Anonymous – Homeless people in US deported to camps


On Aug. 13, the Columbia City Council approved a plan that effectively makes homelessness illegal in parts of the city. The proposal forces those who sleep outdoors to be sent to a shelter on the outskirts of town. Those who don’t comply will be rounded up and forced to leave or sent to the slammer.

The city is now taking even more steps to criminalize homelessness. On Saturday, it will begin to strictly enforce an old and seldom-used ordinance requiring groups of 25 or more to obtain a permit and pay a hefty fee before congregating in a public park.

But with the new crackdown, Food Not Bombs will have to pay at least $120 per week for the right to feed the homeless, an extremely tall order for a group that’s not even an official 501(c)(3) organization but just serves out of the goodness of its heart.

In fact, stopping groups like Food Not Bombs from serving may be just the point. Since the Columbia City Council approved its exile plan in August, the city has been trying to herd its homeless people to a shelter on the outskirts of town and keep them away from downtown



Preying on the homeless is barbaric yet indicative of our unsympathetic, dispassionate and apathetic culture. South Carolina is one of many southern states pushing the limits, soon the south will be filled with pale faces.

Who lives in South Carolina? Never been there and do not ever want to go there.
However, I wonder about the types of people who live there. Aren’t they ignorant in believing the homeless want to be homeless?

Aren’t they even more ignorant and lacking creativity in their solutions to homelessness and other social problems?

South Carolina’s culture consists of Failure to Listen to ALL Americans.

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