THE FIRST LADY of US – Not Good Enough Roommate

Thank You Dr Glenda Clare for sharing:
Source:  DrGlenda Clare shared Sanyeri Afonja Olaniyi‘s photo.
********* MUST READ **********When the wife of President Obama, Michelle was in the college,
there were few black girls in her school. So she had a roommate who was white, and the girl’s mother felt so bad when her daughter told her she had a black roommate (Michelle), and the woman was angry with the school authority and the black girl Michelle was later removed from that room.

But today, the innocent black girl has now become THE FIRST LADY of US. In the book recently published about Michelle, the mother of that white girl who was not allowed to be Michelle’s roommate was interviewed and she confessed how she had prevented her daughter from being a close friend of the wife of the President today.

TO THE PERSON READING THIS: I prophesy to you that men or people who neglect you today will celebrate you tomorrow in Jesus name.

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Source:  DrGlenda Clare shared Sanyeri Afonja Olaniyi‘s photo.


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