White Men Need Guns | Video #DunnTrial

Eyes filled with pain
Eyes filled with fear, pain and trauma from the hands of  a cold and exploitative culture.

Loud Music Murder Trial: The Jury Speaks Out

White Men Need Guns To Shoot Unarmed Black Boys

Michael Dunn was punished for not finishing the job. Had he killed all the black teenagers,  he would be a free man today. Any doubts? I have none.

White Men Need Guns to defend against harmless unarmed black kids. Laws  assume young black teenagers are thugs, weapons to be feared.  Sighting of a young black male is  reason to “stand one’s ground (only if you are white),” and  claim self-defense. Laws let murderous grown white men free after killing unarmed black children are degrading the moral fiber of humanity.  In addition, such biased and selectively enforced laws display the cowardice of white men.

What are they without their guns?


Btw, the moral turpitude of some white journalists is appalling as they asked  Angela Corey after the verdict,  should tax-payers’ money and time be wasted on a re-trial?  Why bother retry this one  case?  No fear there among these white female and male journalists, why? They are privileged to say and do as they wish or so is the belief and the culture.

A black boy’s life is not worth taxpayers’ dollars. This explains why there are so many unsolved black-on-black crimes; no one cares if a black person is murdered, especially by a white person.

What coded messages are being sent to the white community and the world?

The latest verdict from Florida was codified: The court punished Michael Dunn for not killing the other three black victims. Florida is an example of codified structural racism. I am not sure whom the prosecutor worked for—certainly not the victims.

Structural racism institutionalizes stereotypes. In Florida, a young black male is considered a thug and someone to be feared. A fear of young black males–often children–is justification for armed and grown white men to shoot unarmed black children. Who is bothered by this? What are you going to do?


Another thing is that black witnesses’ testimonies do not carry the same weight as those of white murderers whose criminal histories are usually littered with hate crimes–important evidence that is never admissible in court. Why?  Conversely, a dead child’s history can be used out of context to label with code words, thereby, feeding into the stereotypes of white emotional biases. It worked well with Trayvon Martin as it did with Jordan Davis. See the pattern?

Why blame dead victims? Why do we believe men who are murderers? In Florida, a pattern is emerging among white people at the sight of young, unarmed black males. This pattern shows the cowardice of some white males as they use their guns to purposely kill innocent, unarmed black children. Such acts  are called cowardice and murder everywhere else except the United States of America. The US, once a defender of human rights, is now an abuser.

This stand-your-ground law, implying a young, unarmed black male is a threat to grown white males, is a utopia for the Ku Klux Klan. Enforcement of such laws achieves similar purposes of selectively murdering or incarcerating black males in the United States. Any doubt – look at our prisons filled with blacks because that is where the white establishments are sending our children.

The hands of justice allow murderers to go free; meanwhile, overlooked are the degradation and dissemination of people of color #POC …with them ….YOU …

To be in harmony, you listen, then feel the connection with the collective universe.

No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck. – Frederick Douglass #quote

So what are these white men without their guns?

#JusticeforJordanDavis #DunnTrial

jordan davis56

Are white men afraid of black men ? They JEALOUS?
Are white men afraid of black men ? They JEALOUS?. Those words give grown white men the legal right to murder unarmed defenseless black kids; majority of black kids are not thugs.

Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

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