INFO-GRAPHICS: Militarization of the U.S. Police Forces + Racism in the Criminal “Justice” System

The Police are poorly trained to be police officers. Their role as paramilitary units reflect overreach as well as ignorance of their incompetence–many are simply RACISTS!


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

25 thoughts on “INFO-GRAPHICS: Militarization of the U.S. Police Forces + Racism in the Criminal “Justice” System

  1. America has the highest number of people in prison and they happen to be full of minorities. In some states, more is spent on prisons than education. The government can’t always change things but communities should step up and begin to fight for their men who waste years of their life in prison.

    1. I actually disagree with you on this one Amor: they get free housing, free food, free medical care, and even free education if they want it. I think that if the minority who are in jails would make use of their time there, they could come out as fully employable citizens, minority or not. Some have done that–some became lawyers, doctors, engineers, whatever.

      The problem is that most just waste their times in jail and come out in the exact same state they went in. I am not against any minority and do not believe in race–as a neuroscientist I can tell you that there is no such as race under the color of the skin and that is a Darwinian protection necessary in the particular environment originally they come from in terms of sun, climate, altitude, etc.

      But I do believe that time wasted in jail is time wasted and I do not agree with the statement that “men who waste years of their life in prison”… they waste it if they choose to waste it. They could make it into a benefit if they wanted to. They do not so there is nothing to cry about.

      1. Angela, do you think jail is spa?
        Furthermore, most innates committed NO CRIME –that is the truth. The fallacy is that there are criminals in jail….no, the ciminals are the ones with the keys and uniforms.

        Amor hit nail on the head.

        I guess white people feel they are doing our black children a favor by putting our children in jail to get an education. Angela would you like any of your children to get their education in jail?

        Why would you think JAIL is a place of opportunity for blacks? Jail is the epitome of our fucking racist society in America.

        1. Nah.. you misunderstood. I think that our thoughts of what the other writes is biased by our own feelings. I understand that. But I know that while jail is no spa, it provides opportunity to those who want it to educate themselves and come out as better men than what they were when they went in even if they have not committed the crime. I know in many cases later they prove that crime was committed by someone else. In cases like that, the court worked to some degree and fine. But in cases where it is not working, that should not stop someone from learning and become a better man. Jail allows that. Very few take advantage of that. I wonder why?

            1. That is not true… It may be true for many but not all. There were many on the news, 60-Minutes, in the newspaper and elsewhere… now they may have been raped by white men too.. that I don’t know. But they overcame and came out on top. The chance is there to those who want to reach.

      2. Angela, that is almost the same as believing in separate but equal. I don’t think you realize how the media has distorted the image of black people and how fucking corrupt the police and courts are. They are LIARS and if you are black do not trust any of them. Why do you think jail is going to be a tea party for blacks? Cops hate blacks and security guards rape black innmates (usually white security guards). Most decadence and deviant behaviors have their roots in white culture.

        1. I understand that. I cannot change prison life facts; that is spilled milk. What I am saying is that things will not change unless black change it. For the whites it is very comfortable where they are and it is not their interest to change things to improve blacks. And I don;t know why we expect that.

      3. Jails are like breeding grounds for criminals and there are lot of disparities in the justice system. The justice system is so broken that in the end it mostly prosecutes the poor who commit crimes. On the other hand, you have many big rich criminals committing crimes that affects thousands going free. Education is important because research has already shown that children who by the 3rd grade can read and write well hardly end up in jail. That is why investing in early childhood education is super important.

        Although, the prisoners are given a lot of free stuff some of them are forced to provide labour for certain companies. The documentary “Slavery by Another Name” shows that it is a known fact that prisoners for some time have been working for companies in the most inhumane conditions. Basically, the prison system is now becoming a business. That is why a number of judges have even been caught in scandals that showed prisons paid them to send to jail people for even petty crimes. And, because the accused happen to not have enough money, then they can’t defend themselves. Ever heard of the ‘Affluenza’ case? Check it out.

        Did you also know that a lot of employers don’t want to hire ex-prisoners even if they have improved themselves? It happens and that is why some end up committing certain crimes again. That is why the solution rests in breaking the school to prison pipeline. And, I said communities should begin to fight for men who waste years of their life in prison because when you are in jail in America, it’s not the right place to be. These men should be with their families, friends, and relatives. Prison is not the right training ground for the majority, if it was then a lot of ex-prisoners would never be convicted again. And, yeah in America a lot of people end up in jail again and again.

        Also, check out Norway’s prison system where they treat prisoners like humans, and it’s no wonder they have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. On top of that, they have a great educational system …that is why more should be spent on education than in prisons in order to remove the need for prisons.

        1. Very well said Amor. My anger got the best of me. I have very little respect for our courts and our law enforcement officials. They are dirty and biased!

          You are correct once the prison system has your name it is like a revolving door that eventually locks black males up permanently.

