Questions for Dr Alice Newton

 Questions for Dr Alice Newton

Dr Alice Newton should be FIRED, not promoted or hired at MGH #FreeJustina
Dr Alice Newton should be FIRED, not promoted or hired at MGH

Dr. Alice Newton– why was Justina Pelletier hospitalized in the psychiatric ward (at Boston Children’s Hospital) for Somatoform Disorder? Isn’t that malpractice? The treatment is to wean Somatic Symptom Disorder (SSD) patients away from hospitals– these patients can be viewed as subconsciously addicted to hospitals.

Where is your data to support such unorthodox treatment of  SSD?

In addition, SSD is NOT medical child abuse. Why was DCF called?

Justina Pelletier has gotten worse; contrary, to what is seen in medical child abuse. Why did this course of treatment continue for 7-9 months?
Is this not child abuse by medical providers?

Dr Alice Newton should be FIRED, not promoted or hired at MGH. Her license to practice revoked.

Dr. Alice Whittier Newton MD


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

17 thoughts on “ Questions for Dr Alice Newton

  1. I totally agree with you. This woman is nothing less than a Zionist pig, a demon in human form. Ghouls like her want to destroy other people’s families and abuse children. Ghouls like her started closed adoption, social work, abortion and a million other atrocities to abuse the human spirit. I agree fire her and then throw her worthless ass in jail.

    1. Leslie, I agree, her worthless ASS belongs in jail along with many of her BCHs colleagues. That will never happen because this is meticulously-orchestrated organized crime involving the Liberal state of Massachusetts and its ivy league institutions (systems).

      Her research– words and actions– introduced confusion in a rare diagnosis with unlimited potential for abuse. In the literature, I could find nothing where involuntary hospitalization indicated for SSD.

      Unfortunately, she has POWER to change definitions and treatment of medical disorders as she demonstrated at Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital with SSD and medical child abuse. Her research took the science out of medicine.

      I think she knowingly facilitates the molestation of children by drugging them for use. I wonder what happens on bader 5 at night. Is there a van transporting the children to an Elm Guest House? Or an Elm Guest House Ward at Boston Children’s Hospital?

      1. Hi, I just stumbled upon your work here looking for information about this corrupt doctor, who was trying to have the ‘Irish Nanny’ in Boston convicted for murder in a shaken baby syndrome case, and the totally corrupt Assistant DA handling the case had withheld exculpatory medical information from the defense, namely that the baby had congenital birth problems and did not die of shaken baby syndrome. Then the DA lied to the judge repeatedly about granting bond to the nanny, claiming that she would be immediately deported–like we deport ANYONE for having committed crimes, at all. Well, the presiding judge checked up on that and busted her lying, the Irish Embassy said there was no plan to have her deported and that they cooperate always with law enforcement. Now Dr. Alice Newton is being sued for her claims of shaken baby syndrome, another year, another lawsuit against her. She apparently made her medical cause of death decision without taking into account any other medical records of the child. The nanny has had all charges dropped. These people are completely out of control. Stay on their asses. If you have already covered this, please forgive me. I am fuming right now at this injustice. The state of Massachusetts is corrupt from top to bottom. While people’s lives hang in the balance. And while I am reading up on the nanny’s case, another story catches my eye: the woman who ran the drug lab for law enforcement forged, combined evidence samples, was sleepwalking through her job, and this went on for years–sending people to prison, potentially thousands of people convicted, on fake/fudged/tainted evidence. Is the DA’s office trying to reach those prisoners to tell them, to have their cases either retried or thrown out? NO! They claim they don’t have the money or resources, but they have the money to let people, potentially innocent people or at least people who may have been given lengthy sentences based on bad evidence languish in prison! Will the federal DoJ intervene? Doubt it. They are too busy worrying over where a transgender person pees. Sorry, but that is my opinion–the priorities in this country are upside down, because the prison-industrial complex has too much money on the line for the justice system to follow the law! Bless you for your work here. Citizen journalism and activism is a critical function in our so-called democracy, and you are doing a great job!

        1. After reading your comments I empathize. Dr Alice Newton is a bad seed and her license should be revoked and her behind bars. But you r correct the system stinks and protects such criminals instead choosing to put ordinary innocent people behind bars for profit. The medical system is no different. You have to be very vigilant of the medical you receive or else that care will kill you. And the medical community will cover it up esp in Massachusetts.

  2. It’s about time they investigate! The problem is they are all bundled up in the same nest egg… The corruption in medicine today is worse in the US than anywhere else. She needs to lose her license for life and put in jail… gosh… what happened to our society?

  3. Oucheee.. Angela.. if that is your suspicion–which may be right on target–perhaps you should call the attention of the FBI on this! Some independent watchdog must be out there watching what this monster of a woman is up to!

    1. Angela,

      That was my suspicion before more knowledge and evidence became public. Now I think the cover-up is worse than ever imagined– along the lines of Elm Guest House in the UK. The watchdog groups are equally involved.

      Justina is still in captivity. I hope to a facility in CT is to ‘save face’ and she will be released before her 16th birthday.

      Still the crucial matter of custody remains. Judge Joseph Johnston gave DCF permanent custody about 3 months ago. His justification was alleged verbal abuse of staff by parents when staff tried to tell parents their daughter’s neurologic condition was in her mind. The Judge said Justina’s “severe” somatoform disorder justified BCH’s treatment approach and plan.

