Boston Children’s Hospital to be Investigated by Department of Public Health

Boston Children’s Hospital to be Investigated by Department of Public Health

Within 24 hours of being admitted to Boston Children’s in February, physicians came up with a different diagnosis for Justina: somatoform disorder, a psychologically induced condition that has physical symptoms.

“They told me that Mitochondrial Disease did not exist,” her father, Lou, explained in an interview with the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail. “Instead, they said she had Somatoform Disorder, which is effectively a stress-related mental problem.


 Questions for Dr Alice Newton:

Dr Alice Newton should be FIRED, not promoted or hired at MGH #FreeJustina
Dr Alice Newton should be FIRED, not promoted or hired at MGH


Dr. Alice Newton– why was Justina Pelletier hospitalized in the psychiatric ward (at Boston Children’s Hospital) for Somatoform Disorder? Isn’t that malpractice? The treatment is to wean Somatic Symptom Disorder (SSD) patients away from hospitals– these patients can be viewed as subconsciously addicted to hospitals.

Where is your data to support such unorthodox treatment of this SSD?

In addition, SSD is NOT medical child abuse. Why was DCF called?

Justina Pelletier has gotten worse; contrary, to what is seen in medical child abuse. Why did this course of treatment continue for 7-9 month?
Is this not child abuse by medical providers?

Dr Alice Newton should be FIRED, not promoted or hired at MGH. Her license to practice should be revoked.

Dr. Alice Whittier Newton MD

Author: Angela Grant

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3 thoughts on “Boston Children’s Hospital to be Investigated by Department of Public Health”

  1. This is great news and about time. The bottom line was forgotten someplace. Bad paperwork isn’t difficult to evaluate. Just make sure all original documents are present and that none are manipulated somewhere else or edited.

    All the best for mental health to this girl and her family. The hospital should consider this a proper stepping stone into accountability..


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