Pearson Erases Paul Robeson from History: Students Write 100 Letters to Challenge Omission


“We have been learning about Paul Robeson. There is nothing about him in our textbooks! He should be in there because he was an African-American who stood up for equal rights and I want to have me and other kids learn about him more in our music classes. If my music teacher didn’t have any books or videos about Paul Robeson, we wouldn’t have learned anything! Please put him in the textbooks you publish.” — Keshav M-H., 3rd grade


“I believe we should have Paul Robeson in our music textbooks. We have learned a lot about Paul Robeson, like he got his passport taken. He sang the song “Old Man River,” and he changed the lyrics so they could say how he dislikes the segregation in our country. We are pleading for you to put him in our textbooks, do it for us, other teachers, other students, and people around the world. If I didn’t have [our music teacher] I would not know a thing about Paul Robeson.” — Masai J., 3rd grade