I Feel Great

igetrealtv·Uploaded on Jan 4, 2008Feeling great is relative. The intention of this video is to remind myself how wonderful an attitude of “feeling great” can be. When I say “I Feel Great”, there is a window that opens to the possibility of feeling great. And today. . . I feel great! Check out http://www.NOWtheater.com. Movies for your mind, body and soul. Youtube Comments: “No thought and no words. There is no power like silence. There is no greater movement and displacement than direct action. When you no longer think out what you do and simply do it, you become you. No internal empowerment is needed…since need is a fabrication, one way or another. Move, act, be. Thought is behind me.” “The power of positive words can energise you” “This video is extremely energizing and I have been starting my day with it for almost a month now with truely amazing results. Thank you for a well orchestrated,creative and invigorating movie for the mind.” Source:  Omar Bilal

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