCAD’s decision was interesting. I was prepared to show how Tufts Medical Center denied me justice by falsifying my records. However, that was considered new evidence which Tufts objected to, and I could not use it (Tufts knew that). For the first 30 minutes, everything I said was irrelevant or not admissible. Despite the setbacks, feeling flustered, I remained calm then continued because I was ready.

The Hearing Officer was fair, knew the medical system; I used my medical knowledge to show the impossibility of Tufts Medical Center’s assertions and mischaracterization of me. It was enough to suggest discrimination and a lousy investigation. The case will now undergo a real investigation; I hope.

I am thankful to all those who helped: my big brother (an attorney), my boys (my sons were at the hearing and did a fantastic job responding to the Hearing Officer’s questions), and an old acquaintance (who is an attorney). Besides, Carleton Moten spent about 4 hours on the phone with me the night before, reviewing Tufts rebuttal (The Littler document) line by line; I was prepared.

Somehow I was able to show the Hearing Officer that Tufts Medical Center’s statements were contradictory; there was enough to suggest discrimination, despite the objections of Tufts’ mighty and powerful attorney at Littler Mendelson, PC. She was not happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Exclamations marks intended for you to use your imagination); I was extremely pleased.

Oh, did I mention at the MCAD hearing, I represented myself against one of the best (top three) firms and attorneys, and won against all the odds? 🙂

Finally, someone listened...
Finally, someone listened…

The Hearing Officer will recommend  that my complaint  be sent back for a REAL  investigation–that happens in only 5-8% of cases.     :))))   Yippie!

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