Donald Sterling : Does Not Associate With Blacks Publicly | Updated 6-3-14

Donald Sterling’s license plate

But wait, isn’t Donald Sterling’s girlfriend is mixed:  Black and Mexican.  He is a confused SICK man!


NBA bans Clippers owner Sterling for life, pushes to ‘force a sale’ of team

Donald Sterling : Don’t Associate With Blacks Public

Blacks are his enemies and they are not welcomed at his game, not even Magic Johnson.

I gather white people like Donald Sterling find public association with blacks disgusting….WOW!   This is big news  and it should be  SHARED ALL over the world.   This racists should be stoned and forced to live without a country.

You think my comments harsh, watch this video:


RACIST Clippers Owner Donald Sterling to Girl Friend -BLACKS are My ENEMY Don’t Bring Them to My Games

This is a brief summary of Donald Sterling’s remarks.

Why broadcast?

And take pictures with minorities

Talk to  the enemies

It is A Culture [of Racism] thing

White People feel certain way about black people

It is historical

Donald Sterling and people like him are only living within the culture [of Racism]

Stiviano (Donald Sterling’s girlfriend)  is not  flexible

She disrepects the world order

By talking with black people and being seen with them

There is No benefit to a white or latino girl like her

Donald,  she says,  I am mixed– Black and Mexican.

“Are you afraid people will find out I have Black blood in my veins?”

Donald responds,  “I thought you were going to change that

Each each day  you change.”

(I guess her  blackness  should disappears)

Donald’s Advice for his girlfriend:

Don’t let  white people think you are black

You can  Love black people in  private

But do not embarrass him in public by being seen with Blacks.

Black people are the enemies of him ( white people).

Do not bring  Blacks to HIS  games!

Donald Sterlings Feels strongly about this!

He does not want his girlfriend around Black people in public

But she can sleep with ???Niggas????


Did this dialogue actually occur in modern times?

Wow! Wow! I am speechless at the venom expressed in Donald Sterling’s words.

The Clippers have black players and black people who pay to see them win…Wow!

The problem is there are many Donald Sterlings:  How do we rid the world of them?

Jon Stewart summed up racism in the following remark, ‘You can f*ck [African-Americans,] just don’t be seen with them,’ to those who say, ‘You can be seen with them, just don’t f*ck them.’”

Jon Stewart: Donald Sterling, Bundy, and the KKK illustrate the ‘mosaic of racism in America’


TheNewsNerd did a nice story Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Has Negrophobia, Is Not A Racist  where  Donald Sterling  explains he is suffering from Negrophobia, but he is not a racist.   He has a medical condition in which he experiences intense irrational fear and dislike of black people.   There is no CURE!

Updated 6-3-14

Donald Sterling’s Gal Pal V Stiviano Brutally

Beaten Up In New York City, Her Lawyer Claims — Called The ‘N Word’ By Group Of Assailants

Around 7pm, as Stiviano was leaving the Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, “two white men descended on her,” attorney Mac Nehorary said.

“They were about 5’7 and they knew exactly who she was. They began to hit her and called her the N word.

“Other disgusting slurs were made against her. She was able to run away and several onlookers then began attempting to apprehend the two men.”

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  • Angela Grant is a medical doctor. For 22 years, she practiced emergency medicine and internal medicine. She studied for one year at Harvard T. H Chan School Of Public Health. She writes about culture, race, and health.

50 thoughts on “Donald Sterling : Does Not Associate With Blacks Publicly | Updated 6-3-14

  1. Nah you’re not harsh, you kept it rather sweet actually.

    Um…. these two mediocre clones of society are simply wording what a lot of people think and believe. It’s the era of hypocrisy, remember? And don’t let yourself get fooled, as many people commenting and displaying their anger and disgust about this now, are racists at heart themselves!

    1. Welcome back!

      MBA, I know people feel this way but listening to the video was an attack on my being–The venom expressed and knowing there are people who feel equally or worse. I often wondered why some men would say I am proud to be with you. Now I understand.

      His friends are probably just as racists. ……Nagging me are the atrocities committed by these people against POC.

      His GF I just can’t figure out. By now she should have guessed that toad is not turning into a prince. hehehehe

        1. The thought is a revolting one even if love is blind. No I think V. sees mucho $$$$$$ when she looks at Donald. Hope she can take him to the cleaners.

