Judge Joseph F. Johnston: The Cowardly Lion of Massachusetts

When a person is proud of his actions, he rightfully stands up and takes a bow. When a person is caught with his hand in a cookie jar, he can choose from two paths; run and hide, or admit his mistake, and hopefully not make the same mistake twice. When people choose to run and hide, or worse, repeat their mistake, that speaks volumes about the content of their character.

While the list goes on and on concerning Dr. David Biederman of Massachusetts General Hospital, we believe the real question here, in this matter, is the ethics, character and motivation of Dr. David R. DeMaso and the others from his department in the Justina Pelletier matter.

Speaking of corruption, see what Psychology Today and The New York Times have to say about how Dr. Biederman has become rich scamming the system and drugging our children.

Is it just us, or does Dr. Biederman conjure up memories of the song, “The Pusherman“?