        2. Yes I do know that. That has never stopped one from starting his/her own business even if it is the delivery of newspapers or shining shoes on the street. If blacks cannot get jobs, create it for themselves. There is an Indian village (in India) where woman could not make ends meet and could not borrow money since in India women are dirt. So they formulated these communal banking systems where if one does not pay back, they are all responsible. One Indian woman had the funds and started the banking this way. Today there are hundreds of thousands of such well to do Indian women. They could never get a job from someone else so they created it for themselves. Same with blacks here. There are plenty of very rich blacks that are starting to help and wake up for this. Not enough yet. It will come if they are pushed. So push!

  2. Interesting points raised. I must say that it is good to put your money where your mouth is or in what you believe in. It sounds like even a cent of your money will really help the existing prison system that you very highly believe is the best training ground for minorities. So where should rich criminals go? On the other hand, since I believe in attacking an issue from it’s root cause, I will continue tutoring little boys and girls, and Hallelujah! they won’t have to fill an extra prison bed. And, I am not asking white people to do anything for black people. It takes a human heart to make change in any social justice issue…if someone doesn’t have a human heart they shouldn’t do anything related to eradicating mass incarceration or any social justice issue.

    I have heard a lot of stories related to your example in India. But that’s India. In the US of A, a lot of these cities where these ex-prisoners come from are being gentrified. And, with gentrification comes the disappearance of small businesses. Who will go to their little grocery store if they got a super big store with everything at a super cheaper price? Your example is not relevant to the cities that a lot of these ex-prisoners come from and that is why it is better to solve the incarceration issue by removing the need to even have prisons. I said it once, I’ll say it now and not hopefully here again, that ensuring that these minorities at a younger age receive quality education will be one of the major solutions to ending mass incarceration in the US.

    1. Amor, your emotions are caring your thoughts off topic. No one said that jail is the best training ground for minorities. No one did. You wanted to understand it that way because of your anger. I understand you are angry but that is no ground for making something out of something else.

      What I said was is that one can look at jail negatively or positively. Once the person is in jail, you can stomp your feet until the cows come home… that part of life is done and cannot be undone. It doesn’t matter if the jail sentence was reasonable, unreasonable, right or wrong. It is now a fact and let’s move on. Looking at it negatively will only get the prisoner angry and end up exactly where you are: pissed at the system that got him/her there and not change a thing.

      Looking at it positively can change the life of the person in prison by taking advantage of all the possibilities given. Again, the issue is not whether the person should or should not be in jail… he is… so that part is a done deal. But what happens after that is NOT a done deal and it is up to the person in jail. How come that some black men or hispanic man or white man can come out of jail fully ready for a new life without any chance of getting back in jail by changing his lifestyle such that he has assimilated with where he lives? How come some can and other do not? They can to. Only they prefer to be angry like you are.

      I understand your anger but I think that anger gets very few things accomplished in life. Minorities represent a word “less in population” and not color or nationality. WE made it into that by the anger of the people! I as a woman am a minority but I could not care less. I am also a minority in other respects.. and I don’t give a damn. I choose to live my life according to my standards that fit within the boundaries of the society I live in. If I break that, I too will end up where black men are today (and I am using “men” for simplicity here). If there is ONE black man who can make it, they ALL could! This is my take.

      You may disagree but it won’t change the fact: NO ONE WILL GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR LIFE IF YOU DON’T! And in a case of a group that historically had problems coming to the surface, UNITY is needed in ACTION and not anger. I don;t see any action.. I only see anger and complaints. I do not have a single racial bone in my body and I am fighting with you as one person to another representing different cultures and not different race: there is only one race. there is prejudice everywhere and in the US it can be overcome with will.

      1. You sound very angry and very emotional yourself, excuse me if I am misjudging your tone. Anyway, I won’t get into the debate about the use of the word “minorities” and other common lingo. Do you even know whether I am or I even see myself as a minority in any respect?

        Anyway, I see all the points you have made and I hope you have seen mine too. You could work on prison reform and I could work on eradicating mass incarceration from one of its root causes, the school -to-prison pipeline which I already do every week:)))) through tutoring a bunch of lovely children at risk of ending up in prison.

        1. I understand you and yes I was angry. And I am angry because here we are in a country with a black president and we are arguing about.. what exactly???

          1. Thank you for your honesty. Anyway, I saw our discussion enriching as your comments made me realize that prison reform is important too. I am more aware of strategies related to breaking the school-to-prison pipeline so your thoughts opened my eyes to another viewpoint. I hope mine did the same for you:)

            1. They did Amor. Arguments (honest ones) are constructive. I am also supportive of strategies you may dream up. I have my own strategies now that Angela is aware of to some degree in turning the medical system up side down and by gully I will do it until I live. We all must have some goal to reach for an we must do something about it. I am and I hope you will too–and also Angela. I hope you will too. Giving up and running away is never an option because that is admitting defeat. I am not the loser type in case you have not figured out that yet… I hate losing and I am very good at playing with optimization and strategies that can make a difference. 🙂 I hope you can do that also on your end! Hugs to you both! Angela #2 here.

    1. Amor I had not heard, thank you….this is REAL news….Amazing! Police brutality intentionally concealed and overlooked by both justice and government. I’ll share.

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