  2. This story shows the power of money. A person so heinous (essentially a scumbag) regarded with respect, and stature. In addition, his money can buy “love.” (sex) I guess all you need is money (not love)…..

    1. Angela, what was the title of that book I read some time ago in which a prominent white guy took a pill that turned his skin black for like 3 days? It was an amazing eye opener for me. Someone should sneak that magic pill into his drink.. lol…

        1. But that is the one Roald! I read it so long ago… I think I was still in Hungary! I will buy that book again. It should be a mandatory reading in all schools.

          But something else Angela said also grabbed my attention.

          Angela, you said: “Blacks need to learn the history and beauty of our heritage and cultures–understand that anglo-saxon’s stereotypes of blacks are not reflective of our true potential.” I disagree.

          I think blacks take a back seat and let themselves be exploited because they say “it is so visible”… but just yesterday and the day before I watched the news at night and this black commentator came on (CNN I believe) and my jaws just dropped. He had such incredible positive attitude toward what just happened! He said “stop crying. This is a learning opportunity and a chance to change things but that can only happen if the blacks stop crying and start standing up for what they can do rather than what they believe in” or something like that. The problem is with the beliefs… Beliefs are easy… actions are hard!

          Yes, black unemployment is higher than an other minority but show me one black gardener, one black mail man, one black UPS delivery man, or one black pizza delivery man.. in fact show me a black person serving at a McDonalds or any other place where people start their careers when they have no education! Show me one black sales rep in a department store who does not have an attitude that “I should not be here… what do you want!”… Just so you know, I got to Canada when I was 22 and spoke no English and had no education.. I went to sell shoes in a shoe store without pay so I could learn English… where there is a will, there is a way.

          I don’t want to sound mean but do want to sound strong. There is room to cry for every nation but ultimately most of those people who want to come to the surface, do. The blacks in the US just want to ride the wave of what happened and live off of the injustice that happened to them… yet look at the Jews… they were not only oppressed but nearly exterminated and look at them today! And look at the many others that have been oppressed. Not to mention that blacks slave other blacks… back in Africa. A common practice.

          I don’t actually understand why blacks are so negative and so miserable when they should know and be proud to be the original human species on earth. Where did that pride go? In fact where is any pride in being black?

          If only white people knew that all black babies are born white and turn black as their genetic switch turns on, they may start thinking except that most don;t see that and don;t have high enough education to know that–not to mention those who still believe that the earth is flat. Do you suppose that whites know that they are the same black people as any other black only growing up in a less sun drenched environment they change skin color in response to maximizing Vitamin D absorption? I bet you the answer is no. People are not educated. Which is fine. But you know what? If I want to achieve to be somebody, I need to do something about it and not cry about the past… spilled milk can only be put back in the glass in fiction.

          1. Hold on a second Angela, are you implying blacks are lazy Because you do not see us shining shoes….Have you thought about the fact that many Jewish people would like other white people to shine their shoes. They no longer hire blacks.

            1. No, you misunderstood. Before the Jewish people could afford to have their shoes shined, they shined the shoes of others in the street for money. That is what I mean.

              Blacks refuse to take on jobs that (in California strikingly) are taken on by Hispanics. Hispanics are also minority and in California there are more of them than blacks plus most are looked upon as illegal so they are in actually worse position in terms of “starting” than blacks are. But because they don’t care what it takes to make a living, they make a living, provide education to their children and grow further from that. Blacks seem to refuse those jobs that are “beneath” them…

            2. Not true at all. All media LIES. Growing up in black America I know that is false. One of those white myths meant to make blacks seem lazy.

              I am moving soon and I dread it. Why? Because I am looking in Boston and I remember all the racism I encountered years ago in finding an apartment. I would go to look at an apartment and be met by the white owner whose features would become hardened on seeing my black face and of course the apt would not be able to me for rent.

              When I was at Harvard, The white students graduated and got jobs without problems some became staff at Harvard. None of the black students became staff and many remained unemployed one year out from HARVARD.

              Does that suggest something to you? Or should those Harvard black students go shine shoes?

