Forged by Tufts Medical Center

And No One Gives a Sh*t ( bet you are tired of hearing)

That is not my signature.
That is not my signature.

That is not my signature–for that matter those ‘Xs’ are not mine either. How stupid of Tufts Medical Center! I wonder who was pretending to be me, and I do want to press charges plus sue.

Why do I feel like the bad guy? They committed the act, and now I have to knock down doors to get justice or should I just let everything slide? I would, but my new business is medical audits, and there are other illegal charting activities. This is extremely serious. I am a physician, and would never in a million lifetimes imagine providers involved in such unsavory and despicable criminal activities given  we pledged to do no harm.

Tufts Medical Center altered my chart and forged my signature after they abused me in their Emergency Department. I  complained at both the State and Federal levels.  And two years later I am still fighting for justice, what does that say about our health care system?   It STINKS!   I  understand why so much money is wasted–GET RID OF MCAD and similar agencies where people are paid for NOT DOING THEIR JOBS.  In addition,  allow patients to criminalize many  so-called medical errors and abuse by holding hospitals CEOs and Boards responsible–financially and criminally- for the actions of their employees.

This is a conspiracy and justice will not be served through those agencies.

My chart, conveniently sealed by Tufts Medical Center, was altered by Tufts Medical Center  (I have to ensure full understanding). This was not just some rogue employee but contrived by their Risk Management and approved at the very TOP. The questions are:

  1. Why do I have to fight so hard for justice when simple reading and common sense should prevail? Why should any of us have to fight this hard?

  2. Why is a cesspool like Tufts Medical Center getting away with blatantly illegal activities?

  3. What will we do about it?

No one should have to relive my ongoing nightmare with Tufts Medical Center.   Last night, a friend gave me purpose. Stay tuned as I start my Business to help YOU–the patient–review your chart to discover the myriad discrepancies between the information you provided, and the information charted by those hospitals and doctors who do Harm. Lets GET THEM ALL!