This Lady Thinks Women Should Be Submissive To Their Men. Agree?

Now I know what I have done wrong, thank you for this article. I will get blonde highlights to seal the deal ( no offense to blondes, actually a compliment)


Author: Angela Grant

Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

29 thoughts on “This Lady Thinks Women Should Be Submissive To Their Men. Agree?

  1. Hahahaha. Lmfao. Any man who wants to be treated like that is a moronic sissy. But….um……about that threesome, eh? Now THAT would make me forget about the rest her boring stuff.

    Note: Hot meals only when served by a hot sista in leather.

        1. “Moronic sissies”. lol. Roald you have the richest vocabulary of these words among anyone I know. 🙂 You should start teaching some of these since I never ever think of anything like this except the common words.. these are elegant. I like them. Teach us more in your group. 🙂

          1. Uh….huh……um…….my studies at the University of Hard Knocks revealed that teaching women, especially them strong sistas, equals committing suicide. And that’s the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Lilith.

      1. Huh? Eeek? What eek? You did this before in my own group. That time you came up with “huh?”. Over there I asked you too what it was for, but you kept silent. What kind of MO is that, eh?

        1. Threesome? And with an ugly old money bag? Not even 1 minute… not even in the same elevator.. forget that though… This page has these dots that I can never follow what answer is for what… it is confusing… Like the line with the red dot on your question is broken and had to guess it went for the threesome… did it?

          1. What? You thought I wanted a threesome with “an ugly old money bag”? Oh how perverted you are! For me, a threesome means going into foreplay with two hot sistas in leather for hours, slowly making our way to, and upon arrival, descending together into the abyss of uncontrollable explosive sex. Just to balance out all those mainstream 5 minutes encounters sold to us as the normal thing, eh?

  2. I don’t think there is a formula to get a man… I think it is a man who need to formula to get you… They have to prove (at least to me) that they are worthy of having me. I think that is the problem with many women that they are attracted by the wrong thing–look at that idiot Donald Sterling… that mistress (and wife) of his both are attracted to money and not men… no one could be attracted to THAT man ever… From my studies women are attracted to high testosterone men (Darwinian nature) but those men make bad long life partners–partly because they will be attractive to other women as well all the time and they have no need to stick with one. You need to find the one who is attracted to you no matter what. <3

    1. Hi Angela,

      “You need to find the one who is attracted to you no matter what.” Yeah but what if you are not attracted to that person. It is also hard to get the timing correct.

      When I was younger I gravitated towards attractive men with high testosterone….I have not changed much. hehehe

      1. Oh my, this is bad, this is really veeeeery bad. Yesterday I advised one of those high testosterone machos, who came to me as his last resort for some expert advice, to let his hormone buddy only play second fiddle when it comes to women, and explained to him, he should approach the one he so desperately wanted to roll into bed with, like a precious and beautiful musical instrument, completely submitting to its whims and potentials, playing her like an one of a kind harp, and not like a drum set. Was that ill advised? Oh what have I done? Did I send that poor orgasm seeker into the desert of despair, condemned like Moses to never enter the promised….um……land, instead of the soft arms and heaving boobs of an inviting Siren? Oh please, I beg you, tell me, oh Connoisseurs of Femininity.

        1. “Connoisseurs of Femininity” I like that.

          MBA, I am afraid you did doom the poor fella to have the door closed and locked just as he enters the promised land. You told him to be a moronic sissy. 😉

        2. Let’s put it this way: Men are from Mars and Women from Venus. Or something like that… so should a Martian ever give advise with respect to how to handle a Venusian? …. hmmm…. I wonder… 🙂 But we love you Roald. 🙂

          1. Mars and Venus? Yeah right! Once you told me that was crap, and that women WERE Venus!

            Btw 1, I’m from Earth. Well……… this time.

            Btw 2, Never ask a Venusian how to handle (what a word, ugh) a Venusian, because she will tell you a lie.

      2. lol, I know what you mean Angela. Given that it is a Darwinian thing, it is really not possible to shed off the urge but you are right on the timing. I have been a lucky one since I found my lucky man 40 years ago (actually 42 but married 40) but I must admit he was married when I met him… bad me… 🙂

        I think the older we get the harder it gets to find someone since the more we understand who we are and who they are… and how little we can influence either…the more difficult it gets. I personally have not met a single man in my married life whom I would have taken seriously as a partner. Would I have had sex with some? Sure… but end of story… and I think it is the same now albeit I am safe now… past the age of even wanting a man in my life for reasons other than to have a best friend I can truly trust (end to fix a light bulb).. hehe

        1. I envy people like you and Roald who found their true loves a lifetime ago and are still happily married. I love that.

          When I practiced, my elderly patients were always fun to observe, many married for over 50-60 years. One could still see and feel their romance, chivalry and love.

        2. So he was married at the time. You see I always rejected married men perhaps I was a bit foolish and short sighted. I am becoming more receptive to the idea but that nagging Catholic subconscious mind of mine is a huge obstacle……

          1. I must say I did not know he was married until a “friend” of him told me who obviously had ulterior motives… but this made me put him to the ultimatum choice test and he had to decide. He did and that showed me that he was worthy of my attention. 🙂 But yes, sometimes you just have to look out for yourself and not for others. I always have to remind myself of 2 things: 1) good Samaritans are the first ones killed and 2) would the other person do the same I am doing to her/him? The answer to these 2 usually leads me in the right direction and I am sure Roald would agree to this.

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