            3. I do not understand this Angela. I have many friends who are black, some were my classmates, some were not, all very successful. I do not know of the type of experience you had. That is why I am thinking that the East Coast is different from the West. I had a friend when I was at Stanford who was an attorney at HP. We became very close friends and one day she told me something that was specific to minority groups within HP for advancement and she was going to apply. I asked her what on earth for. I never had a clue that she was not white because she was such a close friend that the color tends to disappear. She was a very successful black attorney who now has her own business after getting tired of all the bureaucracy. I had another friend who actually moved to NY and ended up being some big manager of a publishing firm. Another right here who started his own company and is doing great. I do not know of the kind of troubles you are discussing.

              I do see many black people who have what I call an “attitude” and they do not make it. But those who have the same attitude as others around them, are completely assimilated. I do not find the Ivy League troubles here either. When I went to Harvard to get my fMRI certification, I did see very few if any black people in the group–I will have to look at the picture… but here many of my teachers were black; many of my doctors are black.. somehow the West Coast has a lot more casual take on “race.” Race to me is not a word that exists. Perhaps you should move to the West Coast. 🙂 At least you ave one friend here already!

          2. There is such a thing called racism.. Some say it does not exist because they have never experienced it. Apparently blacks are on the bottom of the pile but we shouldn’t. We need to start speaking up, recognize pale is just pale and nothing special. Black males need to be leery of white females who are responsible for the incarceration of many black males. White females are usually the so called victims who always point out the black guys even if the rape was by a white guy..

            I think there should be a law that fine white women if they make contact with black men. White women should go to jail because they are dangerous….remorse seems to hit them10 years after some poor black guy was sent to prison in a white woman’s name.

  3. The fact that he hates black people and yet has a mixed girlfriend reminds me of the fact that during slavery and throughout Jim Crow many white men slept around with black women and even raped them. And, wait a minute…isn’t Donald Sterling a Jew? He has some nerve.

    1. Ah mi Amor, don’t you know? No? Well let me enlighten you then: There are creepy Jews too, you know? Not all are saints, comprendes? Same as there are lame Blacks, stinky Whites, and foul people within all walks of life.

      Oh, I see now, you mean Jews should behave better than other people because of the Holocaust, pogroms, and a Diaspora (just to name a few eh?), and thus, more than any other group, should never show any sign of racism, discrimination, or other despicable stuff belonging to the human condition, and if they do, should be very ashamed, feel guilty, and repent instantly? Well, in that case, the next time you feel that an African-American, as some people call black people living in the land of the free and the home of the brave, had the nerve to come up with a racist remark, you should jump up and inform us about how awful this is, how this surprised you, and that you never expected this from a person who comes from people who were enslaved by the Founding Fathers and their followers, and has ties to the citizens of Rwanda, Somalia, and, very up to date, the CAR (just to name a few, eh?) as well!

      1. MBA, when I read Sterling’s statements about how blacks were treated in Israel I admit to disappointment. One of the most humbling discriminatory experiences came at the hands of a Jewish patient who referred to me as ‘it’: Get IT away from me.

        I think given history, the Holocaust and being “the chosen ones” –one would not expect the depth and intensity of racism that exists among many wealthy Jews.

        However, you are correct. Blacks Elites discriminate unmercifully and do not help other blacks. Nothing irks me more than knowing about the great Black Elites at Harvard and having less access to them than the white elites. Most are very arrogant. Contrast those Harvard Black Elite professors with Yale where the black professors went out of their way to support the students. At Harvard, they act like prima donnas and I wonder their purpose.

        Blacks have no infrastructure to help each other and have to rely on other cultures to survive.. That is one reason every culture pisses on blacks. And as blacks we do little to become self-sufficient cultures. (We do not help each other rise like other cultures do)

        1. Yeah “the chosen ones” all right. Chosen to be persecuted, slaughtered, gassed, tortured, exiled, hated, abused, robbed, etc. I come from these chosen ones too, and even worse, I carry a few gypsy genes with me as well. Of course, lucky me also am a descendant of Russian/Romanian aristocrats, who really had a ball in 1917. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t care to what group, society, race, or what have you, people think they belong, and why I only judge people as individuals and go after individuals (never groups, institutions, or organizations) when I see fit. In short, I won’t condemn or ally with people because they are a Jew, a Palestinian, an American, or whatever, but only because of their individuality. Well….um….. most of the times, as I hate fascists and racists. Oh, and self proclaimed leaders shouldn’t count on my friendliness either. In fact I can’t stand any authority. Neither the slimy weaklings following and obeying them. Oh well, I have my flaws too. But for the rest I’m a Saint. As you damn well know!

