Our Life with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

The Pelletiers: Jessica, Lou, Linda, Jennifer and Julia. Justina, of course, is absent.

One thing I keep seeing online and hearing in conversations about Justina Pelletier is something to the effect of ‘Well, if it were my kid, the people who stole her would be dead and I’d be in jail” or “That Lou is a saint, I would have lost it if I were in his place“.

Honestly, this has become my new pet peeve. I try to be patient because it is just a real human reaction in the face of an impossible situation – but, no matter how hard I try to be understanding, it gets under my skin and drives me nuts.

The maddening, insanity-inducing, gut-wrenching reality is that if any of us were in Lou Pelletier’s place, we would be constrained by the same nightmarish shackles: Play nice and risk your…

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