      Of note: Judgedid not mention child abuse, medical or otherwise or offered arguments, suggestions or allegations of medical child abuse as a reason for granting permanent custody to MA DCF. The tone of his letter puts suspicion on the parents. Is that an impartial judge?

      The above provides an inkling of the magnitude of corruption. Yeah, “independent officials” will conduct a “thorough” Investigation; and as usual, find no wrong doing or only minor violations.

      Oh…so sweet while so FOS…Dr Newton will still be at BCH and MGH— and who knows she may come after me. 🙂

      1. I agree Angela. I also agree that there is no such as an impartial judge.. they are all biased by whatever is closest to their hearts. If it is “just their hearts,” we cannot blame them for it but what I see in your note is a bias toward corruption and that is not forgivable. I think in this case it is clear that the parents are presumed guilty before proven innocent–exactly the opposite of what the law requires and “assumes!” Thus this is an impossible situation for both the parents and also for the daughter. I feel really sorry for them.

        This fuels me even more to change the system but I cannot change the incompetence of the people who lead these jobs and work for them. It is ignorance mixed with incompetence–at least in this case does not appear to be a financially motivated one! Albeit it could be….

        Change of subject, just so you can see how ignorant and clueless people are: I received a phone call today from the CA Board of Medicine, where I filed against many doctors who messed up. There was this one “doctor” who appears to have practiced without license and so when I wanted to fill in the space for license, I filled the space up with the name of the doctor under whom he worked–the office would refuse to give me that doctor’s license, which on its own is against violation since it is public knowledge–or is supposed to be.

        In any case, the CA Board of Medicine switched the names! Meaning I filed against X who appears to not have a license and is working under the license of doctor Y. So they changed my complaint against doctor Y! I sent them a fax–which he said he has not yet seen–reminding them that it is X who I had a problem with and if he practiced medicine without a license, that is a criminal act, and I need to know that so I can throw his case to the DA for criminal charges. And if this is the case, doctor Y is also guilty and will have to face the law since he knowingly employed someone without a doctor’s license and sent him to act as a doctor, writing prescriptions! And I need to know this because these are federal crimes!

        I had to repeat this 3 times–I hope he understood… I may have to repeat it a few more times before the CS Board of Medicine realizes that I am filing a medical fraud case against a person who is not a doctor or is acting without a license… they will not understand it because if he has no license, his name will not be in the database and will come out as “no charge against him is possible” I bet you!

        The law and all the people in it are clueless and the people in medicine are corrupt. This is a system that will be very hard to change but we must!

        1. Amazing this doctor is not accountable for malpractice and wrongful imprisonment of #justinaPelletier in the State of Massachusetts. Imagine treating alleged medical child abuse with involuntary psychiatry admission for 10-11 months–in other words, an alleged abused child was treated with total isolation for almost one year order of Dr Alice Newton and colleagues at Boston Children’s Hospital… That is what happened to Justina Pelletier.

          Even worse, imagine treating a child with allegedly Somatoform disorder with imprisonment, isolation and drugs. Yes….the absolute wrong treatment for somatoform dx

          She should not be allowed to practice especially at one of the most-prestigious institutions that gets my ire.


          All this research MEANS enormous sums of money divided among thieves. In addition, drugs effects can prime children for the PORN INDUSTRY

          Oh….this corruption ties in with law enforcement and justice. Our criminal justice system is non-existent. Does not surprise me that this doctor’s incompetent money-driven diagnoses made her a great partner with justice. I would not trust her opinion on anything. She can be bought!

  4. “The controversial doctor at the center of the Justina Pelletier custody case is now being targeted by lawyers for the Irish nanny accused of a baby’s murder — in a bid to discredit the doc’s claim the little girl was shaken to death.

    Aisling Brady McCarthy is awaiting trial for first-degree murder in the death of 1-year-old Rehma Sabir, who was taken from McCarthy’s care to Boston Children’s Hospital in January 2013 and died two days later.

    But defense lawyer David Meier claims that from birth, Sabir had a series of medical problems that weren’t examined as potential causes of death by a medical team at Children’s Hospital led by Dr. Alice Newton. Newton also made news as the doctor behind the 2013 Justina Pelletier abuse diagnosis, a controversial decision that put a now-16-year-old Connecticut girl in state custody, after her parents questioned a doctor’s treatment plan”

  5. Thank you for this post!

    My team, the Proxy Project, studies Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP). We have evidence that some clinicians do this behavior when the family is not participating. The famous cases have had both sides participate, but only the mother goes to jail. This is probably because doctors are making the scientific literature, so the protect themselves.

    But we are scientists and patients, and adult survivors of MSbP so we know it pretty well from an insider’s point-of-view. We are writing a series of blog posts explaining how Dr. Newton could have “provider type” MSbP behavior without the family cooperating, which is still dangerous and illegal, but more like “child abuse” than “malpractice”. We linked to your blog! Our post is here:

    Thanks again!

    1. Dr Newton drags slime wherever she goes yet is still employed at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. Why is that?

      I believe there should be no such diagnosis as MSbP which is almost always directed at females. Often MSbP is a diagnosis made by incompetent doctors who dismiss not only the patients’ symptoms but the parents’ concerns.

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