      2. Yes I was shocked that a person from an oppressed group would openly say such racist stuff. I guess there must be a hierarchy of oppressed groups and he thinks he is at the top and can oppress those at the bottom.

        1. I see. So let me get this straight, you were shocked because it was uttered by an alleged member of an allegedly oppressed group, and would have been less shocked had it come from the mouth of a member of an oppressing party, often a.k.a. the majority?

          It also seems important to you if racist stuff is said OPENLY or not. So, did he express his filth openly (as you claim) or was it during a private conversation which LATER was made public?

          Mi Amor, guessing and hearsay often lead to generalizing, which promotes stereotyping, which feeds racism. Kind of a hierarchy actually, a.k.a. the toilet bowl syndrome.

          Latcho Drom!

          1. He is actually a Jew he just changed his last name so I don’t think he is “allegedly” a Jew. By expressing his views openly, I meant saying it openly to his girlfriend in their private conversation. Like didn’t he feel like he was offending her since she has some black ancestry?

            No one knows everything but everyone can learn something

            1. Hah, you’re just trying to wriggle yourself out of the corner you never intended to go in to.

              Btw, I never said he was or wasn’t a Jew. I never even heard of this micro minion till that silly audio tape surfaced and some people needed to make an issue out of it.

            2. I am having a discussion with you about this specific case which I believe is about making the room bigger and not creating corners. And, you were trying to raise some doubts about his Jewish ancestry because you wrote that he is an “alleged member of an allegedly oppressed group”.

            3. Apart from the fact that regarding the issue at hand, it doesn’t make any difference whether he is Jewish or not, I wrote “alleged member of an allegedly oppressed group” to “raise some doubts” about his membership of an oppressed group. Apparently you believe that the Jews are an oppressed group, and that he is a member of it. Poor me thought the Palestinians were an oppressed group. Silly me also thought that the Jewish community in the United States was not an oppressed group. And the Jews on Aruba? Oppressed? Lmfao!

              Um…..uh……… this doesn’t mean there are not many people (still) hating the Jews. Anti-Semitism is here to stay, often hiding behind fake outrage about what “The Chosen Ones” do, did, or allegedly are doing (again).

              What Adorno et al, already decades ago, coined as the “authoritarian personality”, mainly characterized by ego-weakness, cowardice, and in need of a scapegoat to compensate for own failure and feelings of inferiority, is very much alive in our modern society, and often found in members of the reigning majority. Blacks and Jews are just two of their targets.

              I can’t speak for my black brothers and sisters, but for the Jews I say this: Remember Masada? The Warsaw Ghetto uprising? That’s who and what we really are. Come for us (again), and this time we will break your face, destroy you, and send you back to your stinky ancestors to whine and complain about us!

              Oppression no more! A klog tsu meineh sonim!

      1. I do not think the fact that he is Jewish matters. He is a bigot and an A*hole. Nevertheless, it is denigrating to know people still feel that way.

      2. Yeah that money plays a role in his arrogance. I heard he said that he wished he had paid off his girlfriend.

    2. Hi Amor,

      Apparently, he goes on to talk about Jews treated like dogs in Israel. Sad to hear that. I had an ex brother in law whom I tolerated. He was from Scarsdale. Through his parents, he met Michael Jackson and other big name black entertainers –all of whom were referred to as their “boys.” And he meant boys in the context of slavery.

      He needed to feel superior to blacks in order to feel like a man which he was not.

      The evilness of slavery is only now coming to light. The molestation of slave owners–men and their women–profoundly impacted black culture and values. Slavery also impacted white culture. White culture is an interesting topic.

      1. Thanks for breaking it down for me. And, I have recently heard about how black Jews and African immigrants are treated in Israel. I won’t say much but it’s crazy. And, yeah slavery and colonialism were all about tearing down black men so they can oppress the entire society. And, the thing right now is black men and women in positions of power are sometimes silent about injustices because they are getting hush money.

        And, I see what you are saying about white culture. I did a research paper that focused on colorism and the ‘good hair’ issue in black communities and my findings showed that black culture right now to some extent still embraces the values of the slave owners from that time when it comes to beauty.

