President and First Lady Busted on the Oval Office Desk…

No words necessary
No words necessary

One could say they were busted on the Oval Office Desk…Were they plotting in that picture?

President and First Lady Caught Having S*x in Oval Office


A secret service agent was in for quite a surprise late yesterday evening. While completing security rounds that involved checking on the President and the rest of the First Family, he made an unusual discovery.

After hearing what sounded like a struggle, the Secret Service agent quickly busted through the door…only to find President Barack Obama and the First Lady enjoying what appeared to be a fun, intimate moment.

“The President had one leg up on the desk chair, while straddling the First Lady who was bent over the Oval Office desk,” the agent said. The Secret Service agent explained that he barged in with his service weapon drawn, but the President just cracked a grin and said, “See Michelle, I told you that you were being too loud,” chuckling heartily.

The First Lady was clearly embarrassed, but her legs shaking signaled that the good time was well worth it.

For Full Story:President and First Lady Caught Having S*x in Oval Office

Can you believe the things some people write about?  But give me a break! Wouldn’t sex on the oval office desk be worthy of exploration  if you were the president and the First Lady?

For this writer, sex would  be No. 1 on the list of erotic adventures in the Oval Office.   (Am I bad?)


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Author: Angela Grant

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