        1. Yes Blacks do still embrace the values of slave owners. Cotillions come to mind. The concept of beauty is anglo-saxon culture. Everyone wants a straight nose and dark spots removed, yet how do you explain the popularity of tanning salons.

          Blacks need to learn the history and beauty of our heritage and cultures–understand that anglo-saxon’s stereotypes of blacks are not reflective of our true potential.

  4. Thank you everyone for broadening the discussion. It is very rich right now indeed. I will get back to everyone when I am free. By the way, thank you Angela for your compliments on my blog.

  5. I think black people should leave this country and go to the islands or back to Africa, leave America for the whites….How long do you think it would take before those same whites come looking for blacks? Not long because you need us, but I don’t think we need you. We just need to get our act together and leave this country for whites.

    The reason many blacks do not respond to racists remarks and stereotypes is that white people cannot take a response from a black person. It drives white people crazy –they still think they are on the plantation where they can rape the little black boys and girls at will .

    Btw, that is part of white culture the raping of children, mass murders and terrorism.

    1. I think this must be an East Coast thing… In the West we don’t seem to have segregation this bad. We do to some level–as I noted before–mainly for personality issues of “what is due to me because of x-slavery;” a discussion we all just would like to conclude just like the Holocaust. It happened, the clock cannot be turned back and let’s get going. but each person must prove he/she is worthy of attention.

      1. Angela ,

        I am worthy of many things. I have proven myself in many situations yet I have learned to let others take the credit.

        Harvard taught me that is the way it should be. The white students are more important and their ideas more worthy even if the idea was not theirs and stolen from a minority..

        That was the gist of my ivy league education at Harvard.

    1. “Your people” cannot be defined by race, country, religion, or any other denomination, but only by their unique personality which fits yours. You won’t find them in one place, but scattered all over the globe. Personally I’m not looking for them, as I have no need to belong to anyone or anything, but when I occasionally meet one, the bond is there forever.

      Whatever is said about “black people”, the fact that after ages of abuse, murder, robbery, enslavement, hate campaigns, lynching, discrimination, injustice, exploitation, and what have you, in Africa, the US, the Caribbean, South- America, and Europe, they as a people are still standing on their feet, is amazing, and proof of how incredibly resilient, strong, and intelligent they must be! Anybody who is playing this down, doesn’t know much about “black people’s” history, their suffering, and the prize they had, and still have, to pay for being the scapegoat of (especially) “white people” and their vassals!

      Re moving: Maybe you’ll remember this story I wrote in a group we once belonged too:

      >> Years ago when I was walking a nice neighborhood with my wife in a Dutch city, looking for a house to buy, a bunch of young guys approached us, and, noticing the skin color of my Lady, told us they didn’t want niggers living in their part of town. I replied: “No worry guys, we’re going to buy all houses here, and then throw all of you out of your current homes to live somewhere else neat and white”. Then there was fear and silence. End of story. <<<

      1. Your story is never where I can find it.. lol… how did that come to the top? In any case, I think there is a continental divide between the East Coast (we also called the European influence intellectual snobs) and the West (we called the hippies and the beauty snobs)… the divide is definitely there and what may be a racial issue in the East is not in the West. No idea of the middle.

        1. I simply clicked the reply button sitting on Angela of the East’s comment on top, because I wanted to reply to that one. Van értelme? 😉

  6. Reblogged this on Failure to Listen and commented:

    “Around 7pm, as Stiviano was leaving the Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, “two white men descended on her,” attorney Mac Nehorary said.”

    “They were about 5’7 and they knew exactly who she was. They began to hit her and called her the N word.

    “Other disgusting slurs were made against her. She was able to run away and several onlookers then began attempting to apprehend the two men.”

  7. Has it been almost 5 years since that controversy happened? I still remember when that got leaked to the mainstream media. At the time I worked at a middle school in a predominantly White rural area, and even the students were furious when they found out as they said how horrible Donald Sterling was. I’m glad he got punished, but then again the NBA is one of the few places where saying the N-word is a surefire way to get fired. Donald Sterling feels comfortable with his racism, but I bet you he’d be singing a different tune if someone used slurs demeaning to his ethnoreligious heritage to him or around him which would prove how much of a hypocrite he is.

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